Old HVAC equipment always ruins my winter

When I go into the office where I work, I am either happy or miserable Overall, I like my job. I am not miserable about the actual job, my boss or the people that I work with. Infact, I like it all. It is just that when I am not comfortable, sometimes I tend to get cranky. For example, in the summer at work, I am a happy camper. I feel warm, comfortable and calm at work. Where I work, business also slows down in the summer for the most part so I can’t complain about that either. Everyone is in such a good mood when the sun is out and the weather is great. It is in the winter when I am miserable. I have to wear many layers to work. I then have to take them all off when I get there and by then I am sweating. It’s like I can not decide if I am too hot or too cold. I wear my heavy snow boots and drag mud and snow around everywhere. I am chilly and the heat in the office is not evenly distributed. The heating unit must be really old or something. That is my assumption. Some of my co workers complain the heat blows too much on them but where I am sitting, I feel the complete opposite. It is a lose, lose situation. Along with the cold temps, work is the most busy in the winter so everyone is already miserable about that. Maybe it is time to start thinking about where I want to move when I retire. It will be a warm place where I do not have to worry about old HVAC units.residential HVAC

Coming home from the softball tournament

Ever since I was young, I have been playing sports. Like most kids, I played the summer youth soccer league up until I was passed the age limit for doing so, and after that I moved onto the minor league softball, and then major league. I was the star pitcher for my team, and we were undefeated for years. My parents obviously made me continue playing in middle school, and I started off on junior varsity in seventh grade and even played some varsity matches that year. I’m now a junior in high school and I still play, in fact, we just had a tournament the other day. It was a blast, but I always get so overheated while I’m playing. My favorite thing to do after a tough match is to lay in front of the air conditioner. In the car, I’ll blast cold air with the car’s cooling unit, only to run out of the car and straight inside and plop down by the vents. It’s very hard work to do softball, so I always work up quite a sweat. I would probably be very sad if I came home to find out that the air conditioner wasn’t working that day. However- lucky for me- that has never happened, and I hope it never will happen. I’m not sure yet whether or not I’ll be playing softball when I go off to college. However, if I do, and if it’s as much of a workout as it is for me now, they better have good quality HVAC in the dorms. You can bet that after a game the first thing I’ll be doing is getting back to my room and turning the thermostat down a lot.  

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Air conditioning after sports

I have played a lot of sports in my life. Honestly, if you can name it, I’ve probably played it. I have just always been an athlete, and it’s actually pretty weird that I’m about to graduate, so my athletic career really is coming to an end. In high school, I was a three season athlete. I played soccer, hockey and softball. It’s interesting that even though these are all different seasons and different playing conditions, I still wanted to be blasted with air conditioning after every single game and practice. I remember feeling like I was actually melting standing under the goal in the sun during a soccer game (I was the goalie). But practices were even worse. As a goalie, my practices were usually high intensity circuits involving a lot of jumping up and down to dive for the ball. Then, I still had to do all of the team running as well. Pre-season (hell week) was the absolute worst. Mid August is not a good time to be outside. I would run to my car hoping for air conditioning even though I knew it would take so long to turn on. But when it did, I would just sit in there for much longer than I needed to, and then go jump in the pond near my house. But it was the same thing even with hockey where we played on ice. It didn’t matter, my body was still roasting after those games and I’d make my parents turn on the air conditioning, even though they didn’t want to.

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Easy HVAC tips

Many things are considered when you buy a new heater or air conditioner. You need to think about if you actually want the device. The investment is costly and a long-term investment. A typical HVAC unit will last over ten years. You also have to clean, service and invest in replacement parts. Buying a new HVAC unit is not a small task. You need to make sure you get the right one. What should you think about when buying a heating or cooling system? Think about the weather for your area. There are a lot of different types of climates in the U.S. Because of the climates we have different types of heating and cooling systems. Areas with high temperature most of the year get high velocity air conditioning. The air conditioner quickly can lower the temperature by transferring the air around. Areas in the north will get snow and below freezing temperatures. These locations look at heavy duty heating like boilers and dual fuel systems. A location with moderate temperature ranges can purchase a heat pump system. This heating and cooling unit can move heat energy already in the air. Only moderate temperatures will benefit from it however. Think about what you need for your type of weather. Get the system that works for your average temperature year around. The last thing you want to get is an air conditioner will too high of cooling capabilities or a heater that cannot heat your home adequately. It is best to contact a HVAC business and get a second opinion on your expensive purchase.electric air conditioner

Buying a new hot water tank

I have been noticing lately that my water, my faucets and shower head are certainly not very warm. At most, the pool temperature gets lukewarm. I don’t mind that sometimes, but there are definitely times where having hot water is necessary. For example, I need it to clean the dishes. The hot water is what helps remove the germs from leftover food and additionally waste. Without hot water, absolutely nothing is actually getting completely clean. Also, hot water is a necessity when choosing a shower. Taking a cold shower can be alright every so often but really only when it’s actually a scorching hot day outdoors. I need hot water when it is a cold winter day and I’m sure freezing. Taking a cold shower when you are already cold is awful. I called a plumber and explained this to him. He came to my home looking at my hot water tank. He told me my water tank was old and needed to be replaced. I asked him why and he explained that a hot water tank is what stores the domestic hot water at that specific temperature and that without it, there is no hot water. My hot water tank is so old and broken, so it is no longer heating up the water. I understood what he was saying and decided to buy a new one. The plumber made suggestions that sounded very interesting. If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be taking chilly showers.kitchen plumbing

Being a plumber is rough

There are actually two kinds of people on the earth. Some people work better mentally than compared to a physical version of work. I had a friend in college who was extremely book smart. He could read 20 internet pages of material and basically recite back to you what he had just gone through. He could take a test over the material after reading it and ace it. I had another friend nevertheless who was the total other type of person. He was average when it came to studying and taking tests, but he was amazing at working on physical labor. He was among the list of strongest guys I knew. He really was into doing yard work and helping people with heavy lifting. He was good when it came to solving problems physically and could always fix and repair things. My book smart friend went on to be a successful lawyer. We all knew he was going to do really well some day in his career. My physically strong friend went off to become a plumber. I know that does not sound like the most important job but he is doing very well. He makes good money and additionally loves his job. Being a plumber is physically demanding and that’s why he is so good at it. When it comes to fixing a busted up pipe, clogged drain or broken lavatory, he is your guy. A plumbers job is incredibly hands on. Of course, he had to study in addition to learn, but his job is getting serious. Being a plumber is not as bad as people may imagine.

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Setting your HVAC unit the right way

 I was sitting outside a well known chain restaurant on a hot summer day, waiting for a date to arrive. The heat was beating down and the sun kissed my skin. When she arrived, we greeted and headed into the restaurant. The doors opened and we were hit with a rush of cold air you could find in any business in the south. It was our first date, so we filled most of our time with small talk of work, family, and our futures. The waiter came by and asked us what we would like to drink. It was a warm day out, so I ordered an ice cold glass of water and a chilled beer and my date did the same. After a few minutes of sitting in this restaurant, we realized the air conditioning unit was on high. It was so warm outside, the restaurant was trying to compensate by having the HVAC unit on the highest setting possible. We were sitting under an air conditioning vent and it made the restaurant quite cold. Since it was the middle of summer, I didn’t have a jacket to give to my date but she did have a cardigan for instances like these. All I could think about was that it was unnecessarily cold in this restaurant. Why would they have the air conditioning unit on such a high setting that it makes most patrons somewhat uncomfortable? You see it everywhere; restaurants, movie theaters, and malls, they all use an unnecessary amount of air conditioning. It’s better than the HVAC unit being broken or off, but each place could save money if they adjusted a few degrees.

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My HVAC system is broken!

I was laying on a couch in the middle of my friends living room. I was visiting from out of town and needed a place to spend the night. The room was dark and chilly so I pulled the light blanket I had up to my neck and covered my shoulders. The night started out a pleasant temperature but as it got later the temperature began to drop. I awoke around 4 am freezing cold. I tried to fall back asleep but I was so uncomfortable I couldn’t. I wasn’t sure if his HVAC unit was broken or he didn’t turn the heater on. At this point I wish I had a furnace, radiator or fire right next to me just to stay warm. The temperature gauge read 60 and I could believe it. I was wearing my socks and a sweatshirt just to stay warm. There was no way I was spending another night here. When my friend woke up the next morning he walked out of his room in full winter gear. I asked if his heater was broken and if he needed to call a HVAC technician to come out and have it repaired. “Oh, to save money, we don’t turn the heat on.” He replied.  I couldn’t believe it. Being that uncomfortable every night wouldn’t be worth it. I would have to have the HVAC unit on to enjoy my home. The amount of money you save is not worth the value of comfort and a good night’s sleep. After that night I never spent the night again.

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My new HVAC system

Growing up I was very lucky to know all four of my grandparents and even a couple of my great aunts. As I got older of course so did they and by the time I was twenty four only my grandfather was alive. He was ninety five and still got around pretty well for his age. He lived alone in the big old farm house that my mother and her siblings grew up in. The house was heated with wood and it was cooled with fans and pulling thick blinds over the upstairs windows. After a year of living alone my parents finally convinced my grandfather to move in with them. He was always adamant that he could take care of himself but you could it was a huge amount of relief the day that he moved in with them. My parents even decided to install a new HVAC system before my grandfather moved it. They wanted his to be as comfortable as possible in his final years. They showed him how to make the house warmer and cooler so that if someone was not home with him he could adjust everything to make it more comfortable for himself. He learned very quickly and joked that we was up to speed with the technology and said that maybe he would learn to use the “internets and the facebooks” for now we are all happy that he knows how to use the heating and cooling system in our home.

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Installing a heater at my ski lodge

My brother and I are the textbook definition of ski bums. We fell in love with skiing when we were just little boys. Our mom and dad would bring us skiing as soon as we were able to walk and we took to it immediately. We never raced or did anything competitive but you better believe every chance we got we were strapping on our skis and hitting the slopes. My mom and dad stopped skiing as they got older but my brother and I went out so much we decided it’d be worth it to invest in our own condo near a local hill. We split the costs down the middle and went up for our first week there. The place was beautiful but it was very, very cold. We called out an HVAC technician to take a look at it and he told us we needed a new furnace. My brother and I just shelled out a bunch of money for the condo, so we just decided to crank the heat and have fire whenever we were in the condo. However, after we got our first heating bill and burned through a tremendous amount of firewood we realized that doing this was inefficient. So, we had the furnace replaced by the HVAC technician and our monthly bill was reduced to a fraction of what it was before and we no longer have to haul firewood to imitate having a functioning furnace. This new furnace was the best investment I’ve ever made, I just wish I listened to the HVAC technician and invested sooner. Who knows, the pipes may have frozen when we weren’t there and that would’ve been a huge headache! Next time I get a recommendation from a heating and cooling professional, I’ll do as they advise.energy saving tips