Making sure you get quality HVAC equipment

When I was in grade school, our area experienced a terrible snowstorm. The worst part about it was that it took place before the winter season even started. This storm occurred in October so it took everyone by surprise, even the weatherman. Many people were snowed into their house for more than four or five days. This was a really dangerous time, especially for the elderly because they had no way to get important medications or anything like that. At our house, we were dealing with a very big problem as well. We were so very cold because our heater was broken. Because of the storm, there was no way to get an HVAC technician to come to our house to repair it. We had a generator running to power most of our appliances, but the heating equipment wouldn’t power on at all. My dad took control. He loaded up an inner tube, placed me in it and began to pull us all around town. We went into everything that was open just to warm up a bit. We found food and shelter that kept our bellies full and our bodies safe from the blistering cold. After the storm was over, my dad replaced the furnace to ensure that we would never be caught in a situation like that ever again. While it was fun to battle the elements, it was also very scary for us as well. Since that time, I don’t think we have ever had a problem with our HVAC equipment which is very encouraging to think about.

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Weird jean dreams

I had an interesting dream the other night. In my dream I worked in a factory that only made jeans. The jeans all needed to have tears in the knees and legs. In my dream I was tearing the jeans to make them look right. All the blue jeans came on a big conveyer belt and I handled each pair. I remember how bad it hurt my fingers to cut holes in each pair of jeans. Next I had to color each pair of jeans. There were white jeans, light blue jeans and black jeans. I also had to put studs in certain pairs and apply glitter to other jeans. It was exhausting working with all those pair of jeans. I hated my job I remember. I am not a jean person by any means. I actually hate wearing jeans. I am convinced jeans are not meant for my body. I have strong legs from doing gymnastics but I do not really have any butt on me. I also do not like tight clothes. Because of this I have given up wearing jeans. I actually gave all of my blue jeans away to my mother. I noticed the other day that there was one pair left in my closet. I think this is what got my dreaming and thinking about jeans. The whole dream consisted of me handling jeans and taking care of jeans. When I woke up I remember being glad that I made the decision to not wear jeans anymore. I have no idea though why I dreamed that weird nightmare last night.

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A pipe cleaning can be necessary

I live in a state that requires drivers to get their cars inspected each and every year. Some people believe this is just a money grab so the state can take even more of your hard-earned money. While I do not necessarily disagree with that, I also believe there is some merit to this law. It gives the driver a chance to have a licensed mechanic look at the vehicle. If it isn’t safe, the mechanic will not pass it and can suggest the best path to repairing it. Sometimes the mechanic will just do some simple things to make the automobile run more smoothly. This is similar to how a plumber can conduct a pipe cleaning to make the water in a home run more freely. It is also similar to having an HVAC technician look at your heater or air conditioner. In the end, it is nice having an expert look at your system and how it is currently operating. Personally, I think the plumbing examination along with the pipe cleaning is essential to owning a solid home. Many people do not realize when their home is at risk. If you live in a colder climate, you may be at risk of having a pipe freeze. If a portion of your pipe is obstructed in some way, that slows the water rate down which can lead to the water freezing more easily. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have a plumber come to my house once in awhile rather than having a contractor rebuild part of my house after a pipe freezes.

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Using a hair trap instead of bathroom plumbing

I am one of four kids. I have three sisters and one brother. We are all pretty close in age. That is nice because we all have common interests and mutual friends. Personally, I love being close with my siblings. Seeing other families who do not get along is sad. It is so nice to be able to call your siblings some of your best friends. I am sure my parents love how much we all get along. I would love it too if I never had to hear bickering and arguing. Well, I shouldn’t say never. I admit, there are times when my siblings and I get into arguments. Sometimes we fight about what to watch on television or get mad at each other when somebody borrows clothes without asking. The one thing that bothers me the most personally is when one of my siblings forgets to clean out the hair trap in the shower. My mom bought us a mini hair trap to cover the drain of the shower we all share. It stops hair before it goes down the drain and clogs the pipe. Using a hair trap can limit the amount of drain cleaning and number of visits from the plumber. Bathroom plumbing can be gross to deal with at times. When my siblings forget to clean out the hair trap, they leave their hair in it and water in the shower gets backed up. It is easy for them to clean out I just wish they would always remember to do it. If they don’t my mom tells them they will have to clean the pipes themselves.

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Vacuuming around the air vents

I recently saw a news special on television that focused on what could be hiding in your home’s carpet. I was disgusted. Beyond all the tiny food and dirt particles, there could also be things called dust mites lurking in your carpet’s fibers. They are little tiny organisms that feed on the stuff within your rugs and carpets. They are absolutely disgusting. After watching this report on the news, I decided to start taking better care of my property. I was going to start cleaning and vacuuming more often to make my house a safer place to live. Ever since that date, I have done a pretty good job at keeping that promise. Other than my feet feeling like they were walking on cleaner floors, I also realized the indoor air quality of my house seemed to improve dramatically because of the vacuuming. I think my heater and air conditioner were having to deal with less dust and dirt as well. Who knew that such a simple cleaning method could improve so many different facets of my home? Now, the vacuuming also stirred up some dormant dust particles as well so I realized that my air filters were collecting more particles. However, that was not an issue because now I simply replace those every month so my HVAC equipment can run cleanly. I am very impressed with how responsible of a homeowner I have become, especially with how lazy I used to be. I look forward to living in a clean home with healthy heating and cooling equipment for years to come.


New HVAC for the cabin

Growing up I was lucky to always get to enjoy summers at my family’s cabin on the lake. There was never a better get-away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Nowadays most of my family has moved away to other parts of the country, but this means that the cabin was effectively passed down to my wife and me. Recently, to prepare for the summer season, we made a trip out to the lake to do some necessary renovations to the old cabin. The whole thing needed to be repainted, some windows had to be replaced, and we decided to install a little HVAC system to battle the summer heat. Since the cabin is so small, I wasn’t sure if it would maybe make sense to just get a simple window unit air conditioner. Though this may have done the trick, I liked the idea of going all out and getting a proper little HVAC that would also be able to heat the cabin if we ever got around to making a trip out to it during the winter. I got in touch with the HVAC provider in town and they came by to look at the space and figure out which system would be most appropriate. After we picked out the right HVAC with their help, they came and installed it for us. When they arrived, I was surprised to see how small the actual unit was. It would fit in nicely, without taking up too much space, and the air conditioner would keep us nice and cool anytime we made a trip out.

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Working out

Staying physically active while in a crazy climate like we have in our area can be a challenge sometimes. Say I want to go for a run before work, but all of a sudden it starts to pour. Another example would be wanting to for a bike a ride but the outside world has been a raging snow-globe for a month straight. In situations like this, the best way to go is working out indoors. For this reason, my housemate and I have invested in a treadmill, an elliptical, and a set of weights, and in the process we turned our spare room into a mini gym. It is a really good thing that we have a great HVAC system to keep us comfortable while we are working out. My favorite thing to do is just open up the window for fresh air, but if it is freezing cold outside or windy and rainy, this may not be an option. So we run the air conditioner in the humid and hot summer weather and the furnace in the middle of the cold, brutal winters. Having good indoor air quality is essential for getting a good workout. If the air is not properly filtered, it can be harder to breathe and you will tire faster. Also, if you are too warm while working out, the same thing happens. It does not matter how good your training equipment is, if you do not have a good central heating and cooling system in a climate like ours, chances are you will struggle to get through even the most simple workout routine.

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Embracing the HVAC

In my younger years I was very much into good health and ways of achieving it, particularly by natural means. I studied homeopathy pretty extensively. I tried to avoid taking the easy way out with things like vitamin supplements but rather would attempt to get everything I needed by way of my diet. My housemates and I did a fair amount of farming and were always making sure to keep physically active. Our house was big and old and was outfitted with only the bare essentials. In terms of utility bills, ours were almost non-existent. Nowadays things are a little different. I have caved on a few comforts, one of them being the top of the line HVAC system my wife and I currently have. Back in the day, we had plants all around the house to provide us with clean oxygen and filtered air. Now we still have plants but we let the HVAC do the work. I have never been happier with the indoor air quality. Sure it can be viewed as a luxury item, but realistically I do feel healthier having clean and comfortable air in the house. Our HVAC is also really energy efficient so the bills really are not that bad. Another thing I really like about our heating and cooling system is that we do not have to run it in the whole house. My wife likes the air conditioning on, but some days I would rather just open the windows. I have the ability to just keep it off in my study while it is running in other rooms, so I am not being wasteful.air quality

Heater malfunction in the workshop

I went to my workshop this past Saturday to work for a little while.  I have a photography studio I work in when I am not working full time.  When I got to the studio it was pretty cold inside.  I turned the thermostat up, but nothing happened.  I went to the small furnace and checked to see if the pilot was out.  I didn’t know why the pilot was out, so I called the HVAC Company to see if they could check it.  My husband was out of town for the weekend and I didn’t trust myself working with gas.  They said that the gas supply had gotten low so the pilot didn’t have enough gas to keep it lit.  They called the gas company and they had to dig up the entire front yard to fix it.  The pipe in the ground collapsed.  Once the gas company fixed the pipe the HVAC Company was able to get the furnace started again.  I was sort of scared when it happened because gas leaks scare me.  But, we were luck that they were able to fix everything so fast for us.  Our little furnace is much safer than older furnaces.  But, if the pilot goes out the gas can still leak in the house.  Our home furnace has an electric ignition and I love it.  I feel much safer knowing if we had an issue with a gas leak that it wouldn’t affect the furnace on us besides not letting it heat up.  So once the heater was fixed I was able to open up my studio the next weekend. 

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Changing my air filters

My roommate and I just relocated to the south from the north.  We met at our last job and have been inseparable ever since.  We like to do the same things, like the same type of music, and wanted to get out of the snowy frozen tundra that we were living in.  We searched and searched for jobs until we both found one that allowed us to be in the same city.  Also, the timing worked out perfectly because we were able to move down to our new city at the same time!  We have a great apartment that comes with lots of amenities.  My favorite is the pool, but a close second is the air conditioning.  Since we are living so much closer to the equator, it is always very hot and humid.  The air conditioning is a life saver and makes sleeping and doing anything inside bearable.  One day, we noticed that it was getting very hot in our apartment.  We decided to see if there was something wrong with the thermostat, so we changed the batteries and reset the entire thing.  No avail.  Since we didn’t have access to the HVAC unit itself, we called the maintenance man that lives in our building.  He came and looked at our system and noticed that our air filter was very dirty.  Thankfully, he had another air filter with him, so he was able to switch it out for a new one and the air conditioning instantly kicked back on.  I am very happy that it started working again – being that hot was not fun.  

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