Using my A/C in the summer

The summer comes and you immediately want to be outside enjoying the sun. You want to be  basking in the sun’s rays, or playing an outdoor sport. You want to go swimming. There is so much to do in the summer. You don’t want to worry about anything but having fun with friends and family. Then you remember how tiring it can be to be out in the sun all day. You want to come home to a nicely cooled home. You don’t want to come home and sweat more. You want your home to be temperature controlled and comfortable. That is why you have air conditioning in your home. You love the summer heat, but can’t wait to come home and enjoy the air that is dispersed through your home from your air conditioner. You can’t just crank on the cool air as soon as summer hits. You have to take preliminary precautions. You have to check your air filters. By checking your air filters, you can prevent blockage of air with your air conditioner. You won’t have to deal with impurities coming into your home and harming your fresh air.  You should also check all vents that intake or outtake air. You want to ensure that they are free of dirt and debris as well. It’s the quickest way to make your air conditioner work efficiently. Your A/C’s units longevity will decrease if there is debris blocking the vents. You will have to deal with more repairs, which in the end will cost you more money. Save yourself time, and do not sacrifice comfort. Make the necessary inspections and maintenance work before turning your air conditioner on.

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Keep some doors open

I’m sure we have all heard one time or another to shut our door if we have the portable air conditioner or heater running. If you want the room to be especially cool or heated, then shutting the door will provide just that. That is not the case, however. You are actually causing your furnace or air conditioner to run inefficiently. You are causing pressure to build up. This is not a good thing. Too much pressure can cause the air to find a hole, or crevasse to escape from. It will not just stay in the room, eventually the air will get too much pressure. It will have to escape. Perhaps you should avoid listening to your mother’s advice for once. She would tell you to keep your door closed, but you should not. For efficient usage of your equipment, you should keep your door open. Plus, if you think about it, then you would have cool air from your air conditioner in more than one room. The same goes for heating from your furnace. Keep your doors open to disperse the heat or cool air evenly in your home. Keeping doors open will prevent any damage from air trying to escape. It will also save you money from being efficient. Your machines won’t be overworked. They will heat and cool efficiently. It would be nice too, if you didn’t have a portable air conditioner in your room. If you persuade your roommate that keeping his or her door shut is actually bad for her equipment, then you can enjoy the cooled air too. It is a win win situation.
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Learn how HVAC works

My husband and I have decided to move. I just got a new job pretty far away, so we are heading across the country to start our lives over! I am very excited about my job and we have picked out the most adorable new home. It is in the perfect neighborhood and matches the furniture we already have almost perfectly. Next on our list is to find the right HVAC equipment for our home. We want to find one that works efficiently but uses minimal electricity. We aren’t planning on moving again for a while so it is important that our HVAC equipment is reliable and dependable for many years. Right now, we are thinking about a central air conditioner and heat pump. We have been reading many reviews online that tell you how to check for which air conditioner is best for your home, but it is hard to look for things in our house when we haven’t moved in yet! The problem is, we want to make sure that the air system is installed before we get there, because where we are moving gets pretty hot. It seems I have married the best man on earth, because he said he would take care of all of our ventilation problems. He called an HVAC company in the area and set up an appointment with a technician. He is going to fly out for the weekend, meet the technician, and take him through our new home. This way we can ensure that we have the perfect HVAC system for our perfect new home.

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HVAC and chimneys

Winter was upon us and it was snowing almost everyday.  We had a wood-burning furnace in the basement and we had a lot of wood ready for the winter.  My son and his friends came over and helped us for two weekends get all the wood cut and stacked.  We are lucky we have a walk in basement with a nice mudroom off of it.  You can stack 3 cord of wood there to stay dry and close by.  On nice days I go out to the outdoor pile to use up some of that wood.  The furnace runs with a nice blower and vents out the chimney.  One afternoon the alarm went off on the furnace.  It has an auto shut off if it cannot vent out the chimney.  We called an HVAC company to come and see if they could help with the chimney.  I am too old to be climbing up on the roof during the winter.  What they found inhibiting the chimney was quite interesting.  Apparently, a bird thought it would be a good idea to put a nest on the top of the chimney.  It was still vented but not enough.  How the birds were still alive we weren’t sure.  The technician removed the nest for us.  They also closed off the chimney top with a special cover to ward off any other unwanted guests.  Once the chimney was clear of our guests we were able to start the furnace up again.  We were lucky that we were home when it happened so we could get it repaired as fast as we did.residential HVAC

When the cows need heat

Living in a very Northern climate, you got to see all four seasons.  Fall was by far my favorite, but spring, summer and winter were also beautiful in their own rights.  However, I think my least favorite season would have to be the winter.  Sure, I love a good hockey game and watching the winter Olympics, but the snow and cold day in and day out don’t cut it for me.  And on one very cold day, it didn’t cut it for my aunts cows either.  This had to be the coldest day of the year by far – blustering winds, snow whirling all around, and temperatures dipping in the low teens.  Usually animals can survive in conditions like this – think back on how Darwin’s finches lived; natural selection.  So the strongest cows should have survived and will continue to survive.  However, since we have modern technology at our fingertips, we needed to help aid this process. We noticed that the cows were looking very cold and not really sitting together as they normally do – they just were acting very off.  When we went out to take a look, we realized that some of them had icicles hanging from their noses.  This was a sign that something had to be done right away.  We called our HVAC technician on hand and asked to make an emergency appointment to get the heat up and running in the barn.  We didn’t think this would be a hard task since we have always had heat and fans running in the barn – however, we didn’t use the furnace last winter so we were unsure of the condition.  Low and behold, the furnace was not in working condition.  Luckily, the technician came out within the hour and fixed it – just switched the circuit board wiring in the thermostat and then cleaned out the air filter and ventilation surrounding it.  He then gave us a tip that we should clean the area surrounding the furnace regularly (especially because of all of the hay and dirt from the farm), and also change our air filters monthly.  We now know for next time how to keep all of the cows warm and happy!

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Furnace issues

Click, clack, bang, boom, hiss.  We have all heard those noises before.  Where do they come from you ask?  No, not the opening hook to the latest pop song on the airwaves, but from your furnace.  This happened to me when I was at my last apartment.  My roommates and I were feeling a little cold during the winter months, but that was because we thought the heat was escaping to the attic that we didn’t use.  That wasn’t the case because our ceilings were insulated to stop that sort of thing from happening.  Next, we thought it could be the windows because it was an old house – wrong again.  We then realized it was the furnace.  It was making all of these sounds and clicking on and off, and on and off.  Also, the programmable thermostat was not staying programmed.  It would randomly change from being around 68 degrees to a sweltering hot 80 degrees.  We finally called the HVAC technician our landlord recommended.  He came out and of course the furnace didn’t act up at all.  The tech changed the air filters and called it a day.  Later that week the furnace started to make those noises and turn on and off again.  The HVAC technician came out again and still said nothing was wrong.  It was like the furnace knew it had to be good with the HVAC mechanic around and then once he left, the heater could go back to being bad.This is a classic example of why you should service your heater in the fall.


No HVAC in my apartment

It was the greatest moment in my life when I got my first apartment. I was so happy to be on my own. I wanted to have the freedom to do whatever I wanted. I knew that I probably wouldn’t be eating well. Most college kids don’t. My parents bought me some groceries before I left which mostly consisted of packaged noodles and cereal. I was living with my two best friends and we were all thrilled to be together. It wasn’t a very nice apartment. It was kind of dingy and didn’t really have the nicest stove or fridge. It was livable though. There was no air conditioning. We did have a furnace, but it was nothing great. I couldn’t tell you how old it was. It looked as if it were from the 1950’s. It was very dusty. We are just a bunch of college boys. We didn’t mind that our apartment wasn’t super clean. It was very uncomfortable in the beginning of the semester though. It was fairly warm outside and we were all sweating at night without any air conditioning. I thought about going home on the weekends just to have the air conditioning and to be comfortable. I wasn’t getting any sleep. When the winter hit, the furnace didn’t really work. There were tons of uneven heating areas in the apartment. Luckily my room was one that had working heat. One of my friends did not though. We had to call our landlord so that they could have someone come service our furnace. Our landlords were cheap. They kept doing quick fixes that didn’t really work. The furnace kept acting up. Needless to say we will not be signing another lease to stay here next year. HVAC plan

Humidity can be frustrating

Being a girl is so hard sometimes. Girls have to deal with the monthly mood swings, and also the other fun girl stuff, like pregnancy. We have to worry about breastfeeding, and all the other things that goes along with having a baby. Guys have it so easy. They help with the process and then just continue their days with no pain. Girls also have to deal with having long hair. Although it’s not true for every woman, most do have some amount of thick long hair. It gets so unruly at times. You don’t feel like styling it everyday. Sometimes you just wish you were a man and could jump out of the shower and go. The worst is when you want to curl or straighten it and the humidity in the air just crushes all your hard work. In the winter, your hair gets static filled due to the lack of water vapor in the air. I am so glad that I have a humidifier and dehumidifier installed in my home. Depending on the season, then the humidity levels adjust accordingly. Not only does humidity affect my hair, but also my breathing. In the summer if the humidity is too high, then breathing is hard. The opposite goes for the winter. If there isn’t enough humidity in the air then your nose is so dry. Your skin begins to itch and crack. It’s the worst. The air conditioner and heater also help filter the air for better breathing. Without having an HVAC system to take care of the humidity in your home, you can also unknowingly grow mold and other harmful microorganisms that love the humidity. Humidity must be controlled.

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Investing in a new HVAC system

Settling in a new home is always stressful. You have the constant worry that you forgot to pack or bring something important from your old home. Prior to even the moving part, you have to consider the surroundings in the new home. Is the paint chipping? Do you need to replace the wallpaper? How about the stove or refrigerator? Do they both work? The last and one of the most crucial decisions is about the HVAC system in the home. Do you know exactly when that cooling or heating system was installed? Is it in working proper order? If you’ve turned it on, does it make any strange noises? Is there any distinct smell coming from the vents? Perhaps you should call an HVAC technician to come inspect, tune-up, and clean your HVAC equipment. They can better determine if the system is going to effectively heat and cool your home. Your best bet might just be to replace the entire HVAC system. You might just want to scrap your entire furnace and air conditioner altogether. Having a completely new system installed can save you a lot of money. The efficiency of a completely new system is nearly 100 percent. Your energy bills will decrease significantly. The air quality in your home will increase as well. This can save you from trips to the doctors and help anyone in your family that suffers from allergies. If your existing HVAC system is greater than 15 years old, then that model was less efficient when it was brand new than any model that is on the market today. An HVAC technician can help you make the best decision. Make the call as soon as you purchase a home.

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One big problem with HVAC equipment

I am not one of those people who throws something in the garbage just because it is old. I usually try to find another purpose for it or hang on to it for a variety of other reasons. The only thing that can be tricky with this logic is if the item is rather large and takes up a ton of space. For example, I currently have six classic cars sitting behind my house. Four of them are in good shape but the others don’t even run. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them, though, because I remember how great they used to run back in the day. I hate having to make tough decisions like that. I’m going through a similar thing inside my house as well. I have a really old heater and air conditioner currently chugging away in my basement. They have been in my house since I built it almost thirty years ago. They have been fantastic systems to own up until the last five years or so. It seems as if I have an HVAC technician in my house twice per year now dealing with small repairs. I don’t think I can keep using them, but part of me wants to hold on to them. However, the biggest problem with my aging HVAC equipment is the safety hazards they now have. If my heater ever cracks, I am going to be dealing with a major carbon monoxide leak. I don’t want to mess with that. I should replace both units fairly soon.