A broken HVAC unit

It is my senior year of highschool and all I’ve been trying to do is make the most of it. My friends and I can not believe that four years have already gone by since we were awkward freshman who didn’t know their way through the hallways. This year has been my favorite so far. I am involved in many different activities and clubs. I am the president of my class and I have the highest gpa of everyone. I am taking hard classes but I am trying my hardest to do really well so I can get a scholarship in college. I work very hard during the week and I stay busy but I still like to have fun on the weekends. My classmates usually try to get together on the weekends to hang out. My parents were gone one weekend so I thought about having a party while they were away. That is not like me but I tried to talk myself into it, telling myself that it was my senior year and nothing bad was going to happen. The morning of the party, the HVAC unit in my home started to make really loud and obnoxious noises. I went to look at it and could not figure out the problem. The A/C would not turn on though and it was hotter than a sauna outside. Nobody would want to come to a home with no air conditioning working. I got nervous and called off the party. People were upset but I knew it was for the better. My parents will have to call an HVAC specialist once they arrive back home.

air conditioner service 

Cranking the AC

Last week, I the doctor told me I was pregnant. I was not sure whether to be happy, sad or nervous when he told me the news. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to be a mother, just not yet. I was trying not to think negatively though. Although it would be hard, I knew I had great friends and family to help me through this time in my life. I was so nervous to tell my husband. I was not sure how he would take the news either. I had a feeling he was going to be very nervous. He already sweats a lot regularly but I knew this was going to make him sweat on a whole nother level. Before telling him, I decided to turn the air conditioning on higher than we usually keep it. I am not a fan of the A/C. I prefer to open up a window. The doctor said my body would be going through many changes these next few months so who knows. Maybe someday soon once I start to become bigger and sweat more I will like the air conditioning better. When my husband got home a few days, I was going to tell him. He asked why it felt so cold in our home. I shared my news with him. I was right. My husband had a melt down. Not in a bad way, he just seemed very anxious. It was like he was not sure if he should be scared or excited. I then told him this was exactly why I cranked up the A/C. He laughed. We decided that we were happy with our news and we are very excited to be parents soon.

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Our aging furnace

Ever since my husband and I put a television in the upstairs common room, we rarely spend time downstairs anymore. There’s just something more cozy about that space. It might be the carpets or the paint, I’m not sure what it is. The lower ceiling might have something to do with it as well. Downstairs is really perfect for having friends over or gathering around a table for dinner. In any case, recently I had to fix a leaky sink in the downstairs bathroom. It was the first time I had been in there in months. One of the kids alerted me to the leak. While I was down there fixing it up, I noticed something was wrong with the HVAC system. It seemed unreasonably cold down there, even though it was relatively mild outside. The thermostat was set to 70 degrees, so it should have been much warmer. Upstairs, the heating is usually much more efficient, so I didn’t notice any issue before. It was clear though that the furnace was not doing as well as it used to. I got on the phone to schedule an appointment with the HVAC repair service in town. They came the next day to see if they could detect what the furnace’s problem was. The technicians ran a few tests and after about a half hour the HVAC flaw had been detected. As it turned out, some of the electronic mechanisms within the heater were just getting worn out. Luckily, for a relatively low cost of parts and labor, the furnace was brought back to its former glory.

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Reading with the HVAC unit on

I am very lucky to find myself in a position where I typically have my weekends off from work. I work for a company that does most of its business during the week and since I have been employed by them for many years, I get the preferable, steady weekday schedule. So now what I have been doing is that I try to read an entire book, every two weeks. Of course it doesn’t always work out that way, but more or less, I’d like to be reading at least 20 books per year. My friends get on my case for not coming out as much on weekends anymore, but I like hanging out with my books. What also helps is my climate control system. We actually just had it put in two years ago, so it is as advanced as they come. The indoor air quality in my home is so great that I hardly want to leave the house. During the summer, air conditioning and a good book are just about the best combination imaginable. Our HVAC system features incredibly efficient cooling equipment, so I can keep my thermostat set nice and low without having to worry about a monster electric bill. Of course, the air quality also helps keep my library of books in good shape, many of which are rare and valuable. The humidity control is key in this regard. I’m already wary about handling some of them, so the HVAC helps me get peace of mind that at least they are in the best shape possible.

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