Picking a HVAC unit based on climate

There are a lot of options in the heating and cooling field. How do you decide what unit is right for you? There are a lot of things you should think about. The most important is your climate. Certain climates are better for certain systems. Think about your hot and cold seasons. Some locations experience mostly warm days. People in these types of climates choose to just buy an air conditioning system. Other climates are more moderate. There is very little change in temperature. These types of climates should get a heat pump system. A heat pump system is effective until the outside temperatures reach about forty degrees. The system works by moving heat energy. There is an indoor and outdoor unit. If the outside air is too cold then there is no heat energy. Temperate climates work the best for the system. You can heat and cool your home with this unit. It is one unit to clean and care for. It is also a single unit to maintain and have repairs done to. Some people in colder climates think about a dual fuel system. This combines a heat pump and a gas furnace. The heat pump is the cooling system. The gas furnace is your heating system. The dual fuel system combines electric and gas. The system automatically knows when to switch to the other energy source. It knows how to be efficient. The system takes care of the changing itself. You do not need to tell it what to do. The dual fuel system can handle your drastic climate changes.

Climates and how it related to HVAC

Different climates call for different things.  Northerners like to buy winter coats, sweaters, boots, hats and gloves, while Southerners prefer to purchase things such as shorts, bathing suits, and beach towels.  Northerners are used to the cold so they are comfortable with keeping their homes at a lower temperature.  However, people in the South are not used to the cold, so they would prefer to have a warmer home – however, come the summer months, both climates can become hot, so the air conditioning seems to be pumping all over the nation during those hotter days.  However, air conditioners are not as common in the North as in the South – this is because only one month out of the year is warm.  This may equate to temperatures around 80 or so degrees, lasting for a few weeks, and then tapering back off into the low 50’s and 60’s.  This is why heating your home in Northern states is more common than in the South.  Southern states utilize air conditioning more because they enjoy cooler temperatures inside since it is always very hot in the South.  A proper HVAC system in both climates is imperative.  Also, without the proper care of the air conditioner and/or furnace, the likelihood of it breaking will increase.  This means that you will need an HVAC technician to come for an inspection, which can cost you time and money.  Also, in the off chance that the HVAC goes down, you will need to call for an urgent appointment.  Changing the air filters, keeping the HVAC system clean and regularly having your system serviced will help you keep your house at the perfect temperature, whether it be warmer because you are in the North, or cooler because you are in the South.

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Space heater safety

Having recently moved into a new “old” home, we have many expenses.  Due to the new house being in a new location we are struggling with the home repairs and what to address first.  One thing that has come to our attention is that our furnace may be less efficient than we would like.  We are also faced with replacing the roof, windows and doors.  All of these items will help us to be more comfortable in the winter months ahead.  The decision had to be made based upon priority and funds available.  We have chosen to utilize space heaters to supplement our heating needs for the time being.   After countless hours and wondering which one to choose, we contacted our local HVAC specialist.   Based on their recommendations we have found one that is not only effective for the space but more importantly safe.   Thousands of home fires occur each year due to mis-use of space heaters. Placing them too close to flammable items such as curtains or bedding can end with damaging and even deadly consequences.  The second concern of indoor space heaters is that of  dangerous indoor pollutants.  Carbon Monoxide is a odorless and deadly gas.  Your HVAC installation professional can ensure that the unit you purchase is vented properly if needed or is a ventless model that will keep you warm and safe.  It is unfortunate that too many people simply purchase a space heater and do not heed the warnings that come along with it.   Experts agree that an educated homeowner is less likely to run into a life threatening situation when understanding the dangers and hazards that can happen. Space heaters are a wise choice in many situations and can give you years of comfort when used properly.

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Portable heating and cooling

I have lived in the same neighborhood for my entire life. I like it here. I know almost everybody who lives here and the area just makes me feel comfortable. Well, I almost knew everybody until my next door neighbors decided to move down south. Their house was sold just a few weeks ago. The new homeowners are awful. They are so rude. They let their garbage blow across my lawn the other day. Anyways, I actually went to a local department store and purchased a brand new portable air conditioner a couple days ago. Why did I buy it? Well, I wanted a machine that would make a loud enough noise to drown out their dog’s barking all night long. Okay, maybe that isn’t the only reason why I bought it. While it does produce a calming hum when turned on, it also does a fantastic job cooling my bedroom. I hate turning my central air conditioner on at night because I don’t really want to cool my entire house. I simply don’t want my bedroom to be too warm as I try to fall asleep. Central cooling equipment is extremely expensive to operate. I just picture money leaving my pocket when I hear that old central air conditioner running. My new portable HVAC unit cools my room and also contains a dehumidifier. My house is always very humid so I like that feature a lot. Another positive about this unit is that it was fairly cheap and doesn’t utilize my home’s old heating and cooling equipment.

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How zoning works

You don’t realize how much money it takes to heat and cool a house until you own one.  My parents bought a 15 room victorian home.  Beautiful house but definitely dated in all aspects.  A week before they purchased the house the furnace died and the heater repair would not have been cost effective.  It was an old oil boiler that needed to be replaced at some point in the near future to begin with.  Hot water baseboard is a really nice way to heat your house because you don’t have to worry about all of the ductwork and dust that is associated with forced air.  A downfall is the hot water baseboard doesn’t provide air cooling just heat.  When my parents were figuring out what type of heating system to put in a contractor friend suggested zoning the heater so you don’t have to keep every room at a comfortable 72 degrees, thus saving money on heating bills.  Properly running thermostats can be a huge cost savings to your home.  They ended up zoning the house with 5 individual zones.  This made it so they could keep their main living quarters warmer than the guest quarters and the back storage rooms.  Cooling the house was going to be another issue as well.  They decided to have a portable air conditioner installed upstairs for their bedroom and a window air conditioner for the living room-kitchen area where they spend most of their time.  Overall, having their heating and air conditioning zoned properly has made it quite energy efficient.  smart thermostats

Doing simple maintenance on your heater

Each fall my family takes a trip to the south. We have found that it is a bit cheaper to go in the off season of summer, yet the weather there is still certainly warm. It is much nicer than the fall season we have in the north. We usually stay one week and then come home. This past year we went a little later than usual due to an unexpected death in the family. We arrived home after vacation to snow in the yard! Now, it has snowed in November before, that is not a surprise. But this year the snow came in September! We hadn’t even thought about our heater yet. We hadn’t even switched out of vacation mode and here we are trying to find an HVAC company to come do an inspection and cleaning on our furnace.Thankfully we’ve had heater repairs before. We know the absolute worst things to do, because we’ve done them all. You can’t just turn your heater on full blast when you first need to use it. Not only is this bad for the machine itself, but it’s also bad for your air quality. You will be breathing in dust for days. Second, it’s not ok to just bypass whatever your HVAC technician tells you. If you have a needed repair, it is essential to actually do the repair. If you try to cut corners and last through one last winter, you will end up with no heat. Third, you need to clean your equipment. Blocking of airflow with decrease the efficiency and air quality as well. If dust and dirt is trapped in your vents, then that is exactly what you will be breathing in and circling around your home. You need to be removing contaminants from the inside vents and the outside vents.

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Air filters are very important!

I’ve never seen the importance of cleaning the small things in my home. Dusting the cabinets and wiping out the microwave, just seem unimportant. You are only going to get more dust built up and more food trapped into the walls and sides of the microwave. Or so I thought. It wasn’t until I moved in with my girlfriend that I started to become more conscious of cleaning things around my house. I didn’t want her to think I was scuzzy or dirty. I began to do my laundry on a weekly basis. I began cleaning the shower more frequently. I also began changing the air filters for our HVAC equipment. My girlfriend has bad allergies. She use to just sneeze for hours. I felt terrible. I wanted to spend quality time with her in our home. I decided I should research ways to make the air quality in our home improved. One way was to replace or clean your air filters every single month. I began doing this and she saw results immediately. Each month you should remove the filter and either change it completely to a new one, or clean it. Some people take the filter to the sink and rinse and scrub the dust and grime off. While this option is perfectly ok, you won’t get the best air quality unless you change the filter altogether. There will always be people who cut corners. I try not to do that anymore. I want my girlfriend to be comfortable, and I have to admit too, that our energy bill even decreased a little. I figure it’s because it does not have to work as hard. air purifier

Tips for improving your air ducts

Many people dive into construction projects in their home head first. They think that doing a complete remodel of their home is no big deal. They think it will just take a few days. Most times weeks or even months go by and they are still working and laying money into it. Several issues always arise once you start moving things around and tearing up floors and walls. One huge issue is the amount of dust that accumulates. Your home becomes a dust bowl. You must wear masks to protect your nose and body from the harmful dust. Doesn’t it make sense that you must seal off other parts of your home too? One part in particular is that you must seal off air ducts. Most people don’t realize the harm that dust in your air ducts will produce. First, it will affect your air quality. If the dust goes into the ducts, it’s bound to come back out into your air and circulate through your home. Second, what happens if the dust causes a back up in your ductwork? You could be restricted from heat. If you have a gas furnace in your home, then it emits a small amount of carbon monoxide. Now, normally this is exhausted from your home. However, if your ductwork is backed up and dirty, then where will the carbon monoxide go? It will enter your home. Carbon monoxide is deadly to humans and animals. So this will first affect your air quality, but it even has the potential to cause an explosion in your home as well.

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Repairing your heater

I don’t like to take advice from anyone. I’m what some people call, hard headed and stubborn. I’d like to think I can make the decisions and choices that will best benefit my life. Unfortunately, I now have a family to think about as well. When I hired an HVAC tech to come inspect my furnace before winter, he told me that I had a repair that was going to cost me hundreds of dollars. I didn’t believe him. The heater had always worked fine. Why would I want to spend all that money for a furnace that already seemed to operate just fine. I declined the repair and told the HVAC technician to just change air filters and clean the appropriate things and head out. A few months go by and it is a blizzard outside. My children’s school was closed and my wife’s office closed as well. You could barely see two feet in front of you while driving. I was on my way to work when I received a phone call from my wife saying that the heater wasn’t working. I immediately thought of the repair. I could not believe this would be happening. I turned around and went back to my home to see for myself. Sure enough after toying with the thermostat and making an inspection, it was actually not working. I couldn’t send my family anywhere, it was too dangerous to drive. I called an HVAC business and sure enough they were there to help. I was so happy to have heard that. The technician ventured out into the snow and finally made it to my home. He had to do a pretty heft repair, but was able to fix the issue. It cost me a lot of money, but I couldn’t be happier with the way the furnace is running now. heater service

Gyms and HVAC systems

I began going to the gym on a regular basis about two years ago. I wasn’t happy with how I felt or how I looked in the mirror. It was a really big wake up call when I got tired one day just by going up the stairs in my own house. Ever since that day, I have been at the gym four to five days every week. Nothing could stop me from going. Well, almost anything. One day, I noticed the gym was a bit warmer than usual. I didn’t think much of it. I just assumed the air conditioner got turned off by accident or something. The next day, it was even warmer. By the following week, I slowly realized the cooling equipment wasn’t working at all inside the gym. I went up to the front desk and asked them why it was so hot inside the fitness center. They just laughed at me and said the owner was too cheap to pay for new HVAC equipment. The girl said that is why the locker rooms are freezing in the winter. He should’ve replaced the heaters in there years ago but simply hasn’t. I no longer go to that gym. I found another fitness center that cares more about its clients. They have a modern air conditioner and fans that circulate the fresh air throughout the facility. If I ever owned my own gym, I would make sure the temperature of my building was a high priority for me. If I have to spend some money on some cooling equipment, so be it.

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