The doctor’s office

Nobody, besides maybe hypochondriacs, like going to the doctor’s office. Aside from the annual checkup, there is never a reason to go to the Doctor that is good. We go there when we aren’t feeling well, get hurt or have something strange going on with us. They make us do weird things like filling up cups with samples and they stick needles in us. Most doctors I have seen have treated me like just another patient and not a person and I don’t care for that feeling either. The worst though is how cold the doctor’s office is. I understand the need for the office to be cool. I realize it is to reduce the spreading of diseases to other patients and they keep the air conditioning running for that reason, but I want heat. Especially when it’s winter and I come in from the cold. I want the furnace running nice and strong. You can’t even dress warm to go to the Doctor’s office because chances are they will have you disrobe and put on the flimsiest gown they can find and sit in the air conditioned examine room waiting for what feels like forever for it to be your turn with the doctor. Thanks for the sheet, I always think, when I’m freezing in the air conditioning wearing just that thin gown. The sheet really does nothing to combat the coldness of the air conditioning and I wish I could just stay in my warm clothes while the doctor examines me. I’m glad I don’t get sick often and only go once a year to the Doctor’s office. I feel like the air conditioning there will make me sick if I wasn’t already.

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A chicken coop

When I was in school we hatched chickens. I remember going to school every day, anxious to see if they had hatched yet or not. When they finally did it was great and they were so cute. The teachers asked if anyone wanted to take them home since they had nothing to do with them now that the students had hatched them. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world so I brought it up to my parents who agreed. As the chickens got a bit bigger my dad decided to build a chicken coop with my uncles and my brothers and I were to help also. It was fun to build and a lot of hard work. When my dad ran power to the coop I wasn’t sure why. He explained that the chickens would need heating for the winter. We set up heat lamps and moved the chickens in. My dad even went as far as to buy more chickens to make the coop worth having. The heating lamps kept the chicken coop lit up at night, which in the country is like a bright beacon in the dark. With the heating lamps the chickens lived in comfort and laid many eggs, which we sold on the side of the street. In the winter, we would sometimes go in the coop after playing for hours to warm up from the heating lamps. The chickens loved pecking the snow off of our boots when we did this and it make us laugh. Other than how much work it is cleaning up after chickens, it really wasn’t too bad.heater

The perfect heating setup

I moved into my dream home about eight years ago. I chose to live in the north deep in the woods. My home has a rustic feel to it being a rather large log cabin esque home. This is where I chose to live out the rest of my life so I definitely pulled all stops on it. I have an indoor hot tub and an outdoor pool. The hot tub room is surrounded by glass in the back of the house and overlooks the pool area and the woods stretching on beyond it. The pool itself looks like it was meant to be there, carved into the ground and surrounded by stone and plant life. Since the seasons change regularly here, I have a high end HVAC system in my finished basement that has it’s own room so it doesn’t have to be seen when down there. The HVAC system is very proficient at heating and cooling the house at my whim using the smart thermostats located in various rooms. I also have my pool heated to around seventy degrees. I didn’t stop with just the HVAC system for the comfort of warmth and cooling. Since most of the house is wood flooring with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom which are stone floors, all the floors have radiant heating beneath them. It wasn’t cheap, but it is comfortable. No matter what room you are in you don’t have to worry about cold feet and the radiant flooring helps heat the room which cuts down on the HVAC system usage.heating system

The future

I like to sit and wonder what the future holds. I like to think about what we have accomplished in the last one hundred years and think about what we could accomplish in the next one hundred years. Will we finally have flying cars? Do we even need flying cars? Will there be some catastrophe that will set us back technologically? One of my personal favorite thoughts, and something I would love to make myself, is personal HVAC systems. Everyone feels the temperature differently from one another. How many times have you and a loved one had to settle on a temperature that only makes one of you happy while the other is either too hot or too cold? My thought is a system of clothing that runs it’s own HVAC to your body alone. Maybe some form of bubble that provides extra heat or extra cooling. You could be walking around your home in a bubble of sixty-five degrees while your loved one is walking around ten degrees higher than you. You wouldn’t need your home to be HVAC controlled anymore and you could take your HVAC bubble suit with you. No more would you be cold in the frozen food section of the supermarket or be out at a baseball game sweating under the hot sun. I feel an HVAC bubble suit would be pretty expensive and perhaps dangerous as well, but oh the fun thoughts of imagining it. I feel like astronaut suits must have something along those lines for when they are in space so maybe the technology is already here.

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Pizza making

I love pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s delicious and quite possibly one of America’s favorite foods. Not only do I love eating it, but I enjoy making it too. I have worked at the same pizzeria for about three years now. We toss our dough which took some time to learn but is tons of fun now that I have it down and actually a decent workout. I love adding the different toppings that people order and the occasional surprise of toppings that people ask to be mixed together. What I don’t like is how hot the pizzeria gets. I’m sure everyone has been to a pizzeria in the summertime at some point of their lives. Even the customers I see getting fidgety from the heat and begin to sweat. They should try being in that heat for eight hours a day. We have an air conditioning system, but it really only affects the dining room. The kitchen has air conditioning vents but the pizza oven just overpowers it. I have tried putting a fan in front of the vent and aiming it at me but there really isn’t anything that can be done. I wish we could move the oven outside and cook the pizza’s there while waiting for them inside in the air conditioned building. We could do all the prep work in the air conditioning and then run the pizza outside to cook. It might even lower the chance of a fire happening in the restaurant. Seems like a no lose situation to me, now if I could just get the boss to consider it.cooling


Kids don’t sit still well, that’s a fact. It used to drive my mother crazy how active we were. She went through a phase where she tried collecting little glass figurines which my brothers and I broke every last one accidentally of course. When trying to take family pictures it was next to impossible to keep us still for any length of time as one of us would fidget and another would poke a different brother. Church was possibly the worst in this regard. We were raised Catholic and expected to act a certain way in church. My parents were quick to anger with our fidgeting and probably embarrassed now that I’m older and think about it. What made it worse was the church we went to was never properly HVAC maintained. During the winter it would either be too cold and we’d fidget to stay warm or it would be too warm and we’d fidget because we were uncomfortable. We really didn’t even notice we were fidgeting but we did know we hated that heating and cooling situation. In the summer it was worse, because we knew what it was like outside and on top of being uncomfortable due to either the overworking air conditioning or the overbearing heat, we’d also want to be outside enjoying the weather. Other people didn’t mind, smiling at our family and saying we were cute kids. The preacher never seemed to notice our fidgeting either but then again he didn’t seem to notice his church being poorly heated or air conditioned either. Perhaps if the church was heated and air conditioned properly we wouldn’t have fidgeted anywhere near as much.

heating unit 

Heating equipment you can rely on

Have you ever gone to camp for the summer? I have. Sure, it’s a great way to learn useful skills, meet new people and have a general good time. I’ve enjoyed the time I spent at camp when I was a kid. I liked learning survival skills and playing with the other kids. I liked having camp fires and getting out on the water in kayaks and canoes. I even enjoyed swimming in the pond to cool down. What I didn’t like was the bugs and the heat. No one likes bugs. I don’t care what anyone says. The heat was something that I’ve always despised. I can’t take the heat. Swimming at camp was a temporary fix and not a very good one. Sooner or later you have to come out and then it’s back to sweating. So sure, I enjoyed camp. But if you asked if I wanted to go, I’d have said I’d rather stay home in the air conditioning. My parents home was always nice and cool. I thought it wasn’t fair to be sent away from such luxuries. Not only would I be dragged, kicking and screaming from the coolness of my parents home, but also forced into a place that is just loaded with bugs. I can’t stand them on me. Add a sticky, sweaty body to the mix and it’s even worse. Next time any parents are thinking about sending their kid to camp, put yourself in their shoes. Try to think hard on if you’d prefer to be at camp trying to have fun and not die of heat stroke while getting eaten alive by mosquitos or if you’d rather stay home in HVAC controlled conditions.

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Problems with the toilet

In my house, the toilets always cause problems.  We have spent a fortune on replacing various components of the toilets, repairs from plumbers, and replacing the entire toilet.  I think the issues are caused by a combination of low water pressure and severely hard water.  The toilets in our house never flush reliably.  They tend to run and run, often running us out of water.  Sometimes, the toilets leak water all over the floor, and the bowl is always stained with rust.  I have tried every type of cleaner to combat the hard water stains in the toilet.  I’ve tried dropping those cubes in the tank that turn the water blue.  There is simply no way to prevent our toilet bowl from being stained an ugly orange.  Because the toilets in the house plug so often, we keep a plunger handy at all times.  All of my children are experienced and skilled in the use of a plunger.  We have a rule in my house, that if you plug it, you plunge it.  Calling a plumber for toilet repairs is super expensive, and so my husband has taught himself how to maintain and replace toilets.  He can change out the inner workings of the toilet tank in a matter of minutes.  He can get remove a broken toilet and install a new toilet in less than an hour.  At my house, we call my husband, Toilet Man.  We have even made up a theme song that we sing when he tackles the toilet repairs.  In my family, a man who can keep a toilet running properly is a super hero.

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Preventative plumbing maintenance

It is worthwhile to schedule annual professional maintenance for your plumbing system.  By having a licensed plumber inspect all of the components that make up your plumbing system, you will save time and money.  The plumber will catch and correct any potential problems with clogs, leaks, and corrosion.  If these issues are not addressed, you could be confronted with a great deal of damage and expense.  A single drip, over time, can waste a great deal of water, ruin walls and floors, and even lead to the growth of mold.  It is very common for leaks to go unnoticed because they are hidden or very minor.  Small leaks, however, will get nothing but worse, and can result in major flooding.  A small buildup of soap scum or hair in pipes can quickly grow into a stubborn clog that prevents drainage of wastewater.  Using a plunger or drain cleaner can actually make the clog worse.  The plumber will clean out your pipes, and keep them flowing properly.  During regular maintenance, the plumber will check the fixtures and aerators on faucets to ensure ideal water pressure.  He will drain the hot water tank to eliminate the accumulation of contaminants such as rust, calcium, and lime.  If  preventative maintenance is  completed by a qualified plumber each year, you will avoid the majority of repairs, which can add up to a huge expense.  You will enjoy an ample supply of fresh, clean water, and the quick drainage of wastewater.  The service is definitely cost-effective and worthwhile.  Very often, the warranty coverage on certain appliance requires professional upkeep to remain valid.  

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A missing HVAC unit

I have always found great comfort in preaching the word of God, especially if it was from the comfort of an HVAC system regulated environment. Do not get me wrong, I am more than willing to preach and praise to the good Lord from outside, but of course I would much rather prefer doing it inside where I can have a bit of comfort from the HVAC system. With that being said, I do take a mission trip to Africa every few years in order to teach them about the ways of Jesus. There are absolutely no HVAC systems in the poor villages that I visit, so it is as if I am giving that up for Lent. Of course that is a joke, I would never give up my precious HVAC systems for Lent, that would be just unbearable. But I do give up my precious HVAC system for the mission trips. However, this last time I went on a mission trip the lack of an HVAC system made me suffer from a heat stroke! I actually passed out while delivering a sermon, and I was immediately rushed to a local hospital where they had an HVAC system. I was actually pretty lucky to be so close to a hospital that was equipped with such a wonderful HVAC system. I suppose it was truly the righteous path for me to come home from my mission trip early and enjoy the comfort of my house’s HVAC system. After all, I am getting a bit too old to be taking trips halfway around the world!

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