Commercial HVAC system

Air quality is as important in the workplace as it is at home.  Studies have concluded that over fifty percent of office buildings suffer from polluted air quality.  To resolve air quality problems, a maintenance program must be established.  This program must include the upkeep of HVAC systems.  Regular service ensures that heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment is operating properly.  It ensures safety, cost-savings, and efficiency.  The systems will also last longer and provide superior comfort.  A healthy, comfortable environment promotes worker productivity.  When air quality is maintained, workers suffer less healthy issues and absenteeism is reduced.  Degraded air quality symptoms include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.  It is not uncommon for people who are exposed to polluted breathing air to suffer from headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.  Asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonitis have been linked to poor air quality.  The type of pollutants, concentration of expose, and duration of exposure all impact the severity of health effects.  Long-term effects include cancer and heart disease.  Excess moisture within commercial facilities contributes to the growth of numerous species of bacteria.  Mold and mildew are common.  Because of this, workers may develop respiratory problems, asthma, or allergies.  Proactive measures are necessary to ensure a healthy and comfortable work environment.  HVAC systems are helpful in combatting elevated humidity levels and airborne pollutants.  The addition of air quality products may be necessary.  Air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and UV lamps incorporate into the HVAC system.  They provide an added line of defense against fumes, particulates, and bacteria.  They not only provide superior air quality, they protect the HVAC system against contamination.

Electric heating

An electric heat pump is a great way to both heat and cool your home.  Rather than burning fuel to produce heat, the heat pump transfers heat by way of refrigerant.  It is an extremely efficient method of home temperature control.  A heat pump reduces the waste of fossil fuels, and is very environmentally friendly.  In the summer, the unit extracts heat from the house and carries it outside.  This creates a cooling effect.  In the winter, the flow of refrigerant is reversed.  The heat pump extracts heat from outside of the house.  It then transfers the heat inside, where it is supplied to the home through ductwork.  All air has some heat in it.  When you take air that is 75 degrees and remove ten degrees of heat, you get air that is 65 degrees.  Through reverse refrigeration, a heat pump can absorb heat into the refrigerant by way of a compressor.  The heat pump will struggle when the exterior temperature drops to around thirty-two degrees.  The heating capability is reduced.  If you live in an area that experiences severe cold, a heat pump is not sufficient for year round heating.  It may be necessary to combine the heat pump with another heating source.  While this may seem more expensive, because of the additional investment, it is actually a very cost-saving and efficient method.  Combining the efficiency of a heat pump, during peak operating times, with a high-efficiency gas furnace will pay dividends in energy savings.  You get the comfort level of both systems, and also save money on fuel.

electric heater

Air duct installation

The inner workings of your home are very important. It should not be overlooked that the efficiency of your utilities if what keeps your home comfortable to live in. For example, the ductwork in your home is very important. Most people have a forced air system. These include furnaces, heat pumps and central air conditioners. These units will push air through the ductwork in your home. This means that the ductwork is very important and needs to be installed correctly. If it is not installed correctly the system will become inefficient. There are a few problems that can arise when installing the ductwork for your home. For one, a common problem is the wrong sizing of ductwork for a home and HVAC system. An installation expert should run a certain calculation to determine the correct size. If the installer does not do this, then it leads to eyeballing which usually leads to mistakes. A wrong size can lead to inefficient airflow in your home. Another common problem is the poor installation of the ductwork system. If the system takes an unnecessary route to get to certain room this can cause inefficiencies. The rooms farther away from the heater or air conditioner suffer from this problem. Both of these problems can be very costly. If the air duct is installed poorly and needs to be replaced, it will cost a lot of money to take out the old one and install a new one. Making sure large purchases are treated the right way and installed in your home correctly is very important.

HVAC ducts

Keeping up with your house

I recently went shopping for flowers for the flower pots that I place on my patio and porch. The price added up very quickly. Now that the flowers are planted, I will need to water them nearly every day. Like almost everything around the house, they require continual upkeep. The lawn needs to be mowed every week. Once the pool is open for the season, it will require constant care. The carpets must be vacuumed every week. Every system in the home requires some form of regular maintenance. The storage tank for the water heater must be drained about every six months. Otherwise, sediment will build up and eventually ruin the tank. I clean the filter on the clothes dryer after every load. I remove the venting and vacuum out the dust and lint about every month. The HVAC system also requires maintenance. I handle the filter changes and exterior surfaces. Because both the furnace and air conditioner rely on a great deal of airflow, it is necessary to keep the equipment as clean as possible. Unlike most systems in the house, I cannot complete all the essential maintenance on my own. For the heating and cooling systems, I schedule professional service. Both the evaporator and condenser coils on the air conditioner are sealed. I do not have the tools or training to properly access and clean the coils. With the furnace, I worry about combustion byproducts entering our breathing air. I like to have a licensed HVAC technician perform a yearly safety check and inspection. With professional service each year, I know the system is operating properly.

HVAC maintenance in a church

Most people to do not realize that churches need to upkeep their buildings just like any other business or home. Water, air conditioning and heating, and the integrity of the building all need to have regular upkeep. The reasons are the same as a business, so that the people inside the building can go and complete their objective without having to worry about the bare necessities. A church in my town did not maintain their HVAC unit and it ended up becoming a disaster. It was the middle of summer and the HVAC unit broke down right before a Sunday mass started. The mass still went on but the people inside were nearly passing out from the heat, and a few actually did! I heard from people that were there that they were caught in a catch twenty two because they wanted to leave because it was so hot but they felt guilty leaving church right in the middle of mass. After the mass the church community of the church told the priest and other people that helped the church that it was unacceptable to have mass in such conditions. The HVAC unit was eventually fixed and everything returned to normal. It is funny to think that about one hundred years ago there were no HVAC units and people had to deal with those conditions all the time. Sometimes we are not grateful for the amenities that our world provides us today. Things such as quality HVAC units provide us with comfort and have become a part of our everyday lives.


Finding a heating business

When building a house finding the right utilities and other amenities to put in your house is essential. Although most people want to focus on the aesthetics, quality utilities are essential to making a quality house. If a house looks good from the outside but the inner workings are not up to par, then it is no good. I would rather have a poor looking house that works rather than a good looking house that cannot function. For example, finding a quality heating provider when building a house my take a lot of time and money, but in the long run it will be worth it. When finding a heating provider one must look at the price of the units, the customer service reviews and then compare them against every other business. Depending on a person’s budget, they should allocate a good portion of it to their heating and cooling system. The heating provider search can be a tedious one and mostly based on reviews. Especially with the internet it is easy to find which companies fit your liking the best. Most importantly, a quality customer service program is what people should be looking for. Unexpected breakdowns will occur with the heating units, but if a provider has technicians on call and service your units in a timely fashion then it is worth the money. There is nothing worse than having a breakdown in the dead of winter and there are no technicians on call. Finding the right provider may cost a lot of money but it will ensure your house is of quality and not a house of cards.
HVAC service

New home’s and HVAC

Starting a business is never easy. In today’s world, the small business owner is at a real disadvantage. Whether it’s getting a loan from the bank or simply finding good people to work for you, the struggle to establish a new business has never been more difficult. However, if you get to the stage where you and your business are stable enough to build a new space, make sure you cover all the things that can go wrong. A business owner should be able to focus on problems related to their business, not the building in which they work. Before you begin building your new space, be sure to call an HVAC business. They will send a couple HVAC technicians to come talk to you about all your heating and cooling needs. Maybe your building needs a powerful air conditioner to get you and your employees through the summer. Or perhaps you need a good heater to combat the refrigeration equipment stored in your building. Whatever concerns you may have, your local HVAC business will be able to answer those questions. New builds are often exciting because you get to make things exactly how you want them to be. Heating and cooling technicians feel the same way. After listening to your needs, they will be able to install HVAC equipment in a safe and convenient space. This includes the air ducts. Once you decide on a floor plan, the technicians will be able to install ductwork to make sure your heater or air conditioner is reaching every part of your new building.


Heater service

I have been trying to seriously cut costs for almost a year now. I no longer have cable television because I didn’t think I watched enough TV. I enjoy it because I actually go outside and do other things now, too. I also got rid of my hot tub in the backyard. The operating costs outweighed the three or four times I was using it per year. I replaced it with a small fire pit that I get more use out of anyway. I even considered getting rid of the HVAC service program I had been paying for over the last decade. I figured my heating and cooling equipment hardly ever break down so what is the point of paying for the maintenance program? However, before I had a chance to call and cancel, my furnace decided to break down. It was making strange noises and seemed to have a decrease in efficiency. I called my HVAC provider and they sent the technician who I’ve built a personal relationship over the years. He quickly repaired the problem but told me that my furnace was getting older. I asked him if it was time for a new heater installation and he said not quite yet. I trust him. But, because my furnace is older, I figured I should keep the maintenance program. Having a professional HVAC technician inspect your heater or air conditioner regularly is a great idea, especially in my case where my furnace is getting quite old. There’s a time and a place to save money. However, skimping on your home’s heating and cooling equipment probably isn’t the best option.


improved air

If your house is having issues getting the heat and cool air which you will want, you may need benefit the distribution of air in your residence and how it’s being handled. This is an difficulty for a professional hvac company to help an individual with. You can tell for those who have problems with your air conditioning in your house if your home seems hot or certain rooms are certainly not getting the air conditioning they desire. If you want to boost the way that the rooms at home receive proper heating and cooling over summer and winter, you will want to check out a number of things that will help you determine what the problem is and why the rooms in your house are not getting the air conditioning that they need. If you wish to start this process in the home, start by checking out the place that the vents are located in your house. If they are being covered by furniture or something otherwise, you will want to make sure to clear the path for air to get as a result of properly. Another thing you should consider is if your hvac has been maintained nowadays. Without proper maintenance, your air conditioning units could be suffering and may not be able to keep upwards with the demands in your home. Don’t let this build up to become problem in your home if you wish to enjoy proper heating and cooling this coming year.

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Finding a HVAC business

Doing business in rural towns can be very stressful sometimes. There are many constraints that make it hard for a business to grow. For example, there are a limited number of suppliers within a reasonable distance. Not only suppliers for the products you may be selling in your store but for utilities as well. My grandfather lived in a very rural area and owned a successful restaurant. Although he did well financially, he had to pay a fortune in utility bills, specifically for his heating and air conditioning. There was only one HVAC provider in my grandfather’s town and since all the businesses had to go to that provider, they could set the price for the units at whatever they felt.  My grandfather would complain for hours about “those no good HVAC providers” and their pricing. I decided as a gift for my grandfather I was going to open up my own HVAC unit store and charge less. I know this was going to make the other store owners mad but I did not care. I did not believe that abusing the monopoly they had was ethical or fair to any businesses in the area. Once I opened up my HVAC provider store and set my prices lower than the competitions, the other store ended up going out of business within the next year! My grandfather was ecstatic about the new prices and it was great to see him stress a lot less about his expenses. Who knew opening a HVAC provider store could be so rewarding?

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