I want to hibernate

There is a ginormous groundhog that lives around my house. The groundhog definitely could stand to lose a few pounds. I believe she is a lady because I always see her with a few babies with her. The groundhog is so fat that she waddles when she walks. There are no predators around her so she does not need to worry about running. I have named her Shirley and I decided that Shirley has a better life than me. Sure, Shirley is a single mom and she has a weight problem. But, I bet in the groundhog world she is considered quite attractive. If I put on weight I feel depressed about myself. I also have to keep a job, house and an overall life. Shirley in the summer eats grass and sleeps most of the day. In the winter she just hibernates and is thankful for her fat. In the winter I get fatter too, but it does not make me any warmer. I have to put on multiple layers and up the temperature on my HVAC unit. My furnace still can’t keep me warm. I bet Shirley is toasty warm while I am freezing all winter long. In the summer she wakes up thinner and does not have a care in the world. In the summer I have to get my heater serviced by a HVAC technician and prepare my AC. It costs me time, money and effort. I would gladly trade places with my fat groundhog. She really is living a much better life than I am. HVAC service

Advances in cooling equipment

There are so many improvements in the HVAC world. It used to be that you have only a few options when it comes to heating and cooling. Now you have multiple options and styles. For cooling you can now choose to have ductwork or not. Ductless systems are gaining more popularity simply because they can be used for zone control. Your indoor air handlers can be set to all different temperatures. It adds comfort and cuts costs in your home. Zone control is easy to have with a ductless system. The thermostats also are more updated and modern. They can be controlled right from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Sometimes people like to stick with what they know. Some homeowners are attached to the idea of using air ducts to move air conditioned air. This is an alright option now. The air produced by the air conditioner is not being lost anymore. It used to be ductwork would get leaks and cracks in it easily. Now HVAC technicians have special tools to fix the ductwork. They use a sealant to patch ductwork holes. The gun like tool they use shoots particles into your hard to reach places. In the particles is the sealant that will form to the holes in the ducts. It is that quick and easy now to make a repair. There are also cooling systems with ductwork who uses stronger ductwork as well. It avoids any repair complication possibly due to the more bendy ductwork. The air conditioner is also a stronger and more powerful cooling system.

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Real estate and land

I grew up in the city center. My childhood was filled with hustle and bustle. When I got out of school each day, my friends and I would walk down the street and stop at every single shop or cafe just to say hello to the people we knew. That was the only life I knew. Where I was from, there was no such thing as privacy in the neighborhood. Everyone lived really close to everyone else. That is just the way that it was. As an adult, while I do not mind living in the city, that is no longer where I reside. To put it rather simply, the real estate in that part of town is just insane these days. I decided to go ahead and buy a house in the rural part of town because my money is worth a whole lot more. Instead of having my real estate agent show me a two bedroom house that is around 1200 square feet in the city, I was able to afford my three bedroom house with 2100 square feet out here in the country. While I would never judge anyone for living in a city center, I just could no longer bring myself to do it anymore. Instead of my kids walking up and down the sidewalks every day, they are playing in the big backyard. I would say that is a fairly decent tradeoff. If you are really interested in making your money work harder for you in terms of real estate, then I strongly suggest looking at areas outside of your comfort zone.

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Looking for the perfect space

The kids are long gone and our lives are very different than they were ten or fifteen years ago. I used to not have enough time to clean and maintain the house, but now I don’t have the energy. My wife and i are too old to be living in a house this big. It is not worth it any longer. While our children are not happy that we want to sell the house that they grew up in, I think that they understand why it is necessary. If only we could convince them that moving into a minimalistic house is a good idea as well. You read that correctly. I want to move into a house with less than 300 square feet. My wife is almost on board with this idea. I just need to show her a few of these places before we actually go ahead and buy one. While I know what I am looking for, I am not in the real estate business and know very little about this tiny house movement that is sweeping through the country. This is why I went ahead and phoned a real estate agent in the area we live that has experience with buying and selling these sorts of properties. Overall, I would like to live on a piece of property that has close to an acre of yard space. However, I want the home to be as small as possible while still fulfilling all of our needs. I am excited to begin our search in the coming weeks and am also anxious to see the difference between the housing market for tiny houses compared to where we currently reside.

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Maintenance on my pellet stove

A few years ago, a local salesman sold me on installing a pellet stove to heat my home.  I live in a small wood cabin, in the middle of the woods, so I thought it would be a cost affordable, easy to maintain option for heat.  Up until this year, I loved my stove.  It was, just as the salesman mentioned, easy to maintain.  I never had to contact anyone to help me because it never once broke down.  While the installation cost was a little more money up front, not having to schedule routine maintenance appointments saved me a lot of cash.  However, this year, the weather has been extremely cold and I have found that the pellet stove will eat through two large bags of pellets within a couple of hours.  Typically, I can last a few days on a bag of these pellets.  I contacted the salesman and asked if it was normal for a bag of pellets to go that quickly.  Unfortunately, he stated that this can happen if the weather is that cold.   I couldn’t believe that he didn’t disclose this information prior to me purchasing the stove.  But I suppose I should have done my homework and researched the stove before buying and installing.  I still felt like the salesman had played me.  Now, I am faced with a big decision: do I continue to keep running my pellet stove or have a new electric burning stove installed in its place?  I am not sure about this and will have to research the pros and cons of electric fireplaces.

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Headed out on vacation

This past winter, my husband surprised me with a 10 day trip to a tropical island.  We don’t normally take long vacations over the winter season but in celebration of our 25 year wedding anniversary, he thought it would be a nice treat.  I was so excited.  I had never travelled out of the country and was looking forward to some rest and relaxation on a sandy beach.  Plus, our winter season was frigid and made my arthritis worse than normal.  Before we left, we locked up the house and lowered the thermostat.  Since we would not be there for the next 10 days, there was no sense in keeping the heater turned up.  But I decided to keep it on a low setting, to ensure the pipes would not freeze.  The vacation was superb.  I didn’t realize how much I needed to get away until we were on that tropical island.  Going on vacation also makes you appreciate home more!  That was until we returned to our house and all of my precious house plants were near dead.  I didn’t even take them into consideration before leaving.  Of course they started to wilt because the house was so chilly.  I quickly gave them some water after I turned the heating system back onto its normal setting for the winter season.  I was afraid that I would have to ditch all the plants and purchase new ones.  I had my current plants for quite some time and loved the look that they gave my living area.  Luckily, they came back to life in only a couple days, looking as normal as before.

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Monitoring my air conditioning

All my life, I have been interested in art. More specifically, mediums of art that are seen as ‘weird’ or uncommon. I have become known in my community for turning what would seem to be trash into cool, innovative, and incredible works of art. Because I have made this name for myself, I was recently asked to make a sculpture for a dairy company’s fiftieth anniversary celebration- made completely out of butter. There are some obvious precautions I needed to take with this task, particularly in heating and cooling. While I do prefer my heater to be running more often than not, this would not be acceptable for this project. If I kept my heater on, even just a little bit, the butter would begin to soften and eventually melt. So, I kept my air conditioning on at all times to ensure this would never happen. However, my younger sibling had some friends over one day a few nights before a guy from the company was supposed to pick it up. Apparently one of the friends did not appreciate the air conditioning being on so much, and turned the thermostat all the way up to seventy degrees. Seventy degrees! My poor butter sculpture, needless to say, didn’t even survive the night. I was so distraught when I discovered the mess in the morning. What was worse was that I still had to make a sculpture for the event! Luckily, it was the weekend, so I had my sibling make plans to stay elsewhere, bought a bunch more butter, and turned the thermostat down even lower than before.air conditioner repair

A HVAC system for the guitar store

I sell guitars, and it’s a pretty rewarding business. People come in from all over and from all walks of life to get newer and better guitars, or to try an instrument for the very first time, and you get to meet a lot of folks. One thing that I’ve found other people don’t realize though is that in my line of work it’s really important to have a proper heating system. One wouldn’t assume that guitars would be affected by heat and cold that much, but they really are. The rule of thumb is that if a person is uncomfortable by a temperature, a guitar probably would be too. That’s why I have a state of the art HVAC system, that allows me to control the temperature in my store even when I’m not there. With repeated exposure to heat or cold, the tension in the neck and body of a guitar from the strings can increase and decrease, because of the metal expanding and contracting with the temperature changes. These parts of the guitar are under a lot of tension from the strings, and swings in temperature can cause everything in the wood and glue to weaken pretty rapidly. Parts could come unglued, rip loose, pull away, or snap off – even the strings themselves could snap if there is too much tension. All of this could render a guitar completely unplayable. In order to protect my customer’s interests and my stock, it’s important to me that my HVAC system can handle keeping my store at a moderate and reasonable temperature, so that nothing goes wrong.

A poker tournament ruined by a lack of air conditioning

At the end of every month one of our friends hosts a poker tournament. This event is a nice way for us to get together and have a good time. Most of us work all week and don’t have time to talk or see each other. Last month I hosted the tournament but this month it went to another friend’s house. He has a large basement where we set up the tables. However it is the end of July and his house does not have an air conditioner, which made the card game pretty uncomfortable. There were ten of us down in the basement and it started to warm up quickly. At first we tried to turn on fans but they were blowing the cards around. I asked if he had a small air conditioner anywhere but he did not. A few of the other players were getting noticeably warm and one started complaining. Most of our houses have air conditioning and it was suggested that we move the game. No one wanted to hurt the host’s feelings though so we all sat there and suffered. It is surprising how hard it is to focus on the card game when you are uncomfortably hot. By the time the poker game was over we were all running out of the basement to get fresh air. Next month I am sure we will pick a house that has air conditioning because August is still a very hot month. Maybe this will prompt my friend to purchase an air conditioner for his own home.

je shekell 

How air conditioning helps a restaurant

Yesterday we visited that restaurant that has an arcade attached to it for adults. It was like being a kid again. We ate dinner and then played games that I hadn’t played in a long time. It was much more fun than a normal night out at a restaurant. Thankfully this place had a great air conditioner because I found myself getting a bit overheated as I ran around playing games. While I was shooting basketballs I noticed that my face felt warm and I was beginning to sweat. Thankfully right at that moment the air conditioner turned on and I was covered in fresh, cool air. At first I was a little embarrassed that I was playing hard enough to sweat. However the restaurant probably expects that which is why they keep the air conditioner turned up all the time. Without the air conditioner turning on I probably would have stopped playing earlier to avoid sweating. When I was finally done playing I went back to the table and realized that it was a bit warmer in the dining area compared to the game area. That was pretty smart of the restaurant because they would not want dinner guests to be uncomfortable. Maybe they just turned off the vents over all the dinner tables. That is a simple way to get zone controlled heating I guess. Either way I was very pleased with my experience and how comfortable the air conditioning kept me while playing around. Overall it was a great night out and I would certainly go back.

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