How to know if a technician is good

I have worked with great people for my entire life. When I was 16 years old, I got a job at my uncle’s auto repair shop. I’m now in my mid-30s and still work here at the shop. My uncle retired almost a year ago and moved me to manager in his place. We have a great staff here and I love them all dearly. We deal with customers the way they should be treated. We take pride in that. I found out that all service employees don’t feel the same just a few weeks ago. I called an HVAC business in town a few weeks back and wanted a technician to come out and fix my air conditioner. The HVAC technician that came was so rude that I actually had to ask him to leave my house. I was flabbergasted that a service employee could treat a client so poorly. A good HVAC technician should not only intelligent and knowledgeable in his field, but he should also know how to make a customer feel at ease. He needs to make that person feel comfortable before tinkering around with their HVAC equipment. It sounds like common decency, but you’d be surprised with what you see in today’s world. I was eventually able to find a fine HVA business a little further down the road and they had much more reliable employees. Now I know my heater and air conditioner are in good hands. Without the help of this new company, I’m afraid my HVAC tools would be in danger of not working properly.air conditioner

How HVAC technology works

Technology has been growing rapidly for a while now. There is always something new coming out. Especially with video games. All of the kids and teens love to get the new latest video game or gaming system. These children are growing up in a very technological world. They understand how to work all new technology. Older people nowadays have a lot of trouble adapting. Many older people will avoid using new technology because they are afraid of it. In the HVAC industry technology is also growing. Systems are becoming easier to install and utilize. There are many systems that do not need the hassle of putting in duct work anymore. There is a ductless unit where several wall mounts are placed throughout your home. These wall mounts move are around in their respective areas.  These devices are connected to wires that lead to an outdoor condenser. There is now no need to go through the work of putting in loads of duct work. Another new technology is zone control. This allows you to make different areas of your home a different temperature. The great part about it is that it is efficient and saves energy. You are almost guaranteed to have lower energy bills each month because you will not use your HVAC unit as much. You only need to warm or cool the parts of your home that you use the most. Other rooms of your home do not need to be heated or cooled as much. Don’t be afraid of technology, it can make your life easier. An HVAC technician is always ready to assist you with any HVAC needs.

Why I chose an electric heater

I am not someone who is good at making decisions. If you are going to give me choices about something, I need them in advance. I really like to consider my options. I like to think about what I really want. I make a list of pros and cons and consider consequences of each. It really is a long process for me and I wish I was not like that. I was the same way when I needed to have a heating system installed. I only had two choices. I really had to consider each one. I either wanted a gas furnace or an electric furnace. They are both good sources. The gas furnace is affordable and can last a very long time. The electric furnace is more efficient and does not leak any unwanted fumes into my house if it breaks down. The gas furnace could very well leak fumes into my house if it breaks down. This is a huge downfall. The electric furnace costs a little more but is safer for me. Deciding which furnace to put in my home was easy. It was the quickest decision I have ever made. I told the HVAC technician to put in the electric furnace. I wanted to decide nothing more. I would just pay at the end. I trust in my HVAc technician to do a good job. I have found him to be reliable in the past and trust that he will be now. It is important to trust your HVAC technician. He is doing all of the work on the unit you are putting so much money into. I make the decisions but I trust in him to make my HVAC system the best it can be.

Putting in that new air conditioner

My wife was so supportive of me this year. I really wanted to get my photography business off the ground so I took some time off from work. She worked a little bit of overtime each week to compensate for the money we were losing. After a few short months, I had a small studio in town to display some of my work. I am now getting more and more inquiries every day. I couldn’t be happier. Because she was so supportive, I wanted to do something nice for my wife. I took my earnings on my first two major photoshoots and had a brand new central air conditioner installed in our house. She was so happy when she came home from work one day to find the house as cool as an igloo. She had been pleading with me for years to get some cooling equipment in the house. I tried to appease her a few times with small window units, but they were all pieces of junk. This new air conditioner, however, is one of the best on the market according to the HVAC business that I had install it. It only took them less than a day to get it all set up. I was very impressed. I also signed up for an HVAC maintenance program following installation so I can have my gear examined by a professional twice per year. I also get a discount on emergency repair services should I ever need help. Our new cooling system should last us quite a while into the future.

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Using your new fireplace

Many people often wonder how to heat their homes in the winter. I once had a friend in college who grew up in the middle of nowhere with his parents and older brother. They would chop wood for an entire summer just to have enough wood to get them through the long winter months. I can’t imagine doing that. Where I come from, many homeowners have a gas fireplace in their living room or family room, but rely on a central heater as their main source of heat. I often get the question, should I be using my fireplace more as a legitimate heater or no? There is no easy answer to that, but I shall try to explain it. Essentially, your gas fireplace is 100% efficient so it is always going to be more efficient than your actual heater. However, the circulation of that heat is minimal. A furnace, heat pump or boiler creates heat that is easily distributed around your entire home. The best advice I can give a homeowner with a gas fireplace is to use it to heat a main room during the winter. The catch is, you must spend most of your time in that room on the days you wish to do this. Basically, your gas fireplace is much cheaper to run because it’s only heating one room. Your central HVAC equipment, however, treats the whole house and costs a lot of money. Find the right balance for you and your family this winter season. Consult an HVAC provider if you have any questions or concerns.

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Traveling and the air conditioner

This past July we were invited to a wedding a few hours from home.  This was our first family trip out of town with our toddler.  As any parent knows you pack just about everything you own when traveling especially the first time out.  My biggest concern traveling was the hotel.  How kid friendly were they?  How noisy would the room be?  And how clean would the room be?  When we called to confirm our check in time they informed us that we had a pack and play in our room waiting for us already.  Having extra amenities for children saved us on bringing our own.  When we arrived the staff was very personable.  I normally shy away from hotels because of the uncleanliness of them and the air conditioning units bother my sinuses.  Our room was clean and didn’t have that hotel room smell.  Most air conditioners that haven’t been cleaned and serviced smell moldy and dusty.  Our room had a private digital thermostat that kept the room comfortable and not too cold or hot.  Next to the thermostat was a log stating when the HVAC unit was serviced and cleaned last by their personal technician.   I was very impressed that they had a staff member that serviced the units regularly.  Many times the hotel air conditioning units are loud, missing buttons to control the temperature and dirty.  Overall, I would say our stay was quite comfortable.  It was refreshing to come back to our room after the outdoor wedding with an air conditioning unit that was working correctly and well maintained. 

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HVAC units when they get old

Our air conditioner does not always work properly. We have it set at a consistent temperature most of the time. Sometimes we can tell that it is working completely fine. Other times we think it has stopped working all together. We wait it out and it usually works again the next day. We have been dealing with this for a long time now. We thought it could be time to get the HVAC unit checked out. We called our local HVAC business that is located just up the street. They made note of the problem and sent an HVAC technician to our home. He thought our situation was very rare. Usually people do not call about this sort of issue. He took a look at the unit. He noticed some strange things and made sure that the thermostat was still working. He also turned the system on and off a couple of times to check it. In the end he told us the whole system needed to be replaced. It was old equipment. There was a lot of wear and tear on it. it was so spotty because sometimes it was just able to work better than other times. It looked as if the unit was about to quit though. I was not happy with the news but I knew it was going to be something big. I replaced the system with a new one. I kept the same central heating and air that I had. It worked well, but the equipment I had was old. It eventually all gets too old and needs to be replaced. Even I am getting old, however I will not get replaced with a new me in the end.

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Adding on to a HVAC system

When you grow up and have a family of your own, it is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it is hard though. I lost my mom a couple of months ago. My dad is living alone. I want him to come live with me but he does not want anyone to take care of him. I respect his decisions. I do want him to have the best quality at home to make him comfortable. I check up on him often to make sure he is doing just fine. I get him the best air quality he could have. He has a hard time breathing sometimes when it is too hot or too cold. I had an awesome HVAC system put in for him just recently. It has helped with his breathing a lot. He has zone control technology with a built in humidifier and dehumidifier. He controls the temperature of the room he is in. He can do this whenever and where ever. It is important to be able to only heat and cool the parts of the home you’re using. He makes himself quite comfortable. Of course the humidifier and dehumidifier are a great help. He has only had a chance to use the humidifier so far and it really helps him feel better. His skin is not dry and doesn’t have to take care of the eczema he used to have. This is one less thing he worries about now. The most important thing is having him be happy. I called his local HVAC business and set him up with their best HVAC technician. He can take care of his HVAC needs day or night.

HVAC tune-up 

HVAC warranty set-up

There are many thing you need to look for when you are looking into getting a new HVAC. What kind of features it will have, the size of the unit, will it work for your family, and what warranties come with it? These are all key questions you should be asking you local heating and cooling company when you are looking into getting a new HVAC. Personally I like knowing that my new HVAC is covered by a warranty by a certain number of years. Even if I have to pay extra to extend the warranty I usually will. It allows myself and my family to have a better peace of mind knowing we are covered incase anything goes wrong. Some things people don’t know is that there are things you can do that void the warranty. One major mistake some people make is have their new system installed by a friend and not a professional. to certain manufacturers this will automatically void your warranty. Also depending on the company you go through some will require you to do your annual maintenance through them. If you do not get it done or you go through someone else this can also void your warranty. I also always read the fine print in the warranty coverage and what can cause it to be void. This way I already know what to do and what not to do. When it comes to something as important as your heating and cooling system you do not want to risk voiding your warranty. Any repairs that could have been covered that are now not can get very expensive.

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New hot water system

As a homeowner, Hot water is a big part of everyday life.  We depend on our water heaters for everything from showers to laundry.  It is amazing how many times we require our hot water tanks to deliver and maintain hot water so that it is available upon demand.  Water heaters today are much more efficient. They not only replace older water heaters with a more efficient models, they may not require a holding tank as previous ones did. There are some important steps you can take to save energy while enjoying plentiful hot water for your home.  Start with a qualified HVAC technician and have a system installed properly.  Water tanks today are better insulated and maintain the water temperature more efficiently.   Finding a qualified heating contractor can save time and money.  When looking for a new hot water system, check the R-Value.  You should look for a system with a minimum of R-24.  Your hot water tank should not be warm to the touch.  This would indicate that your insulation is not sufficient.   Any new system that you have installed should not have this issue.  Replacing and older system that has this issue will save you money as well. Your installation specialist can also check any gas lines and pilot lights for safety.  Traditional hot water holding tanks are still the most reasonable choice for most home owners.  Choosing the one that works for your needs and quantities required can easily be estimated by your technician.  Always consider an ENERGY STAR water heater. As of 2009, you have many choices available for this option.

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