I am in desperate need of a furnace repair

There is definitely something very wrong with my furnace.  My house is not as warm as I would like it to be.  My furnace does not pay any attention to the thermostat setting.  It doesn’t matter if I crank the thermostat up to a hundred degrees, my furnace maintains that slightly chilly temperature.  I can turn the thermostat down to forty degrees, and my furnace ignores the change and keeps right on running.  I would like to assume that the thermostat is the problem.  But that doesn’t explain why my furnace is making strange noises.  About once per hour, it sounds like an airplane attempting and failing to take flight.  The sound is loud, obnoxious, and even a bit scary.  Even if I was tempted to ignore the annoying sounds, the weird smell is taking over my house.  My house smells quite strongly of sweaty feet.  I tried cleaning the shoe closet, buying air fresheners, and lighting candles.  Unfortunately, the stink is definitely coming from the supply vents of my furnace.  I’ve been trying to avoid calling for heating repair service.  I hate scheduling an appointment with the only HVAC contractor in my small town.  It takes forever to get an appointment, and then the technician usually shows up over an hour late.  His uniform is always stained, and his shoes are always dirty.  I have to insist that he remove his shoes.  Even though I put drop cloths down everywhere, the technician always manages to set a greasy tool on my rug.  Repairs cost a fortune, and there’s no guarantee that my furnace will then make it through the winter.furnace

Relying on the HVAC system less

I am really trying to make some changes in my life. I am sick and tired of eating out all of the time. Not only am I gaining weight from eating greasy food, but I am also spending too much money.  It may not seem like a lot, but each time you go out to eat for a simple meal, it costs you at least a few bucks. I don’t like looking at my credit card statement at the end of each month and seeing all of those charges adding up to a couple hundred dollars. It is really disappointing and makes me feel bad about myself. All in all, I would like to make several changes to my life. Another aspect of my life that needs to be altered is how I use my HVAC equipment at night. Many people do not realize that they are abusing their heater or air conditioner at night for no good reason at all. You may think you need your house to be 74 degrees at night during the winter, but the truth is that your body is asleep and a simple blanket can keep you warm at a lower designated temperature. I think by dialing back some of my preferences in the evenings, I will increase the longevity of my heating and cooling equipment. I am also expecting to see a decrease in my monthly utility bills after I make this change because my units will be running so much less. These changes are getting me really excited for the future!

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I wish we had a new heater

I am trying to tell my son how important it is to get ahead of the game. He is an average student, but his grades have been slipping as of late. I don’t want this to become a pattern because I feel as though he has so much potential. I have been trying to convince him that a little bit of time and effort each day can go a long way. I feel like he thinks long study sessions are necessary for great grades but that is just not the case in high school. While I was preaching to my son about staying up to date with the responsibilities in life, I found out I was slacking in areas of my own life. At that point, I had not replaced the air filters for my HVAC equipment in over 6 months. That is really awful to do. Once I realized how long it had been, I immediately drove to the home improvement store in our neck of the woods to buy some more filters. I remember that was the only thing my HVAC technician told me a few years ago while examining our system. He said the only thing I had to worry about was swapping out the filters on occasion to make sure the air stays clean and my units stay fresh. I failed miserably and tried to use it as a teaching moment for my young son. Hopefully he can see his father has some humility. I now try to get new ones in there every four weeks or so.

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Air conditioning system

My life will get better in about ten weeks. It is my last semester of college and I am counting the days down. Every day, every week and every moment could not go by fast enough. I feel like I have been in college for fifty years now rather than four. I cannot wait to be done. Everyday I have to go to class and do a bunch of work. I also have to work two part time jobs. I need to work all the time to pay for my gas. My commute to school is quite a bit. The commute costs gas and I need to work a lot to pay for it. I have no time for myself too. I am always working or doing stuff for class. In ten weeks all of that is going to change. A lot of good things are happening in ten weeks. By the time I am done it will be warm out. I can turn off my furnace and say hello to air conditioner. I love my air conditioner more than my heating system. The cooling system always will turn on and work for me. My furnace is a lot more money and time for me. I feel like I always have to call my HVAC technician. I also can go outside and get a tan when I am done. I will alternate between reading in my AC and walking around in the sunshine. I can’t wait to run outside in the heat and work up a sweat. Then my air conditioner will cool me down or my pool.cooling system

It’s not spring yet

It looks like spring is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. I am tired of brushing the snow off of my car. I am sick of preheating my car minutes before I leave anywhere. I want to burn my wool coat and dance around the flames. I am sick of being cold and having my furnace on all the time. My monthly heat bills are so high. I cannot stand to turn off my heating system for even an hour. I want to have my HVAC technician come into my home and service the heater. The furnace can be cleaned and repaired. Then the heating system gets to rest for the spring and summertime. My air conditioner then is serviced and ready to work. I want sunshine, AC and better days ahead of me. The issue is that it is not time yet. I want to open my windows and feel the fresh breeze. Right now the breeze is freezing and outside is cold. It looks like it would be a nice day to be outside, but it is not. I still have to keep my furnace running even though outside looks nice. I can’t open the windows and let out all the heat my unit is producing. That would raise my bills even more. I am just too eager to call my HVAC technician to come into my home. I want to move on from the cold now. The groundhog told us spring was coming soon. So now am I wondering where it is.

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Comparing HVAC costs

I am not sure why we wanted to move so bad. Have you ever been trapped by the belief that the grass must be greener on the other side? I think a lot of people have fallen into that false hope. I know I have. We are currently living in an apartment, but our lease is over in a month. We told the leasing agent that we would not be renewing and that we were moving to a different rental facility. I now see that is a mistake. Why do I think this? Well, I think we had a pretty good situation here and I don’t think we realized that until we began looking at other apartments. These places are way more expensive and I think they even offer less comfort. That is not a good combination. The biggest thing for me is the HVAC equipment in the rental. We do not have control over which units our rental has, but I can tell you right now that our current apartment has fantastic heating and cooling equipment. It makes our place cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. That is not the best thing, though. The best aspect out of all of this is that it hardly costs me any money to run the units. They are so darn efficient! We have read reviews for other apartments online and many of them say that the HVAC system is older and costs them an arm and a leg each month to run. I fear that we made an awful decision to move.

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Some common issues on a shopping trip

Winters in this region can get intense. I remember a few years ago when we were snowed into our house for almost an entire week. While it was not a huge deal for my family and I, there were a few reported deaths during that storm. Sometimes, the elderly do not handle blizzards very well and cannot get the medical attention they need because of the storm. It really is a shame. When people start passing away because of the ice and snow, you know it’s a bad winter. Although this past winter was not that intense, we still had our fair share of cold temperatures and stuff like that. We were much more comfortable this year, though, as the new heating equipment in our house lived up to its reputation. When the HVAC technician installed the radiant flooring in our dwelling last spring, he promised us that it would be fantastic for us. He was right! With the combination of our gas furnace and the heated floors, nothing in our house is ever cold. This includes the furniture. With the heated floors heating from the ground up, even the table and chairs do not get chilled. That is one of my favorite aspects of it all. Had I known this HVAC installation would make us so happy, I would have urged my husband to make this decision years ago instead of just last spring. We could have been actually enjoying the winter months had we known an amazing system like this existed in the HVAC market.

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My apartment is never the right temperature

Somewhere along the way, I have made some very bad life choices.  I have ended up living in a cramped apartment, and I hate my job.  I have very little money, and I am totally unhappy.   My apartment is truly ugly and uncomfortable.  The floors are slanted, the windows leak air, and the walls are paper thin.  I can hear my neighbor cough.  The worst part of it is the HVAC system.  I am trying to cut costs, so I keep the thermostat set very low in the winter.  I go without air conditioning in the summer.  My apartment is always too cold or too hot.  In the winter, the furnace smells like burnt hair and doesn’t provide much heat.  It blows dust into my apartment, and it sounds like a growling dog.  I am worried that it is a fire hazard, and I’m sure that it’s polluting the indoor air quality.  The air is always very dry, and I frequently get nose bleeds.  In the summer, the apartment is so humid that moisture drips from the ceiling and runs down the window panes.  I am constantly battling mold and mildew.  I try opening the windows and running box fans.  I really can’t afford to turn on the air conditioning.  Because the apartment is so hot and sticky, I don’t sleep very well at night.  At least, when I go to work, I am in a temperature controlled environment.  I work as a cashier at the grocery store across the street.  I earn minimum wage and the hours are terrible.  It is time that I made some changes in my life.heating system

Working on my new heater

I needed to do something about the air quality in my house.  My one son suffers from allergies, and he was constantly sneezing, coughing, and feeling miserable.  His symptoms got worse every time the HVAC unit kicks on.  My daughter has a problem with eczema, and her skin was terribly dry and cracked during the winter.  I couldn’t  just shut off the furnace, and none of the lotions we tried made any difference.  My husband was constantly coming down with the flu.  He swore he was never sick as a child, but suddenly, he was missing days of work and swallowing antibiotics like candy.  I felt like I was always cleaning.  There was dust on every surface in the house at all times.  I vacuumed, scrubbed, and dusted just about every day, but couldn’t keep up with it all.  I finally called my HVAC technician and told him to fix it.  I didn’t care what it would cost.  My whole family felt terrible at all times.  Something needed to be done.  The HVAC technician started by cleaning and servicing the furnace and air conditioner.  He said the system was clogged with pollen, mold, and dust.  Every time we ran the heating or cooling system, we were polluting our air quality.  He then suggested that I invest in both an air purifier and a humidifier.  The humidifier introduces necessary moisture into the air throughout the winter, and maintains proper humidity levels.  This has made a huge difference in our comfort level, and my daughter’s eczema has pretty much disappeared.  The air purifier cleans the indoor air multiple times an hour, removing dust, dander and other contaminants.   

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Air pollution

My apartment looked out onto a busy city street.  The noise was a problem for me at first, but eventually I found the hum of cars running and occasional car horn quite soothing.  But one thing I could not stand about my apartment was how polluted the outdoor air was from the busy street below.  Unfortunately, I was in a one year lease, so I could not move until that was up.  I decided to look into purchasing an air purifier for my apartment to clean the indoor air.  It did help some, but I still would wake myself up at night from coughing.  I really believed that I would have to leave the city to avoid the pollution.  I initially tried keeping the windows closed, but it became too stuffy inside.  So I tried installing an air conditioning unit in my living room window to get some relief on those hot summer nights.  While the air conditioner did keep my place nice and cool, the air was still smelly and continued to make me cough.  I felt so defeated and ended up just suffering that entire summer with the air pollution that had taken over the city in which I reside.  When my lease was up, I hightailed out of the apartment and headed to a suburb of the city.  Here, the pollution is nowhere near as bad, even allowing me to keep the windows open for fresh air.  I miss living in the city and the convenience of having everything so close by.  But my health was at stake and I couldn’t stand that.

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