Having problems sleeping

I hate that I can’t sleep at night anymore. I heard that as women get older they have trouble sleeping. I am not that old and yet I can’t sleep at all. It is awful going to bed every night at an early hour to just lay there. I am tired all the time. It takes me almost four hours to fall asleep every night. I try to do everything I can to let myself sleep. I used to go online and play around on my computer. I do not do that anymore since I am afraid that the computer was what kept me up. I now have a routine where I watch a bit of a movie before bed. The movie calms me down. Then I listen to about thirty minutes to an hour of music. This clears my mind. My next step is me attempting to sleep. I have heated blankets and a heated mattress pad on my bed. Additionally I have a ductless mini-split air conditioner in my room. I have a smart thermostat that is hooked up to the cooling system. I can use my phone to alter the temperature. This way I do not have to get up out of bed to alter the temperature. This helps me stay calm and helps me try to fall asleep. The upgraded thermostat with my air conditioner has helped a bit. At least I am the right temperature. I do not have access to a heating system in my room. But the blankets work just as well. Now I need to try another measure to help me sleep.


Being too cold in a movie theater

I’ve been going to the movies ever since I was a little kid. And ever since I have started to go to the movies, my mom always makes me bring a jacket. I never exactly knew why and until recently I never asked why and just did as I was told. I always thought that bringing a jacket to the movie theater during the summer looked really strange, and sometimes I saw people pointing and laughing. But then again maybe I’m just too self conscious. That was until it happened, one day I forgot my jacket and realized how freezing it was in the theater. The air conditioning in the place had to be on the coldest setting possible, and on full blast. I asked the people at the front desk why it was so cold and if they could turn it down a bit, they said that nobody knows why it’s so cold, but that the setting for the theater was permanently that cold and set that way. I just couldn’t believe it. I went back to the theater to wait for my movie to start. I sat through the entire movie miserable, and freezing and shivering. I felt like a Popsicle.  By the time the movie was over I could barely feel my face because it was so cold and so numb. After a very aggressive email later that day to the movie theaters corporate website, I received a phone call that said that an HVAC company was going in that day to fix the system and get things back in track. Apparently I was not the first person to complain about the over  active air conditioner. HVAC business

A much needed HVAC repair

I recently started a new job. I switched to whole new area of practice, and with absolutely no expertise, I have never been so nervous about a fresh start in my entire life. My job brought me to a different city, far away from my family and friends. However despite how nervous I might be about everything, the company that I now work for is fantastic, and I couldn’t be happier. I even was able to find a great house in the suburbs that won’t be very expensive, and doesn’t need too many repairs. Overall, this move has been great thus far. That is, until the other day when it was hot enough to turn on my air conditioning. I listened quietly as my HVAC tried to turn itself on. After about five minutes, I listened to the noises stop, and listened as my HVAC system stopped working altogether. Of course, when I moved here I didn’t think I would need to use my HVAC system for a few more weeks, and therefore I would have time to hire a technician to come take a look at things. Clearly I was wrong. It got hot outside sooner than expected.  Dialed an HVAC technician to come to my new house to check things out. Luckily, he said the entire system didn’t need to be replaced, it just needed a few repairs. He got the appropriate parts and had my HVAC fixed rather quickly. I’m so thankful that my entire system didn’t need to be replaced, that would’ve been expensive.

HVAC repair service

Parties in the summer without A/C

My next door neighbor hosts an annual summer party. It’s always a luau, which we all love. The parties are always fantastic. It’s always a great way to bring the people in the neighborhood together to have some quality fun. We all have demanding jobs that don’t leave us a lot of free time to hangout and drink martinis by our pools. So we all really look forward to getting together at the luau, even if it’s only once a year. It means a lot to us. There is always lots of dancing, a live band, lots of fun drinks and food, and even a hula contest! My neighbor has the coolest backyard, with a bungalow next to his pool, and even a waterslide and diving board. No wonder we always have such a blast. We were all more excited than ever for this year’s bash. That is until however, we had a slight issue with the weather. The weather that day was forecasted to be absolutely beautiful. Apparently, the weathermen forgot to forecast a huge thunderstorm that day. The thunder clouds clapped once and we all got soaked. So, as rain started to pour down on all of us guests, my neighbor opened his house for all of us. His house was perfect just like his backyard, except it was really warm. Then we all realized there was no air conditioning. With sixty people crowding inside of his home, we all got hot and sweaty in no time. From now on, I need to check the weather beforehand so I don’t get stuck inside of a house without air conditioning while at a party.

Winter and it’s tie to heating

I grew up in a warm region. Every year, during the winter holidays, it would be warm outside, warm enough to wear shorts. I’ve never had the opportunity to move away from this type of warm weather. I have only seen snow one time, and I was too cold to appreciate the beauty of it. While everyone was making snow angels and snowmen, I was sitting in the running car with the heater blasting. I don’t mean to sound like I have a bad opinion about the cold weather, but I guess I do. I enjoy being in the warm sunshine, not having to wear a jacket to keep warm. Maybe it’s because I grew in this perfect climate that I prefer sunny weather. One year, during the coldest winter I had ever experienced in my hometown, our furnace quit. I already have an issue with cold temperatures outside my house. I never imaged the cold would be a problem inside. It was a weekend when our furnace malfunctioned. This made the job of finding an HVAC technician a lot more difficult. Finally, after three days of living in an icebox, the HVAC technician arrived at our chilly home. He spent a couple of hours working in the basement, repairing the broken heating equipment. I have never been so grateful for a working furnace in my whole life. Our house started warming up again in no time, and our heating system was back in good working condition. This situation might be part of the reason why I’m not inclined to move somewhere that experiences severely cold weather. However, I now know to schedule proactive maintenance for my HVAC system before winter starts.

heating equipment

Sick of summer and no air conditioning

Last summer, I was constantly sick.  I spent almost every day of the beautiful weather, curled up on my couch.  My eyes were itchy and red.  I was congested and coughing.  I constantly sneezed and always had a headache.  I went to the doctor several times and took all kinds of medicine.  I missed a ton of days at work, and missed out on all of the summer fun.  It was an unusually hot season, so I was thankful for my air conditioner.  It was difficult to get comfortable.  I had a fever, and I had chills.  I would shiver and sweat at the same time.  I would wrap up in blankets and then kick them off.  As soon as the weather changed, all of my symptoms went away.  I suddenly felt good again.  It occurred to me that my air conditioner might have been the cause of my problems.  Once I stopped running the cooling equipment, I no longer suffered from headaches or congestion.  I called up my HVAC technician and scheduled service for my air conditioner.  I explained my concerns to the technician, and requested that he complete a thorough cleaning of all components.  After inspecting the equipment, the HVAC technician told me that there was a great deal of mold growing on the indoor cooling coil.  He also found mold in the vents.  Every time my air conditioner started up, mold spores were sent airborne and introduced into my breathing air.  My cooling system was making me sick.  Now that the air conditioner is nice and clean, I should no longer have a problem.