Efficiency is key in a residential home

I like to think of myself as a person who supports a green environment. I make an effort to save energy and recycle. I don’t just throw garbage away.  I use a paper and plastic recycling bin. I always recycle my plastic bottles and cans. I feel that I am making a small but important difference in my community and the environment in general. I think it’s important for everybody to participate in the effort to conserve energy.  Recycling prevents needless waste from ending up in landfills.  It helps to improve our economy as well. I also try to make my home energy efficient. I have looked online for some tips.  There were basic suggestions for weatherstripping and caulking.  I decided to contact my HVAC provider for professional advice. When I spoke with my HVAC technician, he told me to check my home’s insulation. Heated and cooled air can be lost to holes, cracks, and gaps in exterior walls. It is especially important to make sure that the attic, basement, and crawlspaces are well insulated.  He also recommended using curtains and rugs to make my home feel warmer in the winter. He advised weather stripping on external doors and windows. This will prevent drafts from entering my home and conditioned air from escaping. Although I already have a programmable thermostat, I realized I was not using it to my greatest advantage. A programmable thermostat lets me adjust temperatures to the needs of my schedule.  It will conserve energy when I am out of the house, and welcome be home with ideal temperatures.   

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Air quality concerns

I live very close to a public beach. Throughout hurricane season, I survive endless rain and sometimes my basement suffers from flooding. During one hurricane, I ended up with a real problem with  water damage in the house. I was relieved that there was no structural damage to the foundation.  I found a great deal of damage to drywall throughout the house, carpeting in the lower levels, and our HVAC system. Since I couldn’t live in the house in its current state, I moved in with my sister. I waited a few weeks to handle the repairs. I then hired a contractor tear down the old and put up new drywall.  I purchased new rugs. I contacted a licensed HVAC technician to inspect and diagnose the heating and cooling system. Since I procrastinated over the repairs for several weeks, there ended up being a problem with mold throughout the HVAC system. The excess moisture and warm temperatures created the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. I should not have allowed the stagnant water to remain in the system without proper cleaning for such a long time. The HVAC technician found mold on the cooling coils, in the condensate line, the drain pan, and even in the supply and return registers. This is a major concern for many reasons. Cleaning requires harsh chemicals, and removal needs to be handled properly, in order to prevent the return of mold.  The organic growth throughout the system could lead to major problems with air quality and health concerns.  It could also restrict airflow through the system and decrease energy efficiency.   

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Make sure your heating and cooling gear works right

While you’re looking for a new furnace for ones home, I have a good tip that you can remember. The HVAC provider is as important as the kind of furnace which you pick. People often spend their time researching different kinds of furnaces and totally neglect the provider. This can create major issues in the future. First, you want to guarantee that your provider does a good job with the installation process. If they ruin this, your furnace will never work right! Second, you want to pick a company that will perform routine checkups and cleanings. It sounds silly, but you must treat your furnace like ones teeth! The more frequently these are checked and cleaned, the less likely you are to experience a problem. If you wait too long you will have cavity that does irreversible damage, or you might need surgery. Furnaces are the same problem. Having it checked frequently can keep your furnace running smoothly for a much longer time, saving you money and keeping the house a comfortable temperature. Finally, you want to find a technician that you feel comfortable with. When it pertains to HVAC equipment, problems can arise at any given time. You could end up without any hot water after you haven’t showered in 4 days! Then when you call your technician and she has to see you looking like, well, like you haven’t showered in 4 days, you won’t always be too happy. Establishing a relationship makes situations similar to this much easier.

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Radiant heating tips

There’s nothing worse than stumbling out of bed on a cold winter day. If you live in a region like I do, just the idea of getting out from under your comfortable blanket is enough to make you depressed. What’s worse? Putting your feet on the cold hardwood floor next to your bed. Sure you could put a rug down or could possibly carpet the whole room, but why do this when you could install radiant flooring instead? First we need to know a little more about what radiant flooring really is. Radiant flooring could be installed with pipes that carry warm water or electric wires wired under your floorboards. These units heat your floorboards causing your floor to be warm and in turn it heats your house. It’s a cost effective heating system because your floor is being heated. This means the heat is kept closer to the ground, which means it’s closer to your body. For this purpose, most people are content keeping their thermostat set at a lower number. It’s also a good option for those who have allergies. Central air systems blow around the dust, dirt, and debris in your residence. This causes poor air quality in your home. With radiant flooring, the heat isn’t blown around your home. There are some cons to having radiant flooring, however. For illustration, it is a costly system to install in your home. Since it’s heating underneath your floorboards you must rip up the existing floor and subfloor to install it. And this causes the repairs for this heating system to also be costly. This can be difficult and not worth the job.

radiant flooring

Central air conditioning is the best

The home I grew up in didn’t include central air conditioning. The area I lived in wasn’t too hot during the summer and wasn’t too cold within the winter. My parents never pondered about central air conditioning because they were never too hot. Once the weather got warm out, we had box fans inside our windows. We had small fans on our night stand for use in our bedrooms. I needed and wanted a home with central air. So, when my spouse and i were looking at buying our first home, I made sure to note which kind of HVAC systems were in position. I couldn’t be more pleased with the home now we have. It has beautiful high ceilings, a few stories, and it’s totally modern. Just like we want! However the best part is the central air unit we have. Immediately after we moved in to the home, I noticed I was breathing much better. This is because our unit has a air purifier. This has really helped with my allergies. The air is filtered over the ductwork of our system. The filters trap any sort of dander, dirt, and debris that may be flowing throughout our house. It also filters out airborne microorganisms, that has helped us stay healthier. We have two cats that shed a good deal. I never realized how that hair was staying in the air and affecting our breathing. Not only does the filter keep our air thoroughly clean, but it keeps our system clean and freed from dust and debris too, which is ideal for keeping maintenance costs down. Our system has really changed our lives for the better.

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Don’t spill water on your HVAC unit

When i was a lot younger, I thought I was amazing and never did anything wrong. I never used sunscreen and I’d bask in the sun all day every day. My father worked at a college and had the main key to every one of the buildings, including the keys to get on the roof. One summer, my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to lay on the roof of the buildings to get the very best tan possible. When we finally got up there, there was an enormous HVAC unit up there. It was letting out essentially the most horrible amount of heat because it was cooling all of the other buildings in the college. Tanning on top was not actually the best idea because we would lay there and boil close to the HVAC unit. We would likely tan for 20 minutes, after which we would go inside and cool down in the air conditioning for 10 minutes. We thought we had it all figured out. One time I brought us some water and set it up on top of the HVAC device. I didn’t think much of this, until it spilled everywhere on the unit. I was very worried after that! I figured I had broken the unit and my father would never talk to us again. I avoided him for the next few days, waiting for him to yell at me about ruining the air conditioning for the building. After he never claimed anything I finally confessed. He laughed at me and explained the unit is on a roof; therefore it’s durable enough to manage some precipitation. I felt so silly for worrying.

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Changing out air filters

Everyone has their favorite season. My favorite has to be the fall. I love the changes in weather from warm times to cool nights. I love fall fashion and all of the delicious pumpkin treats that come out. Unfortunately around where I grew up, the winter is long and the spring is just a huge mess of melting snow. You can usually count on spring being chilly, but you just never know what kind of weather you might be receiving. For this reason, I always get my air conditioner ready much further in advance than I actually need that. I would hate to be trapped with a non-functional unit in the middle of a heat storm. I have a little list that I go through to make sure that it is working well, and it starts with simply running our unit. I turn my air conditioner on for a few minutes and check to see if it seems like things are working as they should be. I usually replace my filters at the start of the season as well. Throughout the season I know that I can simply take them out and wash them, but it’s good to have new filters. They are probably the most important parts, in my viewpoint. Dirty filters really affect fresh air quality. I think in general it’s good to clean the overall unit and make sure there’s no filth that could be blowing out into the air you push into your home. Finally, always make sure that the panels are secure. Birds along with other small animals like to get in the unit and mess up the electrical circuitry. This will cause you serious problems.

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