Making sure you retain body heat

I’m definitely an animal lover. As some of you may know, I have two dogs. A little chihuahua and a sturdy, headstrong Corgi. Owning small dogs is way different than larger ones. They have different temperaments. Of course, different looks. But most of all, they have different needs. Decently large dogs, like Labradors, are pretty versatile. They can withstand a lot of different living situations, like an apartment or a large property. Small dogs, like chihuahuas, are known for the same thing. They tend to absorb the “energy level” of the beings around them. You love running? You chihuahua will do it’s best to keep up. Couch potato? No worries. Your chihuahua is totally fine chilling out with you too. However, there are some things that small dogs can’t budge on and one of those things happens to be temperature. Chihuahuas (and corgis!) can easily overheat. Did you know that Corgis are waterproof? Water actually beads up and rolls off of their top coat. This also makes them have very hefty coats, made for cold, wet weather. What that means is they can overheat- and fast. On the contrary, you must also make sure you have heating or furnace systems for tiny chihuahuas. You may have laughed at owners who dress their chihuahuas in clothing, but most of the time the dogs love their clothing. Chihuahuas’ small stature causes them to have trouble retaining body heat, so if you live in a cooler area, it makes keeping your dog warm and comfortable pretty difficult. Heated floors can be a life-saver in colder areas. That way you can avoid bulky furnaces and use the warmth of your heated flooring and HVAC heater to keep you and your doggie warm. Ask your local HVAC provider if they offer heated flooring. It’ll keep you and your doggie perfectly heated during a cold, harsh winter.

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Having to turn my heater on in the banquet room

This past week has been extremely busy. For three days a week I have to go into my second part time job to make some extra money. What I do at this second part time job is help out with banquets by serving food and alcohol. It’s not a bad job because I make a decent amount of tips. I like to put my tips aside and at the end of the month I’ll take all of my tips and put them in my savings account. My coworker and I were setting up tables in the larger banquet room for a band that was playing the next day. We swept and mopped the floors, put the chairs down and put tablecloths on the tables. While we were in there preparing for the next day I realized that the room was very cold. I walked over to the thermostat and it read 65 degrees. I also saw that the switch was turned to off and not on to heat. The owner must have switched the thermostat off since no one was using the room that day. I knew that I would forget so I made sure to jot down a note and leave it on one of the tables for the next day. I wrote down a small reminder to turn on the thermostat so the furnace would kick on. I didn’t want the event going on the next day to be cold and have someone complain just because the furnace wasn’t on. HVAC equipment

The newest in HVAC

Disney World! It’s every family’s dream, right? Awesome rides, beautiful scenery, and delicious eats. Unfortunately, if you’re going to Disney, it’s likely you’re going to run into some high temperatures. There’s only two places in the United States that you can go to experience Disney, and it’s likely that it’s warmer than what you’re used to. So take my advise- you’ve got to plan ahead if you want to get the most out of your trip to the “most magical place on earth”. Pack your bags with snacks. Plan your ride schedule. Think about what rides you want to prioritize. And most of all, think about where and when you want to relax; that means in the hotel and in the park. In the hotel, you want to make sure you choose a place that’s affordable, but also has an efficient HVAC system. Many discount hotels in the warmer climates skimp on the air conditioning, and if you’re travel from out-of-state, you’re going to want some cool, well-done A/C. The same goes for when you take a break in the park. Different areas have “cooling zones”; places designated for cooling down the guests. These are areas are engineered to be cooler than others. They’re carefully watched by HVAC technicians to make sure that guests can get cooled down enough to be comfortable. Think of them as outdoor air conditioning. On the contrary, these areas turn into “heating zones” during the winter. Sometimes they are heaters. Sometimes they are furnaces, or literal fireplaces. The best way to find these places is to hangout outside of restraints or bars in the park. They’re usually well-controlled temperatures. Locating these HVAC systems is crucial to your park experience. Utilizing these areas ensures that you stay heated during the winter or stay cool in the summer. And as long as you are comfortable, you’re sure to be having fun.

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A quality air conditioner

My favorite class in university was physics. The professor was terrible, the kid I sat next to smelled awful, I was bad at it, and I had to squeeze into the smallest desk at the university. It was on the top floor of the tallest academic building and all the water fountains on that floor were the warmest ones at the school. However, the classroom was one of the few at the school that had central air. I went to a school in the South East, so you can imagine how hot it got at the beginning of the school year and at the end. I had perfect attendance for this very reason. I think I failed every test and skipped every single homework assignment but since my dorm wasn’t air-conditioned I would go to that class early every day and I would be the last one to leave breathing in every last breath of cool air possible before I returned to the heat. Now my major intensive classes, different story. I would skip all of those classes because walking there in the heat just to sit in a warmer room without air-conditioning seemed like torture and I wasn’t about to put myself through that. I would always try to sneak into that room to study and crank up the cooling to hopefully get a break from the heat but the cleaners would often kick me out late at night. I tried to ask my professor which other classrooms had cooling in them so I can go hang out there and he refused to tell me because he didn’t think I took my academic seriously, which is half true. I just wanted to hangout in the air-conditioned rooms.

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Outdoor heating for our deck

My girlfriend and I recently decided to make it official. I proposed a couple of months ago. Neither of us are very social people, so we both knew that we wanted a very small ceremony, only complete with our family and our very close friends. After the ceremony was over and we brought all of our wedding presents home, we came to find that we did not have enough room for everything in the apartment that we had been sharing for many years now. So, we decided that it would be a good idea if we sought out a new home. We looked through the local newspapers and ads in town for many weeks, until finally we were able to find a great little place perfect for the two of us. It was right outside of the city and it had a beautiful backyard complete with a pool and a huge deck. The first night that we sat out on the deck we realized that it was very cold out there at night. So, my wife and I decided that in order to enjoy the deck all the time we were going to install an outdoor heater. We wanted something big, so we contacted a local heating and cooling company to come install it. The installation of the heater went over smoothly, and now my wife and i are able to fully enjoy not only our new deck, but also the perks from our new outdoor heater. The entire process was painless and very inexpensive, especially for the amount of perks that we are able to enjoy on a daily basis from our new outdoor heating unit.

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Saving money with good temperature control

In my college years, I used to hold a variety of fundraisers, it was my way of giving back. I’ve lived a very fortunate life this far and I like to raise money for people that haven’t. So I hold spaghetti dinners, dances, open bars, pretty much anything you can think of I’ve done as a fundraiser before. I’ve done it at a hundred thousand different places with a wide range of successes and failures. However, the one thing that I’ve found that will inevitably lead people to donate more money is having a comfortable temperature wherever you hold it. If a place is too hot, people aren’t going to want to spend a long time there, especially if there’s a meal included. If you’re serving food, keep it a little cooler and not too warm as people will get drowsy with a full stomach and want to leave earlier, thus reducing the amount that they will donate. However, if you’re hosting an event that involves a lot of movement such as a dodgeball tournament or a dance, you should turn on the cooling and lower the temperature on the thermostat a little bit. People will be moving around and probably sweating a lot, so it’s important to have a cool environment for all the moving your guests will be doing. Lastly, it’s important to ask the director of the location if they have full control over your HVAC unit. This is integral because if it gets too warm or cold you need to adjust the thermostat to keep your guests happy and their wallets open for donation!

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Not enough air is coming through these vents

I just moved into a new apartment. We keep moving because our lives keep changing. My boyfriend keeps switching jobs. I am going to school again. Our lease ends so we pick a new place. We just keep moving. Some of the apartments have had better things than the others. Each one has been different. Unfortunately in our newest apartment, the HVAC system really is not very good at all. It tends to be very cold in the apartment. We can get by with a heater and a lot of blankets. The heater goes in the bedroom for when we sleep at night and that is it. The furnace is weak or something. I think the filter might need to be changed. There could possibly be restricted air flow or something along those lines. I wish I could just call an HVAC company that we live by. Unfortunately, I have to go by the landlord. I have told my landlord about the HVAC system but he does not seem to care. We are dealing but I can tell that there is not enough air coming through the vents in our apartment. There is something in the way or there is a hole in the air ducts somewhere. There are a lot of possibilities but I guess we will never actually figure it out. If you feel as if you are not getting enough heat in your house or apartment call an HVAC company. We wish we could and we do not want you to live the way we have to with tons of blankets and an extra heater.

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Taking care of your HVAC system before you leave on break

Spring break is a break I look forward to every year. I most certainly need it with all of the work I do during the school year. I like to go away to forget about most things. Before I leave though I also make sure that I get the apartment ready so I can leave. There are things that need to be taken care of like the HVAC system for example. The HVAC system needs to be turned off right away. I do not want to waste any money by having it go while I am gone. In case it gets too cold here though I do leave it on just a bit. I would not want the house to get too cold. I wouldn’t want my pipes to freeze or something crazy like that. I do make sure to turn it mostly down though. It is such a waste of money to run an HVAC system for no one. It will just keep running. Something could happen to it too while I am gone. It could break down and I would not even know it. I have no one to watch the house. When you go away make sure to lower the thermostat to make it around what the average temperature is per day. That will help with the monthly energy bill costs that you get in the mail. You might be spending all this money on your break too. You would not want to come back to high energy bills. After that break, you may not be able to pay them. Be careful and pay attention to your HVAC system.

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A nursing wife and my baby

My first son was born in August. This was great, because then my son could have summer birthday parties for the rest of his life. All of his friends will be off of school and hopefully in town for his birthday party. As the due date was approaching my wife and I thought we had everything lined up for a perfect transition from married with no kids to new parents. The nursery was all set up as was the boy’s crib. However, the one thing we didn’t think about was how warm the nursery would be during the hottest month of the year. My wife and I had a window air conditioner and we never thought of how warm our son would get. Another thing we didn’t think of was how warm and uncomfortable my wife was going to be nursing a newborn in a room without air conditioning. I realized that if I wanted to be comfortable and happy, my wife and newborn were going to need to be happy first. So, I got on the phone with an HVAC technician and asked him “When can we get this in?” I didn’t care about the price of the air conditioning; I just wanted everyone in the house to be cool and comfortable. Three days later, we fired up the air-conditioning and for the first time ever my son slept through the night. My wife and I had never been so happy before, but we felt kind of stupid for never of thinking about it prior to the baby coming. Regardless, the HVAC is working better than ever and we have heating for the winter. After this long hot summer, we’re excited for the snow!

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Smart thermostat benefits

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go for walks around my property. As soon as the weather gets nice my shoes come off. I walk and run around my property barefoot and get a great tan. I do not have to work over the summer so I basically do nothing for two months. I also stay out of my house from early morning to late at night. I work in my gardens, go for walks and swim in the pool. I also visit a lot of people over the summer. Since I am not in my home a lot, I save a lot of money on HVAC. My monthly energy bills are so low in the summer. It gets really hot where I live so I never have to worry about heating once the sun is out. I am not a big fan of air conditioning either. I was forced to get a cooling system since my husband loves it. He is gone most of the day so I turn off the A/C while I am outside. I love that the cooling unit has a smart thermostat with it as well. I keep the AC off all day long when I am outside. My husband comes home around six everyday. I do not even need to tell my HVAC unit what to do. The smart thermostat automatically tells the unit to start cooling for my husband’s arrival. The next morning the unit turns off when he leaves. I do not even have to do anything as small as adjust the temperature. heating and cooling