My fireplace

Last month my boyfriend and I took went on a weekend getaway to go skiing at a resort.  We had always wanted to visit this resort because we have heard so many great things about it.  It was gorgeous! My boyfriend surprised me with a flight and reservations at the hotel.  The weekend finally came and we got there late Friday night.  Our room was perfect, fireplace and all.  That next morning we decide to get up early and hit the slopes before they got too busy. We spent almost all day out there! It was such a beautiful day and we were having so much fun.  Late afternoon we decided to take a break to get something to eat.  We went into the lounge area because we knew we could get some hot cocoa and a soup and sandwich.  Well, we walked in and could just not warm up!  We noticed that everyone seemed to still have their warm outdoors clothes on, it was freezing in there.  My boyfriend asked one of the managers what was going on and they said that their thermostat in the lounge was not working and they had called their HVAC company to come check it out ASAP.  He apologized because he knew that we were paying for our time there.  They had put the fireplace on and set up some space heaters but the room was so large they didn’t really help.  We didn’t mind, we bought our food and went upstairs to our room where it was much warmer.  Later that night we went skiing again and walked through the lounge.  It was warmer already! We spoke with the manager again and he told us the HVAC technician had come and gone and resolved the issue.  What a great place to act on an issue like that so fast!

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A tankless water heater

Modern technology has so many advantages. When you walk into a public bathroom, you must face the reality that you are sharing that space with hundreds of other people, possibly even thousands. While it is most likely cleaned on a daily basis, there are still plenty of pieces of technology that aim to keep it cleaner than normal. For example, most of them have a hands dryer instead of paper towels. Not only does this prevent waste, but it also stops the spread of germs because it dries your hands without ever touching them. Technology should make things things better, just like that does. A good piece of technology to have in your home is a tankless water heater. Perhaps your home has been handcuffed by an old water heater in your basement for years. If you are interested in making your house a better place to be, give your plumber a call and tell him you would like to know more about tankless water heaters. They are great because they can actually provide your home with more hot water because it never actually runs out. Second, because there is no tank, leaks and contamination are not really problems that you will have to deal with. As you can see, it could be a real positive to have one of these units in your household. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call for more information. It could save you a lot of stress as well as a lot of money if you manage it intelligently.

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My summer dream

The last night I had a crazy dream. I was floating high over my city, looking down at all the familiar places! I was so warm and comfortable soaring through the air, not a care in the world. Suddenly, it began to rain. A warm drizzle really, making it hard to see the buildings and houses below. The water started coming down harder and harder, and it was becoming much more difficult to stay in flight. Immediately I started to plummet towards the earth at an alarming speed! I made a last ditch effort to stay airborne, but it was too little too late and I slammed into a lake! That’s when I woke up drenched in sweat, and quickly realized my air conditioner had turned itself off. It was very hot in my room, and the lack of air conditioning was magnifying that fact. I walked to the window, as I have a window unit installed, and turned it back on.  I’m still not sure why the air conditioner decided to shut down, but it wasn’t broken! As soon as it fired up It sent a shiver down my body. Sweat and cold air don’t mix at all! I sat on the edge of my bed to regulate my temperature before going back to sleep, a little upset at my A/C unit for ripping me out of such an amazingly visceral dream. As I put my head to the pillow, I hoped that I could be transported back to that dream world. Hopefully if I got there, my air conditioner would cooperate.

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A water main break

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in an apartment. First and foremost, if you cannot afford the down payment on a house, then you are kind of forced to rent an apartment. Second, if you do not have the time nor the wherewithal to take care of an entire property, then it is best to live in an apartment. Finally, if you do not have the money to constantly maintain a house, then it is best to rent as well. These reasons, among others, are why my girlfriend and I are currently renting an apartment space in the city. We have enjoyed the complex in which we live so far. I have loved every second of it besides what we went through a few nights ago. We got home from work and learned that there was a water main break and the entire complex did not have any functioning plumbing equipment or running water. This was a huge deal for us because we were planning on cooking dinner for friends, but that is near impossible without any running water. We called the main office and they explained to us that the plumbing company had been notified a few hours ago and they were already working on it. They got the water running a few hours later which was nice, but by that time we had already given up on cooking dinner. I hope this never happens ever again. I never knew a plumbing system could ruin a night like that. I don’t think I’m ready to deal with that as a homeowner.


So much shoveling

The winter season is packed with moments that leave you extremely cold. Going out to brush off and start your vehicle in the morning after a solid snow session. Walking the dog one last time before bed in the middle of a snow storm. Coming into the house after shoveling the driveway, as well as the elderly neighbors, to find the furnace has suddenly stopped working. That last one might not be so common for everyone, but this season it is exactly what happened to me. I felt super accomplished after doing both my driveway and my neighbors! She’s too old to use a shovel and the snow plow guy she hired was MIA, so I volunteered to clean up her property with a new shovel I had recently acquired. She was pleased, I felt morally up to date, and so I went inside my house to warm up. Normally my furnace works double time during snow storms, heating every nook and cranny of my home. When I walked in, I felt much warmer than I had been outside, but when I took off all my snow gear I knew something was up. When I took a peek at my HVAC unit, everything seemed to me to be in place. The only thing was it wasn’t making the general groaning and creaking noises my furnace makes when it’s working hard. I decided it was in my best interest to call my HVAC servicer to send out a technician and get the thing taken care of before I froze to death!

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Indoor air quality as a parent

When you become a parent, certain things start to become important that were not always on your mind. For example, we had a coffee table in our living room for years. In fact, my mother gave it to us right after we bought the house so we would not have to go out and buy one ourselves. It was not a particularly nice table, but it matched the decor of the room and it was free! However, after our first child was born, I got rid of that table quicker than you could imagine. Why did I do that? Well, it had rectangular edges that came to a point on all four corners. I never once thought of it as a hazard before the birth of my child, but the second we got home, I knew it had to go. There was no way I was going to let my child bump their head on a shard corner. After I became a parent, the indoor air quality of my house became a priority like it never had as well. I realized that my heater and air conditioner was circulating a whole bunch of air that was not the cleanest it could be. I talked with an HVAC technician about how to make it better and he gave me a few tips. My system was cleaner than it was in years in no time and I could finally feel good about having my young child breathing the air in my house. I will continue to monitor the air quality of my house for years to come.

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Zone control on different floors plans

Buying an old home with a ton of character is awesome. You don’t need to walk into the place and have a bunch of ideas on how to spruce up the place. Each room already has its own feel and character. I absolutely loved that about my home. The houses I lived in previously were mostly new construction places and I always had to come up with ideas to make the space look more interesting than it actually was. Getting to move into this house was a breath of fresh air. The only difference with this house is that it cost me so much more money to heat or cool it in the summers and winters. The existing HVAC system was incredibly old and was not handling the responsibilities all that well. When I decided to replace the heater and air conditioner, my HVAC provider made a few suggestions. The first was that I should look into a zone control system because it would save me money down the line. Because the house was fairly large and spread out, setting the space to a single temperature would be costly as well as ineffective. Instead of getting a central system, I had a zone control system put in place. Now my heating and cooling equipment only treats the rooms I tell them to which helps put more money back in my wallet each month and also makes my family and I more comfortable. I do not regret spending a little more money on this a few years back because I am seeing the benefits today.

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Central air conditioning for my parents

Growing up, my parents took such good care of me.  Being an only child, they were all I had.  So as I grew older and started making good money at my job, I returned the favor and started to take care of my aging parents.  They still resided in home where I grew up, which lacked many updates that they wanted.  The region where they lived was very mild, with cold winters and hot summers.  While their boiler heating system was up to date, they were in desperate need of a reliable air conditioning system.  Until then, they had been installing air conditioning units in various windows throughout their home.  These units are very heavy and not something that folks their age should be carrying around.  With the new central air unit, their entire home will be kept at a comfortable temperature during the summer months.  The maintenance and monthly costs are relatively low, so I know they will be able to afford it.  So one day, while they were out volunteering at the local food pantry, I had a local HVAC company do the installation.  My parents were so surprised when they arrived home to a cool environment.  My mother actually shed a tear, which is almost unheard of as she is a very serious woman.  I am so glad that I was able to do this for them.  I don’t know anyone else that would get as much out of the system as they will.  And if they decide to ever sell the home, this will add to the value.

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Air conditioning on a road trip

This past summer, my friends and I decided to take a road trip to warmer weather. We are college students, and after being at home with our parents for a few weeks we had to escape the constant torture and annoyances. So, after several days of constant group messaging and calls to different travel agencies, we had our perfect summer road trip booked. The five of us piled into my Nissan Sentra and hit the road. For us, there was no turning back. We were all newly twenty-one and ready for fun. The first stop we made was a blast, and after four aspirin and a quick pit stop at Denny’s we were on the road again. At our second location in the mid west we were attending a music festival. It was so hot when we arrived that we began sweating the moment we got out of the car. With the air extremely humid and the heat rising off of the blacktop we quickly made our way through the parking lot and into our hotel for the night. As soon as we stepped through the doors a blast of cold, crisp air hit us. It was heaven. We quickly unpacked the car so we could head off to get a good night sleep before the festival started. It was about two a.m. when we’ll awoke to a horrible noise coming from the air conditioning unit by the window. It creaked and moaned for about an hour until it shut off with a loud groan. After five to ten minutes of trying to get the system up and running again we called the front desk. The worked told us that all of the cooling units in the hotel were down.

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The benefits of a humidifier

My young child is constantly having trouble with her health.  I’m not sure where she gets it from as both me and her father are healthy individuals.  At any rate, I have had to make adjustments around our home to accommodate her needs.  A few months ago, my daughter started experiencing frequent nose bleeds.  While these are not serious, they do create a mess and they really scared my daughter.  Because she was only six years old when they started, she had a hard time understanding the cause of the nose bleeds.  I knew that we needed to purchase a humidifier for the home.  The number one cause of nosebleeds is the drying of the nasal passage, which is ultimately coming from a dry environment in your home.  I have always thought that my home was dry but this definitely confirmed it.  Since installing the humidifiers, a large one for our first story and a smaller unit for my daughter’s bedroom, I have noticed a huge difference.  My own skin is no longer as dry and my daughter’s nose bleeds have stopped.  She is very pleased with this and is finally starting to feel like a normal kid.  She is still as clumsy as ever, running into tables and stubbing her toes, resulting in already three broken toes.  But nothing has happened as messy as the nose bleeds.  It’s helpful to know that bloody noses can be fixed with as simple a solution as installing a humidifier.  Most home fixes are costly, which humidifiers are not!

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