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When I was younger I worked at a small store. It was small and independently owned so they didn’t make us wear uniforms, we were allowed to wear our own clothes. I started working there when it was early summer. The air outside hadn’t gotten very warm yet so I still was wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts. The building had air conditioning but I stayed comfortable by working extra hard. As the weeks wore on the weather started to get hotter. It started to seem like the hotter it got outside the colder it got in the store. I wasn’t sure who to ask about why it was so cold in the store. I just put on more clothes and kept coming to work. Finally, toward the end of summer I decided to ask one of the managers directly why the air conditioner was so cold. The only answers that I had gotten up to that point were dismissive replies about how I didn’t need to worry about it. Once I found a manager I felt like I could trust I asked her why it needed to be so cold. I cited that it must be a waste of money. We were a small store and it wasn’t even making anyone more comfortable, it was make people more uncomfortable. I had heard several customers comment on how severely air conditioned it was in the store. To my inquiry she responded on that she didn’t know and that maybe I could get another sweater next time. To this day I never found out.outdoor HVAC

How I lowered my electric bill

We had just bought a new house recently. It is lovely. We have had a nice time trying to decorate and make the place our own. We want the place to say this is our home. This is where we live. We are getting there slowly. We have focused most of our time on the inside of the house. It has been colder so we haven’t had a chance to get outside. It is getting warmer now so we are starting to think about what we want outside. There are so many things we could do with landscaping. We put in a back patio that was covered. With the back patio we would want some lighting. We had to figure out how the electrical wiring would work outside of our house. We also had to decide what we would want out there. We are going to put a flood light outside on one side of the house. For our patio we put in a ceiling fan because we built cover over the patio. We also put some lighting in the ceiling for that as well. We have a couple of lights on the walls. We included many different things involving electricity outside. You usually do not associate the outside with electricity at your house. We have small pathway lighting as well that wraps around the house with our garden pathway. Our home has become everything we have ever wanted it to be. I can’t wait to continue this journey. There are so many professionals that have helped us along the way.



Men and women’s HVAC preferences

I am a feminist by nature, but you really can’t ignore the fact that there are some clear differences between men and women. For example, women over analyze everything, while men are very simple minded and think about the end goal. When I was dating my last boyfriend, I could always tell when he was hungry. It would start by him getting more quiet. Then they would act annoyed with every little thing that I did. The more I asked “honey are you sure everything is okay?” the more mad he would get! I would get paranoid that I had done something wrong, until finally he would get some food and I realized it had nothing to do with me at all. Another major difference is body heat. It is scientifically proven that women get colder than men do. My ex was always warm. He always wanted to have the air conditioning on. I was always cold and would beg him to put the heat on. Being the good girlfriend that I was, I would let him keep the cold air on and I would just bundle up. Air conditioning ruled me life and I hated it. Now that we are broken up, I am so much warmer! I can turn my heat on whenever I want! My monthly bills have even decreased since we broke up. Since I don’t have to turn on the air conditioning every night for him, I don’t have to waste energy, or money. I should have broken up with him years ago!

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Making the switch to ductless air conditioning

I am someone who knows when they are ready to move on. When I left high school I was not even sad. I just wanted to move to the next stage in my life. I thought it was so exciting. I feel like I am also ready to leave college. I love college do not get me wrong. I want to move on with my life. I have had a long distance relationship for far too long. I just want the big girl job and to live with my boyfriend. I want to move on to new exciting things with my favorite person. He ended up finding a job close by me and we ended up getting a good house as well. We had saved for so long. We instantly fell in love with the house and knew it was perfect. The only thing about the house that we changed was the HVAC system. We did not care for that too much at all. It was a central air system. Air ducts run throughout the house and I know they can be noisy. Air ducts can collapse and get dirty. They seem like a hassle to have. We switched to having a ductless mini split. It seemed like a good option. We could save money by having zone control. Zone control allows us to only warm or cool rooms that we spend a lot of time in. We have a remote too that can control it from anywhere in the house. Apps on our phones allow us to control it from anywhere in the world. It is fabulous.

ductless air conditioning 

Cold northern winters

Winter up north is cold, really cold. This winter has been surprisingly cold, even more so than the usual. You think after living in it for several years I would finally be used to shoveling snow in my driveway for hours, dressed like a eskimo crossing some alaskan tundra, but I’m really not. On top of that my heater decided to finally break after years of rumbling along, so I spent the last few hours checking the valves, filters and any other components that I thought may have been the problem. Not having a working heater definitely makes you realize how great it is to have a warm cozy home to relax in.  So after careful consideration, spent under five layers of blankets and about three layers of clothes, I have decided that I am indeed not a HVAC service technician and have failed in remedying my new found heating issue.  Time to wave the white flag of surrender and call a certified heating technician, this seems to not be one of those things you can just watch a couple youtube videos and bam, your a pro. I think my venture into heating repair may have also done more harm than good, luckily, the heating repair service should be here soon and helping me to fix this mess so I can unthaw from the hours of trying to fix the heater in this igloo of a house. Hopefully he also brings a jacket, the snow is really starting to come down outside and it’s not going to get any warmer in here that’s for sure.

temperature control

Controlling the temperature in my apartment

When I moved out of my parents house I moved into a newly built apartment building right downtown. I grew up in the suburbs so I was pleased to start my new city life. I was also excited because everything seemed so brand new and I wasn’t going to have to worry about anything. It had all new furniture and new paint on the walls and new appliances in the kitchen. Because it was a rental, even if something did break I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. The building had a maintenance crew to take care of things for dumb young tenants like me. When the weather got cold enough to turn the thermostat up I was surprised to find that my apartment didn’t feel like it was getting any warmer. I turned it up higher but it still wasn’t as warm as I wanted it to be. Of course I called my parents right away to see if I was doing something wrong. They assured me that there was nothing complicated about turning up a thermostat, that all you needed to do was change the dial. I laughed them off and hung up. I called maintenance and they assured me that everything was fine with the furnace and that none of the other occupants had complained. I decided that I would just turn up the thermostat way higher than I wanted it to see if it would get close to the temperature I wanted. When I got my heating bill I was furious at how high it was since my apartment didn’t even feel that warm most days. I decided to do a little furnace maintenance myself and went to check the vents. It turned out that they were clogged and needed their air filters changed desperately. After that was fixed everything was fine.

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Smart heating decisions

My husband loves technology. You could consider him a geek. He is constantly at technology stores looking for the newest greatest thing. He is interested in computers, televisions, sound systems and so much more. Every single weekend he goes out shopping for something new. He ends up spending half of his paycheck on some type of new technology. He always says he won’t purchase something new but he always does. I am not mad at him for it though. He works hard for his money. He is extremely passionate about technology. He is very tech savvy. At least one of us is. I can’t relate to his interests when it comes to computers, phones and all of that. I don’t care about it.  Sometimes I go out on the weekends with him when he goes shopping. He tries to explain things to me but I just smile and nod. I like to pretend I know what he’s talking about but I really never do. There was only one time when I actually was interested in my husband’s new purchase. A few months ago, my husband went out for a regular day of shopping. I knew he would come home with something but I was not sure what. He came home with a smart HVAC system. After he explained it to me and an HVAC provider installed it in our home, I loved it. The smart HVAC system is a heating and cooling system that is controlled from your phone. No matter where my husband is in our home, he controls the temperature just by clicking a button on his phone. It is so easy even I could do it. This heating and cooling system is my husband’s best purchase yet.

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Northern winters

There have been so many times where I’ve thought to myself, “Why do I live in such a cold climate?” Where I live it is freezing in the winter. The snowfall can accumulate a foot in just mere hours. Sometimes the temperature gets to -20 degrees. I can’t stand it. I have always lived here though. Maybe I stay around because of my family and friends. Or maybe I stay because I’m scared to leave my comfort zone. Either way, the only way I can survive the winters is my heating system. I just installed a new system last month, actually. Along with the new system, I had a smart thermostat installed. The smart thermostat is different than my old programmable one in many ways, but my favorite feature is that it adjusts automatically to my needs. When it gets too humid in my house, my thermostat automatically adjusts to battle the humidity. When I turn on my oven and the house heats up, the thermostat automatically lowers the temp so that I can stay comfortable. I can program it to do many things, like turn off when I leave for work, or turn on when I’m on my way home. I can also see my energy consumption and how much it’s costing me to heat and cool my home. Because I can how much I’m using and how much it costs to heat for certain periods of time, I’ve saved a lot of money on heating costs in the winter. This sure is a handy piece of equipment to own, especially living in such a cold place. It was a good investment.HVAC diagram

Radiant floors

There are many famous pairings in the world that compete against each other. There is Superman and Lex Luther. Batman fights the joker. You either prefer peanut butter or love the jelly. No matter the combination you prefer one over the other. This is the same with radiant flooring and a furnace. But this combination is like asking is Spiderman better than Batman? Obviously Batman is way better and cooler. Spider Man loses all the time and has stupid powers. The furnace is Spiderman. Your furnace can only do so much before it is ineffective. A furnace is not intelligent if you think about it. The furnace can only heat to a set temperature. It will keep heating and heating until it achieves it. There is no zone control with this system. Your entire home is being heated. Additionally a furnace heats all the way or is turned off. There is no inbetween. The furnace is very fragile and requires a lot of maintenance. You need to clean and service this HVAC system all the time. A little bit of dust can damage the entire system. Radiant flooring is way tougher like Batman. Radiant flooring heats better because it is set to a lower temperature. Also radiant flooring starts at your floor level. The heat never rises to your ceiling and the flooring can give a constant stream of heat. Radiant flooring is silent and does not need maintenance. This system is way stronger and can battle against dust. When you buy a system do not get a whimpy furnace.

heated floors


Reasons why you service your HVAC system

I had to turn on my heating system for the first time this season. I should have gotten it serviced by a HVAC technician. I know that you need to have your heating system looked at in the fall. The HVAC technician cleans out the entire heating system. There is most likely dust in the system. The dust is in the air filters and in the body of the system. The dust should be removed because if it is not the system could get damaged. A gas furnace is a fire hazard and when there is dust in it you run a huge risk. The system can easily catch fire and damage your entire home. The filters in the system need to be replaced every month. Most people forget to do this but the technician will not. Also the HVAC technician will lubricate the motor belt and oil the furnace blower. This keeps your system energy efficient and ready to go. The heating system needs tightening and checking. The technician should check all the components. No problem in a system goes away. All it does is just get worse and cost you more money in the future. The small broken parts can easily develop into huge problems. It will cost more money and take more time to do. I should have called the technician before I fired it up. The system started making some interesting noises. I think it was dirty and unhappy with heating. The system heated my home for maybe an hour and then it turned off. Now I cannot get it to turn on anymore.

climate control