Clogged shower drains

My house is in chaos at certain times. Of course, to my three daughters and wife, everything probably seems just fine. They run the house and make sure I am aware of it at all times. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to have a son or two. I would feel more sane on the days where it gets extra hectic around the house. Instead of gluing pieces of a doll house back together, I would be building model trains or something like that. I love my daughters very much, but sometimes it becomes a bit much. The thing I like doing the least is clearing our drains of hair. I understand that my wife and daughters do not do this on purpose, but I am sick and tired of doing this every few months. I have tried to use cheap drain collectors, but nothing quite works like hiring a professional plumber and getting it taken care of that way. Sometimes I think that I should just put the plumber on speed dial because I deal with issues like this so often. I can’t imagine what some of my pipes look in my house. There must be so much hair trapped in parts of these pipes. I just wish that I could get these things cleared out on a regular basis for a fair price. I understand that the plumber must charge a fair price for his duties, but it can add up after awhile. It is what it is, though, and I will continue to hire him for all my jobs.

drain cleaning 

Plumbing emergency

The home in which I reside is very dated.  There is wood panelling on the walls and dated appliances.  But I don’t really mind because I am not there very much as my job requires me to do a lot of traveling.  Typically when I travel, I’m gone three to four days.  Then I am home for about two weeks before I head out on the road again.  About a month ago, I was getting home from a trip and headed immediately for my bed to get some sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and found the floors in and around the bathroom to be soaked.  Replacing the plumbing system was the farthest thing from my mind but obviously something had to be done quickly.  I had never needed a plumber in the past, so I googled a plumbing company with 24 hour, emergency service and found a provider near my home.  A dispatcher picked up on the first ring, stating they would send a plumbing technician over as soon as possible.  I was able to turn the water off in my home to avoid further damage to my floors, ceiling and possibly the foundation of my house.  About two hours later, a plumbing technician showed up and was able to fix the issue without a problem.  This did cost an additional charge as it happened on the off hours, but I didn’t really have a choice as it was something that needed to be fixed.  This problem really made me appreciate plumbing companies and the 24 hour service that they provide.


Adjusting the thermostat to my outfit

I am a total girly girl, and I have been pretty much since I was born.  I have way too many pairs of heels, sparkly dresses, and frilly skirts.  I have to wear boring work clothes monday through friday, so when the weekend comes, I love getting all dressed up and going out with my girl friends.  Where I live, it gets very cold in the winter.  Although, I refuse to let something as trivial as the weather cramp my girly style.  I still continue to wear high heels and short skirts, even if it means facing the elements.  People make comments to me all the time, especially my mother, but honestly I don’t care.  The better I look, the better I feel, and so I will have a better time.  Something that I have noticed in my favorite bar is that the temperature seems to expect people to dressed like me!  Even though I am freezing inside, my bare shoulders don’t shiver once I get inside.  I have to commend the bar for always having their HVAC system in good working order, and for them keeping their customers in mind when setting their thermostat before the night gets started.  This also goes for the summer time.  On super hot nights, a bar can get really hot and humid with all the dancing and drinking going on.  Once again, my favorite bar is always in check!  Their air conditioning is always running to make it fun and comfortable.  As long as they keep this up, I can keep dressing up.


Shivering while I am shopping

I love the holidays for many reasons. I get to be around close friends and family, I eat so much yummy food, and of course I get presents.  Seeing Christmas lights and decorations brings me so much joy and singing along to the constant Christmas music on the radio never gets old to me.  The only thing that seems to stress me out around this time each year is all the shopping that I have to do.  With so many siblings, aunts, uncles, and secret santa exchanges that I am a part of, I have a huge list of gifts I need to get each year.  I do enjoy giving the gifts, but it is the shopping for them that is daunting.  The mall is so crazy packed this time of year, lines are so long, and everyone is going just as crazy as I am.  This year I decided to try and get everything on my list at one department store so that I didn’t have to walk all over the mall for hours.  I got to this store early in the morning to try to avoid the rush, and as soon as I started shopping I noticed how absolutely freezing I was.  I had to keep my winter coat on inside, and my nose was as red as rudolph’s.  The heat must have been turned way down in this store.  I thought to myself, you would think that with all the traffic and business this store gets around the holidays they would make sure their HVAC system is in good working condition.  Although, as soon as people starting piling into the store and it got busy, I felt much warmer.  I think the heat was set low to counteract the chaos in the store, which creates its own heat.air conditioner

Trying to afford radiant floors

Every Christmas, I spend massive amounts of money on presents, decorations, food, and holiday cards.  When my credit card bill arrives in the mail, I break out in a sweat and nearly throw up.  After all that spending, I have nothing to show for it but a giant debt.  I work so hard to earn that money, and it just disappears with a bunch of wrapping paper and bows.  I am not a big fan of Christmas.  I despise the winter weather, and stress over the enormous expense.  I’m sure my family would not be happy, but I would like to cancel our Christmas celebration this year.  If I could avoid the holidays for just one year, I would have the money to spend on something I really want.  I could invest in something that would make me happy day after day.  I would definitely have radiant flooring installed in my kitchen and bathroom.  It would be so wonderful to walk across a warm and toasty floor on a freezing cold day in January.  Instead of wearing thick socks and fuzzy slippers, I could dance barefoot on my ceramic tiles.  Installing radiant flooring would help to lower my monthly heat bills.  It would lessen some of the workload on my poor, tired furnace.  Best of all, radiant flooring can’t bee seen or heard.  The system is hidden under the floor, and it is completely silent.  There’s no giant, ugly air handler sitting in the middle of the room.  There’s no dust blowing around, or hot and cold spots to deal with.  Radiant floors are the perfect substitute for a Christmas celebration.

heated floor 

A ventless heater that almost over heats

I live in the northeastern part of the country, where we typically get extremely cold and snowy winters.  Last year, we really didn’t get much of an autumn.  Winter arrived almost on top of summer and stayed all the way until April.  The temperature in February dropped down to twenty below zero and stayed there for over a week.  We were very worried about our pipes bursting, and my husband brought home a portable heater for our basement.  He ran the heater every morning and every night, just long enough to bring the temperature up to freezing.  We also had problems with our heating system in the house.  My kitchen is heated by a small ventless heater, that is normally capable of keeping up with the requirements of that single room.  Last winter, however, the heater ran constantly.  Once the kitchen reached the thermostat setting, the little ventless heater kept right on pumping out hot air.  It was a problem because the unit began to overheat.  I had to manually turn it off and on.  I tried cleaning the filters, but that didn’t help at all.  I finally figured out that there was really cold air leaking in around the natural gas pipe.  The cold air was blowing directly on the heater’s internal thermostat.  It was telling the unit that the air in the kitchen was well below zero, and so the heater would never shut down.  I had never noticed this leak before, and I can’t begin to guess how much it cost me in wasted energy.  Once I sealed up that hole, the ventless heater worked just fine.

HVAC technicalities

You gotta be amazed how far technology has come so quickly. We have gone from no one knowing what a personal computer is to everyone owning a small computer that can make phone calls, set appointments, play music, and access an endless amount of information all in their pockets. It seems like every week they are coming out with a fancy new gadget or some new touch screen tablet. With the rise of the internet it really has caused us to advance greatly in technology in such a short time because of the ability to share ideas and information with people around the globe at our fingertips. With all this advancement why should your heating and cooling systems still operate like they are from the Stone Age? I called my local HVAC service and had them install a state of the art heater with inverter technology. My state of the art inverter system allow for variable speed based upon what is efficient and comfortable for my home. I can also set temperatures individually based upon rooms, allowing for settings based upon personal preferences. This allows me to not spend as much energy heating or cooling specific rooms that are not often used. It also allows me to be warm and cozy in my room while my son keeps his room colder so he can sleep under a pile of blankets. This new technology is actually safer and can easily switch from cooling to heating with a push of a button. Once you experience the benefits of much more advanced HVAC system you will wonder why you ever bothered with your old system at all.

Exterior HVAC equipment

My father is a very coarse person. He never shows much emotion, but he voices his displeasure with things in my life all the time. It pisses me off sometimes because he just finds ways to be negative even when I am just trying to be happy. The best example I can think of happened just a few days ago. I had invited my parents over for dinner and to see the new back deck I had built. I was very excited to show them the new addition on the back of my house. I had even planted colorful shrubs and flowers around the deck as well. When my parents finally arrived, I walked them back to the deck. The first thing my dad said was that the exterior HVAC unit detracted from everything else. Instead of just telling me I did a good job on everything, he picked the one thing he did not like and made a comment about it. I was furious. Just to appease him, I told him I would have the unit covered up. I would have to be careful not to impede the airflow of the exterior unit, though, because my air conditioner needs the necessary air to function properly. If it ever got clogged, my cooling equipment would surely suffer and I didn’t want that to happen. I just wish my dad wasn’t so negative and could appreciate the time I took in creating this lovely backyard. Oh well, I suppose you just can’t change some people and I believe my father is one of those types of people.

outdoor HVAC

Heating on my back deck

On the way home from work the other day, I noticed it was not too hot or too cold outside. It was right in between. It was one of those days where you might be a tad chilly in a tee shirt, but a thin coat might even be too much. While driving home from work, I decided to roll the windows down in my car. The fresh air felt good, however, it was getting just a little cold inside the vehicle. That is when I turned the heater on in my car. The fresh breeze from the outside paired with the warmth of the car heater felt amazing. It felt so good, that I began thinking of I could replicate this in my own house. I immediately thought of my back deck. How great would it be to enjoy relaxing on my back deck on a chilly night if there was some sort of heating equipment keeping me warm? I went on a search for the perfect device. When i contacted my HVAC provider, he said to give him a few days and he would get back to me with a solution. Without boring you with the details, I can now tell you that my deck is a cozy place to be at all times now, no matter what the temperature is outside. Okay, maybe not every temperature is suitable, but I am comfortable most days and nights out there. Overall, I would highly suggest you look into exterior heating and cooling equipment. It could offer you so much happiness.heating products

Setting your thermostat correctly

I woke up this morning to a chill in the air. I pulled the covers over my head so that my ears and nose would not be freezing anymore. Why was it so cold in my apartment? I didn’t know why, but all I knew was that I did not wish to get out of bed yet. It would take a lot of courage to stand up and actually remove myself from bed on this frigid morning. As far as I knew, the temperature outside was not supposed to be extremely cold last night. When I finally got out of bed, I walked right over to the thermostat and saw that it was 59 degrees in the apartment. I immediately woke my girlfriend up because I knew she had messed with the thermostat last night and caused the heating equipment to not turn on all night. When she awoke, I told her right away that she needs to learn how to use our thermostat. It is not entirely her fault because we grew up in houses with modern digital thermostats, but our apartment still utilizes one of those old manual thermostats. I tried to explain to her that she cannot turn the cooling equipment on just because she is a bit warm and then forget to turn it back to heat. This causes the furnace to never actually kick on throughout the night and leaves us with a chilly morning like the one we saw this morning. I hope she understands what i am trying to explain to her.

smart thermostat