Relaxing in the temperature control

When I was twenty-two, my roommates and I drove cross-country for a summer road trip. My one friend had a pretty big van with plenty of room in the back, so we decided to just pile a bunch of comforters and pillows in there and take turns sleeping and driving. We wanted to save time on the trip, as well as making it so that nobody had to drive more than someone else. His van was old, but in pretty good shape. The thing we all appreciated the most, however, was the fact that the air conditioner was still working perfectly. It was surprising because the heater in that car had been broken for years. We rode around in the wintertime with our teeth chattering, barely getting any heat out of the vents. But in the summer, that van was like a rolling palace of temperature control. The backseat naps during that road trip were absolutely heavenly. When we stopped to fill up the gas tank, the asphalt in the gas station parking lots was so hot it was almost melting. There were heat mirages everywhere on the horizon. But as soon as we filled up and restocked on food, we could pile back into the van and feel immediate relief. Driving wasn’t bad either, since the wind with the windows rolled down was enough to keep the driver at an even temperature. It was almost a disappointment to have to move our things into the motel once we reached our destination. The motel room’s HVAC equipment wasn’t nearly as impressive as my friend’s van.

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Central air system

Finding your first house can be a really fun experience. Some people get them built from the ground up, but others love the thrill of finding a good fixer-upper. My husband and I were treasure hunters when it came to our first home. We searched high and low, and weren’t afraid of a little work. We found all sorts of dwellings, like beautiful historical houses, small places with tons of property, and even some with unique, alternative architecture. Touring different homes kind of became a hobby for us. We loved hearing the history and background of the older, stranger homes. Eventually, my husband and I got blown away by a home near the water. It was a bit broken down, but was large, unique, and had a wonderful amount of property. We were willing to do the work to make it a perfect house for our family. One thing we did not think about when we closed on the home, however, was the heating and cooling systems. Not only were were the units non-function, but the ductwork and vents were full of dust from lack of use. Instead of trying to hire technicians to repair them, we decided we would just pay the local HVAC company to replace the entire system. We were worried about the price hit, but realized it was something we had to do. It was a wonderful idea! Besides having a new central air condition system installed, we also had a new furnace and radiant flooring put in. That way in the winter, we can heat from the ground up, and during the winter, the entire, lofty home will stay nice and cool. Now we are really settled in and can get started on the rest of the renovations.ductless heating

Some HVAC tips

I have the greatest job of my life right now. I work in an artisan pizza restaurant. It may sound boring, but as a professional chef, it’s one of the best environments to work in. I get to cook gourmet food, personally connect with the patrons, and collect what I consider to be a fair salary. I’ve spent a lot of my life cooking in all sorts of different kitchens, but this one I work in is by far the best. I’ve worked in all sorts of kitchens all around the world, all with different environments, different customers, and different expectations. The nice thing about this particular kitchen is that, even though we are all cramped in the kitchen together, we are all very close as friends. You may not think about it, but it’s very important to be close with the people you cook with. Things can get heated and situations can become incredibly stressful. Not to mention the fact that kitchens are ridiculously hot. No matter how big the restaurant, it’s pretty likely that if you are cooking gourmet you are one of many cooks pressed up against hot stoves and grills. Thankfully, where I work now has a great, well-maintained HVAC unit. This makes sure that all the cooks and especially the food are kept at a proper temperature. I’ve worked in kitchens with broken air conditioning systems before and it was a traumatic experience. Keeping a kitchen cool, comfortable, and at the right humidity is incredibly important to having a successful restaurant. Because of how many heating elements are in a restaurant’s kitchen, a strong A/C unit is incredibly important. Even beyond keeping food cold, keeping the air quality clean, clear, and free of excess moisture is absolutely necessary.

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A random heat wave

We seem to be having the weirdest weather we have had in quite a long time in the area in which I live. We had a rather long autumn this year. It seemed like it started at the end of August and then stretched all the way to January. We literally did not get any snowfall at all until the very last day of the year! Isn’t that kind of crazy? That was the first time I had ever experienced a green Christmas in my whole entire lifetime too. Since it was not snowing or anything, it was still slightly warm out. I mean, it was not like I could still go outside in nothing but shorts and a tank top in the middle of December, but you get the idea. Anyways, it had not really seemed like spring would ever come because it was still snowing and it was April. However, at the beginning of May, it stopped. This was good, because I had spending a fortune on my heating bills. Literally, it was like my furnace was on nonstop every minute of the day! I was ready for spring weather because I would not need neither my heating unit nor my air conditioning system so I could save a bit on my HVAC bills for a month or two. However, that hope did not last. It’s not even really the middle of May yet but I’m constantly using my air conditioning system now. That is how hot it is outside! I stepped outside of my house one day and it felt like I had set foot into a furnace or something. I had to bring out all my summer clothes and now I can’t even save money on my HVAC bills anymore. It must be a pretty freak heat wave.air conditioning unit

Trying to repair my heater

It seems like my senior year of high school has gone by so fast. Last I knew it was September and I wished school would be over immediately and now that the school year is actually coming to a close, I am not all that sure whether or not I actually want it to end! Is that bad? I am just getting so sad over the fact that all of my friends are moving off to go to all of these far away universities while I am stuck in the same old town, going to the local community college this fall. Because of this I have been really trying to get all my assignments, projects, and papers done ahead of schedule so that I have some time to spare for my friends. I had a free day last week, in fact, so we all went out to see a movie and get dinner afterwards. The movie was awesome, and I might even want to see it again, to be honest. Dinner on the other hand was not as great as I wished it could have been. They had the heating system on really high in that place. There was a really big group of us too, so not only did we have to wait in the heating for what seemed like forever, but it was really uncomfortable and cramped when we were finally sat. The body heat combined with the actual heating of the whole restaurant was too much. I drank five glasses of water before our food even got there, so I was not even all that hungry by the time that we actually got all of our food. Hopefully the next time we hang out will be more enjoyable.

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Air conditioning in the cell phone store

My child is finally old enough to get a cellphone. Originally I did not want to buy them a cellphone. It is an expensive piece of technology for a child to have. I was also afraid that it would be lost or broken. There is also a problem with kids being on their phones at school and I want my child to pay attention in class. We finally went to get the cellphone and the store was very busy. We were the tenth customers in line but thankfully the air conditioning was keeping us quite cool. It was a very hot summer day and I was thankful to have the cool, comfortable environment. I was not happy to be waiting so long but the air conditioning made me forget how long we had been standing there. My child anxiously walked around the store. There were so many phones to choose from. I walked around a bit too, but finally settled under an air conditioning vent. The store had a drop ceiling, which had heating and cooling ducts that ran above it. The cool air from the air conditioner flowed above the ceiling in the ducts and then down into the room from vents. When I stood directly below the vent I got a blast of cool air. The cool air helped keep me calm and happy while I waited to be helped. When it was finally our turn I did not really want to leave the air-conditioned room. The business was so well air conditioned that I will not hesitate to return saving tips

Ovens used as heaters

As a poor college student, I did whatever I could to save myself a dollar or two. My roommates were all on the same page by trying to save our money for food and not on alcohol at the bars. I would eat ramen noodles or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and dinner, sell any text book I could (whether I needed it still or not), and I would even write papers for fellow students for $50 a pop! I tried to make extra cash anyway I could possibly think of. I also did most my shopping at thrift shops whenever possible. We were responsible for paying for the heat and electric. Whenever I was home, I made sure I ate dinner by candlelight. It wasn’t ideal but it saved me some money and it was relaxing at times. I was very cautious to never turn our HVAC unit on. I wore socks or slippers and a long sleeved shirt with a cardigan constantly.  This helped me stick to my rule to never turn the heat on. Obviously, with the harsh winter we experience up north, I had to turn it on at times so the pipes wouldn’t freeze. At times, 60 was the highest it would go and it felt like we were living in Alaska, compared to feeling like the desert at other times. Also, one thing I used to do when I  was done cooking was leave the oven door open afterwards to heat up the kitchen. We didn’t have to pay the gas bill so I did this a lot to save money and it was free! Even though this sounds trashy, I liked being thrifty and it actually worked well for me and I was able to save money.

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Different types of air conditioning

When it comes to making long-term and important decisions I have trouble. I know right from wrong, but when it comes down to purchasing an expensive product I’m not sure if I made the right choice or not. This happens to me all of the time when I’m deciding on purchasing a car or a home. It took me over a week to figure out which type of car I wanted and if I wanted to lease or buy it. Just recently I purchased a central air conditioning unit. It took me awhile to figure out what exactly I wanted. With the help of my friends, and most importantly, my HVAC technician I was able to choose what air conditioning system would be the best for my home. I was able to get rid of the heat pump air conditioning system because these systems are only used in regions of the states where only moderate heating and cooling is used. The region where I live, there is a lot of heating used in the winter and a lot of cooling used during the summer. I decided to just go and purchase central air conditioning because since I already have ductwork in my house, it uses ducts to go and distribute cool air in my home and into the air registers. I was glad that I was able to talk to my HVAC technician about my options and to get his professional advice. When I purchased this system it was through my HVAC provider. I had to pay an extra fee for him to install it but I would leave the installation process and maintenance to HVAC professionals.

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Keeping my A/C on low

My sister and I have always been so close. When we were younger we were inseparable. My sister is two years older than me. Now that we are much older and have families of our own we don’t get to see each other very often. She lives about four hours away from me. She moved away almost ten years ago to take up a very good job offer. Since then she’s stayed there, met her husband and started her family. Every month or so we try to see each other. This month it was my time to see her. She lives about ten minutes from the beach so when my family and I goes to visit her we will bring our beach stuff. When I was there we had to leave the beach early because there was a big storm coming. We could hear the rain and the wind outside of her home. All of a sudden the lights went out. This meant no electricity and no air conditioning. She lives in a much hotter region then I do. So once her air conditioning went out you could feel how hot it was getting in her house. I told her to open up the windows a little bit because it was getting very stuffy. She did but it didn’t help very much. We needed the cool air coming out of the vents to cool us all off. About two hours later the power came back on, so did the air conditioning system. I was so thankful for the a/c to kick back on. Without the cold air I don’t think we would be able to stay in her house very long.

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Lunch with my grandparents

I have a tradition with my grandparents that I try to keep up. I guess it is more of a routine than tradition. Once a month I try to go out to lunch with them and touch base. I call them up and they pick the place. My grandparents have three different locations that they like to eat at. They are all in town and very laid back. One location I always get sick at. I am a vegetarian and there is not much I can eat there. I either can eat a really gross salad or a grilled cheese that upsets my stomach. So I either go hungry or have stomach issues with that place. The other place I love the pizza there. I always hope that is the one we are going to. I can eat pizza, a sandwich, or they have great soups. The last location is the one that uses too much air conditioning. The food is not all that bad. They mainly have burgers and sandwiches. I am okay with that type of food. What bothers me is how cold the restaurant is. I always am so cold and I wonder what temperature the thermostat is set to. The AC is always leaking out of the ventilation and ruining my meal. I never know beforehand where I am going either. I never know if I should eat some tums, be prepared for pizza or pack a jacket. My grandparents love to surprise me with the location that they pick. The A/C place is probably the worst one to go to. ductless HVAC