Adopting a baby

My husband and I have been struggling for years with trying to have a baby. We have had a million tests done over the past few years, and it turned out that we are probably not able to have children. At first, I was devastated, but then I realized that I had a huge opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life by adopting a child instead. Too bad this is an incredibly long and challenging process. Not only did we have to go through a long process with the adoption agency, we also wanted to make sure everything was perfect in our home before we brought home our bundle of joy. We had a technician come look at our HVAC unit, and he recommended that we skip repairing it and just buy a whole new device. The repairs would cost over $500 dollars anyway, and you never know when it could break down. The newer machines are energy efficient and have so many bells and whistles. We decided to replace our old HVAC unit and get one with a smart thermostat, zone control and an air purifier. We only want the best possible environment for our new baby. A new HVAC unit would also lower our monthly energy bills significantly and eventually pay for itself. I hope the adoption agency sees all of the changes we’ve made in preparation for the baby and realizes what good parents we would be. Even if it doesn’t work out, we are very happy with our brand new heating and air conditioning system.

Benefits of a water softener

During a routine service check of my home’s plumbing system, my plumber mentioned that the hard water was starting to show damage to the system’s pipes.  While I know what hard water is, I had never realized that it was something that could damage my plumbing system’s pipes.  I had always thought that hard water was full of great nutrients for my body.  But my plumber explained to me that hard water can cause extreme damage over time to your plumbing system.  There are small fixes to repair the pipes from hard water damage, but he suggested that I look into a water softener.  I decided to do some of my own research before I made any rash decisions.  After reading about water softeners, I thought that this would be the best option to rid my home of hard water.  The softener would eliminate the minerals in hard water that cause so much damage, iron, magnesium, calcium and manganese.  My plumber was able to install a water softener for me and it has made a world of difference.  My dishes are much cleaner, the colors on my clothes are more vibrant, and the household appliances are in better working order.  My dishwasher, washing machine, and coffeemaker were frequent culprits of hard water.  Plus, the damage already done to my plumbing system will now improve with the water softener.  I only wish that I would’ve had this great item installed sooner.  If you think that hard water is damaging your home, you should definitely get in touch with your local plumbing company. water quality

High water bills that are the result of leaks

I own a rental property across town that is a three unit house.  Being a landlord is an easy way to make some extra money each year.  The house itself is in decent condition, so there aren’t many issues that need to be taken care of.  My tenants are nice people who do not make a mess and pay their rent and utilities on time.  So when I received the monthly water bill from the house and the price was over double what it should have been, I was really concerned.  I immediately reached out to the tenants, asking if their toilets had been running more than usual.  I decided to visit each unit myself to inspect the faucets and toilets.  There was no way that this price was just a result of inflation.  After checking each individual unit and not finding any conclusive evidence, I contacted a buddy of mine who is a trained plumber.  Eventually, we found a large leak in the basement, which was the reason why the monthly bill was so high.  This issue did cost me quite a bit of money to repair, but it had to be done.  That was the first plumbing problem I had with the property, so I should consider myself lucky.  Many of my friends who also own additional properties, have had many plumbing related problems and keep their plumbers on speed dial.  These issues can add up and put a drain on your pocket.  I just hope that is the only issue I have with the rental house for awhile.

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Zone control systems

It is near impossible to please everyone in this world. Heck, it is hard to please everyone in my own house sometimes. I have been blessed with four beautiful children, but it is difficult to get all six of us on the same page at times. We are a tight-knit family, but we still have heated disagreements. For example, we argue when it comes to what to have for dinner each night. How the heck can you possibly please that many people for every single meal? It is impossible. While my wife struggles with what to make for dinner on some occasions, I often have to struggle with balancing the HVAC equipment in our home. We live in a house that is close to a century old. While this is very nice, we are in a constant battle to make our house the same temperature. Often times, the heater will make the living room so darn warm while the upstairs bedrooms are still frozen solid. When I called an HVAC company, one of their technicians said I should stop fighting my old house and simply work around it. Now, I have an HVAC system with zone control so I do not have a thermostat trying to make the entire house the same exact temp all day long. Rather, I have specific rooms being treated. This has lowered my utility bills a ton and also made my kids much more happy as well. I am forever indebt to that HVAC technician who helped my family out. He was a true professional.HVAC unit

HVAC at our new lake house

When I retired, I thought all the stress was just going to melt away. After forty years of having people rely on me for deadlines and other daily responsibilities, I was done. I was done with dealing with issues all day long. Well, I thought I was done. One of the first things I did after retiring was buy a lake house on the water. It is a great little place and it provides a fantastic view as well. I could not have been happier to end up with the house I did and the location it was at. However, of course there was a little drama to deal with early on. I was told the place was in great shape when I bought it, and they were right. However, they did not tell me that it did not have any HVAC equipment and that it was basically necessary to install some if you wanted to be comfortable. What had happened was the seller was simply flipping this property and trying to make money off of it. He tore out the old heater and air conditioner that no longer worked right, but did not replace them at all. He just left it and promised me that the breeze from the lake was enough to keep folks cool. That was not the case. I sweated my butt off the first few nights before finally phoning a professional HVAC repairman. I had him come over several times to install some new units for me. The place is amazing now but it certainly caused me more stress than I bargained for.

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Leaving notes on a office thermostat

The individuals I work with are strange.  When I started my job over five years ago, I thought that they were just quirky.  I am one to keep to myself, so I don’t interact with them if I don’t have to.  But over time, I have realized that they are weirder than just quirky.  They discuss topics that probably should not be talked about in the workplace and act passive aggressive when dealing with our boss.  So, when the winter season rolled around this past year, there was a huge dispute over the office temperature.  I am a petite woman, who is always cold.  Many of my strange co-workers are heavy, borderline line obese individuals, who in turn, are always too hot.  One afternoon, I was feeling colder than normal, despite my extra sweater I was wearing and space heater that was running at my desk.  So I took it upon myself to up the office thermostat a couple degrees.  I didn’t think anything of it, I just wanted to warm up.  The following day, as I was entering the building, I saw a note posted over the thermostat, expressing distaste for the temperature the day before.  Boy, I did not think that this would cause such a problem.  I felt bad, but there was nothing I could do about it.  My co-workers clearly had issues and some bully tendencies, which is not something I wanted to get involved with.  I just wish they could understand my point of view, I was not upping the temperature with a malicious intent.  I only wanted to warm up. air conditioner

Freezing at my job

I recently got a new job.  It is very similar to my last job but pays more money and works with a different demographic of the general population.  Leaving my former employer was hard, but it was time for a change.  I was nervous, but very excited to start the job.  But when I arrived on my first day, I felt so cold in the new office.  Initially, I thought it was just my nerves and hoped it would pass.  But as the day went on, I kept growing colder.  My hands felt like blocks of ice.  I did not want to express my concerns to my new coworkers and come across as needy or high maintenance.  I also did not bring my space heater that I had at my previous job, I figured I would bring my personal items from home after I got settled in.  What a huge mistake that was.  At one point, I walked past the thermostat and found it to be set at only 65 degrees!  My former employer kept it at 68 to 70 degrees in the middle of winter.  Now, I was not sure if this was going to be a good fit.  But I had to give it more than just one day to make a final decision.  Maybe my small space heater will produce enough heat to keep me warm enough.  I could also dress warmer and bring extra sweaters to wear in the event that I am too chilly in the office.  Perhaps this won’t be so bad after all.  


Living in a cold climate

I am trying to become a better person. By that I mean I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I want to be fit and I want to look good. I want to wear dresses I never thought I would be able to wear. I see all of these people on social media doing it. If they can do it so can I. I think one of the biggest problems I have though is where I live. I live in a climate where it is always so very cold. The winters are brutal. It makes me feel lazy and I never want to leave. This means I never feel like leaving to go to the gym. I mean who would really want to go out into the cold. I want to move south where it is always warm. I feel like maybe then I could achieve my goal. It is a long term goal as it take awhile. I need to live in a climate where I could be committed completely. When I live down south, I also may only need an air conditioning system. It would save me a little bit of money by not having to own both systems. I would not need a heating system. I would at least hope that I would not need that kind of system. Even in the south I would sweat more and I would want to constantly drink more water. I think overall it would be much more healthier for me to live there. If you’re looking to buy a house in a cold climate with good heating, mine is available to you.

heating tune-up

Running errands in the winter

I just spent four hours running errands.  It was an absolutely miserable experience.  I hate running errands at any time of year, but in the winter, it’s brutal.  I am always reluctant to leave my nice, warm house.  My furnace was installed just two years ago, and it has been a wonderful investment.  My house is always maintained at the perfect temperature, and the filtration system keeps the air very clean.  Because of my new furnace, heading outside to run a million errands is pure torture.  I just wanted to complete all of my tasks quickly and get back home.  Unfortunately, the bank teller needed to tell me an endless story about her granddaughter, and what an amazing piano player she is.  At the hardware store, I just needed to pick up air filters, but I ran into an old friend.  She needed to tell me all about her furnace malfunctioning and how expensive it was to have the system repaired.  At the post office, there was something wrong with the computer and it took forever buy postage for a package I needed to mail.  Then, I headed to the grocery store.  They had the heat turned up so high that I left a trail of dripping sweat in every aisle.  I took off my coat, but I was still overheated.  The grocery store must have set their thermostat to eighty degrees.  It was quite a shock to step outside into thirty degree air.  It snowed the entire time I was shopping, so I then needed to brush off my car.  Finally, after four long hours, I was able to return home to perfect temperature and comfort.

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Techno music

I recently went on a trip to go visit my brother. I wanted to fly because he lives far away, but a plane ticket just wasn’t in the budget at the time. I ended up having to take a nine hour bus ride there and back. I guess I was not dreading it too much, I don’t mind just putting my headphones in, listening to my music and checking out the scenery as I go. I packed all of my things and charged up my mp3 player and headed to the bus station. I stepped onto the bus and I tripped over my own feet. I didn’t go down, but my mp3 player did. It totally smashed. I was trying to fiddle with it once I sat down. The guy sitting next to me saw me. He kind of laughed at me, but he saved the trip. He pulled out an mp3 from his pocket, and said he grounded his son from using it and that I could borrow it while on the bus. I didn’t care what was on it, I would go crazy without music for nine hours, so I graciously accepted the offer. I started going through the music on it and it seems like mostly technoish EDM type of stuff. It was not what I normally listen to, but I was actually really digging it, this kid had some good taste in music. There was a pretty cool artist on there, Jean Glass. There was only one song though, ‘Arizona’, but I had it on repeat for like the length of 3 states. I definitely have a new appreciation for EDM after that road trip.