Preparing for a hot summer

This year we put a new furnace in that not only does heat but air conditioning as well.  I was so excited about this.  We normally haul these heavy, clunky, smelly window air conditioners in.  It is a lot of work to get the air conditioners in.  I don’t like that we can’t get into them and clean them very well.  Many don’t have filters to change out.  And it takes up a window that could be opened on a cooler day.  So when the HVAC Company suggested the dual unit I was very excited.  We had the HVAC technician come and service the unit before Summer just to ensure it was working great.  I have asthma and the humidity can really bother me.  And my husband just hates sleeping when it is hot out.  Then I don’t sleep well because he tosses and turns all night.  It wouldn’t cost much to run the unit either.  Especially when we set our thermostat for when we are home and off when we are not.  Our new digital thermostat is great for programming.  It is even tied together to our alarm system so if something happened while we were on vacation and lost our furnace an alarm would go off.  Seeing we are getting older I wanted to be as comfortable as we could when we both retire.  And we plan to travel too.  So having a new furnace unit installed gives us a little peace of mind that we can go away and keep our home cool or warm.  

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The opposite of procrastination

I am a person who is really relaxed about everything except for work. I get really stressed out at work because I cannot procrastinate. I feel people who procrastinate are just making up excuses. People like to pretend that procrastination is like a disease similar to diabetes and asthma. Procrastination is not a condition, it is just the person being lazy. If it is a documented and medicated problem, then I have the opposite condition. I dread when I get an assignment and due date. The moment work is available to me, I start doing it. I get myself so worked up that I get very stressed out. My job is completely online and I set my own due dates. This does not help because I do things so far ahead that I still panic. I honestly wish I could put off work just a little bit. I focus on getting things done early like it is my actual due date. I am equally insane with my HVAC equipment. I schedule maintenance on my heating and cooling equipment so far in advance. I have the HVAC technician scheduled for every season to come in and clean out the unit. It is really good to be on top of your cleaning and maintenance. The issue I have is that I make it my life’s mission to remember to do it. I could honestly set the service appointments for the year and be done with it. I guess I am not the type of person who can do this.
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Heating system maintenance

Heating system systems should be cared for with a level involving regularity and so you will be able to enjoy your heating unit all through the entire winter weather and to be able to count on your heating unit to meet your needs exactly all through the 12 months. Heating system maintenance is something that can often become overlooked nonetheless it is something that you will be able to have as a a part of your yearly routine to be able to maintain your home correctly. Taking care of your current cooling device is something that you must be able to do because it is important to keep up your cooling systems at home and that they will be something that you could count on to meet your needs exactly when summer time will come around again. You cooling unit should be something that you can look forward to using in your home during the summer time and so that you will be comfortable in your home it doesn’t matter what time of the year it really is. Always take care of your hvac systems with the help and guidance of any professional within that industry so that you can guarantee that your home are going to be safe from any far more problems with your heating and cooling unit later on. Take care of your own house today by calling an area professional in your area to keep up your home the best way that one could and are able to take care of it over time.

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address radon problems

Radon concerns will be something to be addressed by both home owners and professionals alike. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to ensure that you’ll be able to protect yourself plus your home from any further damage as a result of radon or radon related concerns that you may have about it. You will always would like to talk to a professional because in many cases things that are outlined online or by non professionals can often cloud a number of the real facts and exactly what you need actually know about radon in order to keep your home and family members safe from these troubles in the foreseeable future. Talking with a professional will help you to calm your worries so you happen to be able to enjoy your house once again and never have to worry about the tension of radon being at your residence. Take the time to educate yourself properly and to speak to a professional so that you will be fully educated about all of the concerns about radon and get all of your stuff taken care connected with at home so that you’ll be able to enjoy your home without having to worry about any radon problems in your residence. Take care of your own home properly so radon won’t be an issue for you like owning your home, in terms of your health, or even in relation to selling your home at some time in the future or in any respect.

address radon problems

warmer weather?

Warming needs change very frequently all through the year so it’s important to be sure that you will be in a position to keep your home and yourself warm the way that you like. You don’t want your heating would need to go unnoticed in order that you are dealing with other problems in your residence and can’t keep your home warm or for the right temperature throughout every season. It may be the perfect time to talk to a heating professional about your needs in your home so that you can keep your home warm this holiday season. You will want a professional to come in and ensure that you are taking care of your cooling and heating systems properly so you happen to be able to take care of your home properly and that your cooling and heating units will work for you and so you happen to be able to protect your heating and cooling systems from any future damage from allowing them to continue working or struggling with much needed repairs. Heating and cooling devices do need regular maintenance and definitely will need regular service appointments to help you protect it from more damage and which means your heating and cooling devices will actually last given that they are intended to help last. Protect your unit plus much more by calling in a hvac professional to give you the advice which you will want in order to protect the house and your air conditioning systems.

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HVAC systems and possible issues

I am not a horror movie fan because I believe they put no time into those movies. The acting is always pathetic, the blood is unrealistic and the plot is terrible. I get forced into watching horror movies because my boyfriend loves them. We were watching a really bad one the other day that should have won an award for being terrible. In the movie a character saw in their head everyone dying. You then realized this character just prophesied the character’s deaths and their order. The one character was a dancer and she was doing a routine on a gym floor. The movie kept zooming in to the overhead air conditioning system in the gym. There was a screw loose on the cooling system that eventually fell onto the gym floor. Then you watched the character step around the screw multiple times. Also the air conditioner was leaking refrigerant onto the gym floor that just happened to be next to an electrical outlet. What was going to kill the girl? There was the big, scary screw and the puddle next to an outlet. Honestly the whole thing was ridiculous because a HVAC technician could have fixed the issue right away. The bad HVAC maintenace causes the characters death because a different girl steps on the screw. She then falls into the main character who gets electrocuted. Honestly that is not even a creative death. The horror movie industry is really pushing to get interesting with movie deaths. Who is ever scared of a HVAC unit and a screw loose?

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Drinking instead of getting an air conditioner

For years, I had the same schedule in the summers. Because I am a school teacher, I get the summers off. It is amazing to be able to wake up each day and have the freedom to do whatever you want. Personally, I like drinking beer. I am not talking about over-indulging in cheap beer. I like to drink ice-cold craft beer on my days off. I think I developed this hobby because it was always so hot in the summer and I needed a way to cool off. You see, I just had a central air conditioner installed in my house a few years ago. Prior to that, the only way to cool down was to drink a frosty beverage. My kids enjoy lemonade or the occasional smoothie, but I prefer beer. Without any cooling equipment, it made no sense to go inside and sulk in the heat. I much prefer to be outside in the sunshine with my beer by my side. I usually set up a lawn chair to soak up some of the sun’s rays and then I place a cooler full of ice and beer right next to the chair. While drinking beer keeps me somewhat cool, my new HVAC equipment can make my whole body feel cool in a matter of minutes. After a long day of being outside, there is nothing better than being able to cool off in the comfort of your own home. I cannot believe I never had my HVAC technician install an air conditioner sooner than I did.

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HVAC systems for a shopping center

I no longer participate in Black Friday shopping.  It used to be an annual tradition, and I dreaded it every year.  I despise fighting crowds of people, and waiting in line to pay for things.  I really hate the overheated stores, and the horrible air quality makes me sick.  By the end of the shopping trip, I’d be sweaty, miserable, and battling a killer headache.  One day, as I was sitting in the perfect comfort of my temperature-controlled home, I realized that I could complete all of my Christmas shopping online.  This epiphany changed my life.  I now do all of my shopping in my pajamas.  I don’t do my hair, put on makeup, or worry about temperature or air quality.  I adjust the thermostat to my liking.  There is no problem with other people’s perfume, the smell of sweat, or fried food to make me sick.  My HVAC system filters and circulates the air, keeping it fresh and clean.  I sometimes pour myself a glass of wine, and I play my favorite music.  There are no crowds, no long lines, and no rude salespeople.  I can go from store to store without walking a hundred miles.  I never need to worry that one store will be a thousand degrees, while the next store is thirty degrees.  I sit in my comfortable, swivel desk chair, and the temperature remains steady and perfect.  My HVAC system is nice and quiet.  I select the items I want, click a few buttons, and let the mailman handle the rest.  All of my packages are delivered right to my front door.

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Overheated christmas concert

I recently attended a chorus concert at my child’s school.  My daughter is seven years old, and her class performed Christmas songs for the parents.  It is the middle of December, and I think the school expected very cold weather.  They turned up the heat.  The temperatures for this time of year, however, have been unseasonably mild.  The chorus concert was set up in the school cafeteria.  The kids were packed together on portable wooden bleachers.  The heat was pouring into that cafeteria, and the whole place smelled way too much like sour milk and vegetable soup.  I looked around, hoping to spot a thermostat or a member of the custodial staff, but I had no luck.  By the time all of the parents, grandparents, and kids had piled into the cafeteria, it got very hot and stuffy.  A lot of the kids were dressed in Christmas sweaters, and there was sweat running down their little faces.  I’m not quite sure who was in charge of the HVAC system, but it felt more like the Fourth of July than Christmas.  After only two songs, one little boy on the bleachers started to throw up.  He was definitely sick from the heat.  He, unfortunately, vomited onto the little girl in front of him.  The heat, the vomit, and the smell of sour milk was too much for her.  She also threw up.  Needless to say, the Christmas concert was not a success.  I couldn’t wait to grab my daughter and get out of there.  Walking outside, into subzero temperatures felt wonderful.  I enjoyed having control over the heater in my car.

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