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I worked in a very little grocery store when I was in high school. It was an exceedingly small and local grocery shop. Everybody in my town knows each other and all people are fairly low class. The supermarket reflected how little of money everyone has. Since the store was the only one located in our town, the price tags were really high. The grocery store charged quite a few dollars for the products and additionally did no maintenance. The retail outlet was always dirty. There was dirt over the shelves and on the products. The dirt would get onto your hands and all over your clothes. I always wondered in the event if it was that the HVAC unit was dusty. The ventilation in the HVAC machine was coated in dust additionally. The dust was in the vents and the dust would then circulate with the air. It was like a pool of dust and misery inside of that awful store. I do not know how that heating and cooling system previously worked. I worked there over a couple of years and in that time I never saw a HVAC specialist. The heating and cooling system for no reason broke down or needed company. It continually would air condition the store without fail. It’s amazing how the dust without any service never affected it. It definitely opened my eyes to get how necessary HVAC maintenance is. The systems can take a great deal of abuse and use over the years. We as people can’t tackle the dust, but the machine can. Also the HVAC unit lives many years with no care.

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I love these heated floors

The HVAC system in my home is very important to me. Living comfortably is something that I consider to be a priority. I have spent most of my adult life working outside in the elements so want to be comfortable at home. Recently, I woke up in the middle of the night to my home freezing. I have never had any difficulties with my heat. I know sometimes that if my power goes out I have to go down and reset the boiler, but weather was clear and the power was on. I tried calling some nearby HVAC businesses but was having trouble as it was the middle of the night. Luckily my possibly a brother that lives close by and told me I could spend the night in his guest room.  Morning came and I decided to not go to work to attempt to repair my heat with my brother. After about two hours, we realized we didn’t have any idea what we are even trying to repair. I did some research to find an HVAC business ready help solve my issue. Right after scheduling my appointment, they told me the HVAC technician can be at my house in a few hours. I actually decided start a fire in my fireplace, that had been nice but the air at my living room became too dried out. When the HVAC technician showed to fix my heating I was thrilled. After a couple of hours the HVAC repairman told me what was wrong with the HVAC system, what he fixed, and how to prevent it from happening in the future.


A new construction project

A few years back we joined a group of investors. These were people this, like us, had decided that real estate was the way to invest in our future. We did not realize the many decisions that would need to be made in each purchase that we decided to make. Not knowing much regarding the whole process of home building was a real challenge. I am sure that most people today are well aware of the term “Flipping”. We found that there are so many considerations in the case of buying, fixing up, and selling a home. Home buyers are looking for very specific things when looking to purchase a house. We learned quickly that a powerful HVAC supplier was needed to ensure the safety and security of any heating and cooling that existed in the house. When anyone is looking to invest in a house, whether old or a new build, they want an energy saving system that’s maintained. We contacted several businesses before deciding on the technician that could provide advice on installing or maintaining a top quality HVAC system at each setting. We have invested in some new construction projects also. These are easier when it pertains to our choices for heating and cooling. We don’t need to contend with factors that come with existing systems and areas that could require upgrade. At times existing home is simply not designed to accommodate the newer ductwork and such that is needed to install a new system. New or old, the investment will likely be worth the risk. We are enjoying and profiting with the time put in.

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My central A/C

I seem to have a weakness for pizza and I may always eat it. My piece of pizza can be any temperature. Somedays I prefer to put the pizza inside the fridge for awhile. I cool off the slice and I feed on it cold. Something about cold pizza each morning is so satisfying. I also can eat it just right straight from the oven. The cheese is gooey and melts all over the bread. In the winter I eat many pieces of pizza. I eat it for a morning snack or for dinner late at nighttime. Interestingly in the summer I’m less likely to eat it. I always will eat it, but something about the summer season makes it slightly less fascinating. I bet it is the temperature and HVAC. Eating pizza outside in the heat is not great. Nobody just wants to eat a hot meal in a higher temperature. But eating pizza in extreme air conditioning is absolutely not right. If there is an air conditioner and I’m sure indoors, I want burgers and fries. I would also eat ice cream and maybe a hot dog. Pizza just does not fit if there is AC. It is odd to take into consideration but when you are cooled off in the summer pizza is a bad thought. In the winter when you are really cold I never gravitate towards pizza either. It’s the time to want chilli or a soups. If I have my central heat on though, then pizza sounds good. I guess the key must be the cold together with air conditioning affects my pizza choosing.

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It’s easy to service your heater

Last year’s fall season was so mild that it was possible to leave windows open nearly every single day. It was so enjoyable, that season’s weather, but of course the inevitable happened and winter hit with barely any indication. The temperatures plunged in to barely 10 degrees, amazing considering that day before had been inside the 60’s. We unpacked all our winter clothes in a big hurry and that night we turned up our heating unit. It didn’t seem, however, that our system was warming the home. The unit was on, together with air was blowing, but the temperature especially downstairs was not changing at all. We all huddled near the fireplace at night and awoke the next morning to see our own breath.


We checked drafts, windows and doors and couldn’t find heat escaping anywhere. After looking at everything we could see, we called an HVAC serviceman who couldn’t come till he was done with all the other calls he was getting for furnace problems and so on. The cold temperatures had come quickly and plenty of us were not prepared with truly serviced heat systems. He arrived late that morning and after checking the heating device, air handler in addition to duct system, he found that our duct connection was incorrect. We had been heating our attic for the past few days as the duct was pointed away from the interior rooms. The HVAC serviceman said our attic was nice and warm if we may choose to sleep up there for the night!


When we’re reminded to call for yearly inspections on HVAC systems, especially if heating systems haven’t been utilized.


There’s no reason to be this cold

Right before I went to college I did a summer program in a really small town. The town only had this one little diner that I ended up having to eat at every night. It should have been good, but the temperature of the place made it really awful. I ended up going out to dinner a great deal while I was away; it was a cute place with all sorts of decorations and colors that made the area look like it was going to be a nice place. Though, it was pretty chilly. It was one big hallway of tables and stuffed with people and the air seemed to flow all the way down it like a tube. You wait to be seated in an open area that is too cold in comparison to the night air, and then we sat next to a pitcher of ice-cold water while we waited for the waiter. The air was cold but the need to sit still while waiting for your waiter, our drinks, and then our food, almost made a skin feel very dry. Air was brushing my face like mist. Lifting my hands to eat was uncomfortable due to the air but even my silverware was cold. I felt like I wanted to keep my hands inside my pockets. I ended putting on my jacket to eat because of the cooling system ruining the meal. It helped some but I couldn’t stop thinking about how the air conditioner was ruining my whole meal. Even ordering hot foods really did not help my situation anymore.

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Learn how you can improve your heating system

Last year, I was travelling with my family.  We spent our vacation in a colder climate than ours. My brother and sister and I were out playing in the snow when we found a very young dog had been abandoned in the neighborhood. We took the puppy to the shelter to see if he had been reported lost. At the end of our vacation, we checked back in with the shelter to see if the puppy had been claimed by anyone. He was still there, inside his kennel, right where we left him a week earlier. As a family, we agreed to adopt the puppy and take him back home with us. Since we live in a much more southern part of the country, this was something new for the dog.  We didn’t fully appreciate the difference until the summer.  The puppy’s fur was so thick that he could not be outside for more than an hour.  The heat and humidity made the dog very overheated.  Even after clipping his fur short,  he was strictly an inside dog that required a full powered air conditioner during the the summer months. Once we realized the significance of our air conditioner, we called an HVAC technician to come to our house to provide service for the unit. The constant air being pumped into the house was the one thing keeping this poor dog comfortable through the summer. Properly cooling our house became a major priority. A regular HVAC service was scheduled prior to the winter as well. During the winter, the puppy can roam freely outside without any subsequent worries. The first time we ran the heater, the dog sat down right beside the supply vent, soaking up the heat.  I guess the puppy requires year round heating and cooling to be comfortable.

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What a smart thermostat can do

The more that I look around me, the  more that I come to realize that I rely heavily on modern technology. I can easily accomplish things instantaneously and I am spoiled by it. I have invested heavily into the best technology available and having these conveniences at my disposal make my life at home and at work even more convenient and simple. I already have a couple a desktop and a laptop computer to simplify my daily life.  I am always searching to find new technology that suits my home and work activities so that I will be able to better manage my time.  I love to trim minutes from my schedule,and new technology is the easiest way to do it. I do not yet, however, own a smart thermostat. I am planning to buy one very soon.  I am looking forward to taking advantage of the perks that go along with it. I will be able to link  my wifi to my thermostat and better control the heating and cooling functions of my HVAC system. Normally, I am forced to get up and walk down the hallway to check the thermostat.  I have to physically touch the thermostat to change the temperature and control the furnace and air conditioner.  With a smart thermostat, I would be able to take action from just about anywhere, making adjustments from my smartphone. I could change the temperature and make sure that my system is operating at peak efficiency. To me, this is a worthwhile investment.  I will rely on a certified technician to install it so as to make sure that if functions just the way it should.

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