Trying to survive winter with a heater

Today, my husband and I put our pool to bed for the winter.  This was a much bigger job than I anticipated.  We definitely waited too long in the season to start this task.  Quite a few leaves had already fallen into the pool.  We had to start by removing the leaves.  We then needed to blow up a giant balloon that floats in the pool to hold up the cover.  We ended up using the air pump to our inflatable kayak to blow up this enormous balloon.  Placing the cover over the pool was quite a challenge, and my husband ended up in the pool.  While we are enjoying lovely fall weather, my husband was not thrilled with the swim.  He turned a little blue.  Once the cover was secured, we needed to put the pool pump away for the winter.  I had expected this job to take about fifteen minutes, and even considered tackling it on my own.  The two of us working together managed it in about an hour.  Unfortunately, the pool is only one of many tasks that need to be completed before the weather turns.  The warm, sunny days makes it easy to forget that cooler temperatures are just around the corner.  In a few short weeks, we will be in need of the furnace.  I have yet to schedule annual HVAC service.  I don’t want to admit that winter is almost here.  We are still getting hot enough afternoons that the air conditioner is necessary.  Since it is better to be safe than sorry, I will make an HVAC service appointment today.

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Getting ready for summer in your home

Summer is like Christmas all over. Every year I just patiently wait for winter to pass. I don’t like the snow and I hate dealing with the cold. When summer comes I am outside a lot. I love going to the beach, and playing beach volleyball. I get really tan too. When the summertime is approaching I like to make sure I am ready for it. I always go shopping for new shorts and swimsuits. I also like to prepare my home for the scorching heat. I ensure that my home is still air tight from the winter. Just like you don’t want your heated air seeping out, you also don’t want your cooled air seeping out either. Next on my list to prepare for summer is to clean up my cooling system. I clear away the dirt and dust. I clear the air intake free of debris or anything that may harm the air quality. Next, I call an HVAC technician to come make an inspection and cleaning. He checks through the entire air conditioning system to ensure that all of it’s components are working properly. He checks for proper levels of refrigerant. Once everything is checked through, the HVAC tech usually does a test run where he turns the actual HVAC equipment on to see that it runs. Here he will listen for any strange noises or smells. This is an easy indicator that something is wrong. Completing routine tune-ups will ensure that your HVAC system will last a long time. It will also increase your efficiency which will save you money each month. HVAC repair

Making quick fixes on my HVAC device

I’ve always been a music lover. I have music on whenever I do anything. I listen to music while I shower. I also listen to it when I am getting ready for the day. When I cook, I listen to music. Working out is a bear without music playing. My love for music inspired me to become a DJ at the local radio station in my town. The station plays a wide variety of music. Sometimes I’m instructed to play more sappy music, other times more funky upbeat songs. It really just depends on the day. We’ve had a really hot summer so far. I’ve never really needed an air conditioner in my studio before, but this year I did. The first few weeks of having outrageous temperatures I just brushed it off and dressed a little cooler. I then noticed my attitude change. I started to not be so happy on the radio. I had a bad attitude towards being at work. I realized I needed to contact my supervisor to see about getting an air conditioner installed. I couldn’t be sacrificing my job due to the temperatures being unbearable. When I explained my situation my supervisor called an HVAC technician immediately. Although we couldn’t afford to get central air conditioning throughout the entire building, we did compromise on a portable air conditioner for inside the booth. Having cooler temperatures from the A/C was a godsend. I was back to myself on air. My job was not on the line. More people started to hang out in the booth because it was so much cooler than the rest of the building from the air conditioning.


Trusting an HVAC professional

Trying to prioritize things is not always easy. It can be hard when there are things you would rather do over other things. It also may make you want to do these things less. Then you want to get paid for them because they would be easier to finish. Unfortunately, sometimes you end up paying other people instead. I ended up paying someone else when I had to have my HVAC unit worked on. I thought about having a friend do it. I thought this would be a lot easier to do. We could hangout after he was done. I have also heard stories about when people have had their friends take care of the HVAC system. It never turned out well. In fact, that person often ended up calling for an HVAC technician anyway. Not everyone knows what they are doing. It should all be left to a professional. It was not so bad calling for an HVAC professional. He took care of everything and I was able to do other things at the same time. I trusted that he knew what he was doing. If my friends were servicing my HVAC unit I would have been standing over his shoulder. Even if you know absolutely nothing about the system, you want to make sure nothing goes wrong. This way I had no worries and trusted my HVAC technician. He cares about my HVAC system. I like to know that I am in good hands by trusting him. Friends are not always reliable when it comes to many different things.


The rain washed the refrigerant out of my unit

It has been rainy a lot lately. It has been raining days at a time with no break for sunshine. I usually do not mind the rain. I like to enjoy the sound and it gives me a chance to wear my cute raincoat. My kids love jumping in the puddles outside. It has been raining so much they have not had a chance. I also noticed a leak in our roof the other day. I was trying to take care of this at the same time I was trying to take care of my HVAC unit. It turns out that I found out the roof was leaking at the same time I found out my HVAC unit was broken. I had so much to deal with. I thought the roof was more important since it would do more damage. Unfortunately, I had to wait a couple of days before they could get to my house. I spread out pots and pans all over the house. The children had to be careful. I called an HVAC business next. They sent an HVAC technician to my house in no time. At least this issue was solved the same day. I am sure this usually does not happen. He found that the problem was coming from a loss of refrigerant. It was raining so much you would never know if there was a leak. You would only know if you saw the cracked tube. He fixed that problem quickly and soon the roof was my only worry. I always love when I have an HVAC problem because I know they will come quickly. HVAC air quality

Gas and electric heating

My wife and kids are by far the most important things in life to me. I don’t know what I would ever do if something bad were to happen to them. My father-in-law knows that feeling. When my wife was a child, their house burnt down to the ground. My wife is still a little skittish around flames to this day because of that horrible experience. I know that bothered her dad for quite a long time. He felt as though he failed to protect them, even though nobody was harmed in the blaze. So last year when our gas furnace malfunctioned and almost started a fire in our basement, I knew I had to do something. My first reaction was to have the heater ripped out and replaced by a safer unit. I thought an electric furnace would be a great alternative. However, the HVAC technician that I spoke with on the phone told me it poses just as much risk of a fire than its gas counterpart. That was not the information I wanted to hear. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what was best for my family. My HVAC provider sensed my hesitance and they sent an HVAC technician to my home to talk with me. He told me that every heater is going to pose a small fire risk. However, I need to be a responsible dad, husband and homeowner and simply have my heater serviced regularly to avoid that particular issue. I took that advice to heart and eventually picked a modern furnace for my home.

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I’m so excited for my new thermostat

The technology in today’s world is getting more and more impressive. I just saw a commercial for a car manufacturer that said wireless connections are becoming standard on every one of their vehicles. Whether or not you want to pay for the service is another question, but the ability to be connected to the internet while in a car will be there nonetheless. This will be amazing for kids on road trips because they can stream music, movies and TV shows without using a ton of your phone data. While the kids may enjoy that, I think I will enjoy another wireless device; my thermostat. I will now be able to control my heater and air conditioner from anywhere in the world with the simple touch of a button. If I get out of work early and decide to head home for the day, I can tell my heating and cooling equipment to turn on and deviate from the programmed schedule I gave it. That is incredibly useful. While my children are using the wireless connectivity in the car on the way home from vacation, I can have my wife regulate our HVAC equipment from the passenger seat. Everybody turns their units off when they go on vacation, but how many people have the ability to control their HVAC system before they arrive back home? I am having this new thermostat put in at the end of the month by an experienced HVAC technician. The company he works for said it should only take him a half hour or so to install.

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I bought a brand new SUV this past spring.  It has nice leather seats, a moon roof and extra cargo space.  It is pretty nice to drive I have to say.  Every few years I get bored with what I am driving and turn it in for a new one.  This spring my husband surprised me with a new vehicle.  I had said what I thought I would want and he picked it out.  I was thankful for the thought because he knows I hate waiting for all the paperwork to finish. With all the new technology in vehicles they are pretty amazing.  I can hit a button and send a text message or call someone all with voice command.  The only downfall I find with these new vehicles is the temperature control.  Yes you can say what you want it to do, however, if you aren’t clear you could end up changing the radio station instead.  I remember having a nice dial to turn it up or down for the fan and a dial to turn the temperature up or down.  Now if you want to turn on the air conditioner you have to hit the temperature control on the screen, select cooling and then hit the fan button up or down.  If you have a passenger they can control the temperatures on their side as well. Although the digital display is nice it is actually more work than just turning a dial like how cars used to be.  Having the ability to control your heating and cooling via voice command is neat if you know what you are doing.

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My husband handles all our household projects

I’m very thankful that my husband is handy.  I keep him busy around the house.  I like to make improvements that will save us money, offer greater convenience, and make the place look better.  If I had to hire professionals for all of my projects, I couldn’t possible afford them.  I recently purchased a new bathroom vanity and sink.  The old vanity was made out of pressboard with a wood veneer.  Because of moisture, some of the surfaces have deteriorated.  The sink is discolored from our hard water.  The new vanity was made by the Amish out of hardwood.  The sink is granite.  Because of the superior quality, these products should hold up better.  My husband handled the installation.  He had to remove the old sink and vanity.  This required also taking apart the existing pipes for water and drainage.  The new vanity and sink needed to be fitted into place, and the pipes put back together.  He had to take care with fittings and sealing joints to prevent leaks.  These projects always take much longer to complete than I expect.  There are always details and problems that I did not anticipate.  I do not ask my husband to perform maintenance on our HVAC system.  I’m sure that annual service is much like any other project.  It requires specialized tools.  The process is made easier by experience.  Things like verifying the condition of the heat exchanger, or cleaning the cooling coil, is best left to a certified technician.  A licensed HVAC contractor is better equipped to handle potential problems with the heating and cooling unit.

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Home repairs

I grew up with all men. My Dad, and my two brothers were very independent. When something in the house was broken, the men teamed up to fix it. It was never a matter of calling a repairman. My family were all repairmen. They thought they could fix anything. Sure, replacing a doorknob, or painting a room was fine. They were proficient in screwdrivers and hammers, and dabbled in all sorts of electric saws and handheld drills. When the furnace broke down one winter, they were all finally stumped by how to fix it. They had never experienced a breakdown of this caliber. They all through out ideas on how to fix it. After three days of trying different things, they couldn’t get it to work. Winter was just settling in, but the days were getting colder. They had to hurry and fix the furnace issue. We needed heat in our house. They broke down and called an HVAC company. They had no other choice. The HVAC technician was helpful though. He even let them watch. The repair was simple. It did not take long at all. In fact, my family could have easily fixed the issue if they had just done some research or listened. The problem was the air filters. They hadn’t been changed since our last tune-up. Some men say they can do things better than women. I say women are more detail oriented. If the HVAC technician who told my Dad and brothers what they needed to do to maintain the HVAC had told me instead, then I would have remembered. Those air filters would have been changed. I could have been the one for once to fix a problem. At least I know for the future, that air filters need to be changed every month.

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