Thermostat tips

Acquiring new technology is a hobby of mine. I always want to have the best smartphone and the newest television. The reason I like to purchase things like this is to see how far technology has advanced. I have noticed that as technology advances, our lives get easier. I have also found that it is important to unplug yourself once in a while. I have actually scheduled a time into my week to do this. I simply turn off my cell phone and do something like go for a walk, hang out with a friend or I simply sit and think about things. It is very important to do this. One of the most recent devices I purchased actually allows me more time to relax. I bought a smart thermostat a few months ago. The thermostat has already learned most of my behaviors and schedules. It has also significantly reduced my heating and cooling bills. I have found that I am more comfortable in my home too. The smart thermostat is able to tell when it is being heated by sunlight or other sources. That makes it better at properly controlling the temperature in my home. My smart thermostat is so smart that I almost never have to interact with it. If you are like me, you know that it is important to reduce the amount of tasks you need to perform in a day. The smart thermostat allows you to remove one more thing from your to-do list. You should highly consider investing in a smart thermostat for your heating and cooling system.

Heating tips

In the summer to save money on cooling you must shut your curtains. The sunlight naturally warms your property. You do not want the natural warmth to heat the room. You want to shut your curtains and keep your home potentially cool. Also shut every door you can in your residence. You do not want your air conditioning running at all times. This is not energy efficient. Being energy efficient means you are carrying out everything you can to lower your expenses. Shutting all of your doors along with closing your curtains saves an individual money. You are sealing the cold air inside a small space. It is unattainable to cool your entire residence. Most people make this oversight. An air conditioner is a forced air system. This central cooling system is cooling to one temperature. Your system tries to cool all of your home to this one ideal temperature. This is not possible to for your unit. Your air conditioner then is on at all times. You are wasting money doing this. Also you are hurting your system. The air conditioner could easily get damaged when it is on all the time. You want to be able to give your system a break. Your system will last longer. You also you can clean your system. Cleaning your system makes it more energy efficient. You can check your ventilation for virtually all dust or debris. This blockage may cause your system to not be as efficient. Check your venting for blockage and dust. Thoroughly clean your cooling system and close off your rooms. Try to get energy efficient. This will save money and will increase your own cooling system’s lifespan.

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Gas furnace

There are two different types of furnaces a home can have. There are gas furnaces and electric furnaces. Gas furnaces have many important features. When you install a gas furnace you need to have gas hook ups and flue installed in your home. Also gas furnaces are fired up by fuel. Fuel is not as expensive as electric to heat your home. There is more abundance of fuel. Gas furnaces also have many benefits. To fully appreciate these benefits you need maintenance on this heating system. Maintenance on your gas furnace will reduce repairs. The HVAC technician can catch any broken pieces in your system. Also the technician will easily spot rust and corrosion. The HVAC technician can repair any issue with your system. Believe it or not, maintenance will save you money. Small maintenance appointments can help you avoid larger fixes. Another benefit of maintenance on your gas furnace is it is more energy efficient. You system will work better and more efficient. You save more money with an energy efficient system. Your gas furnace will run to the best of its ability. Electric furnaces are powered by electricity. Electric is more expensive but more efficient for your heating system. You never have to worry about running out of fuel. Also gas furnaces when damaged release carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning causes sickness and possibly death. Electric furnaces do not release carbon monoxide. They are 100% more efficient than gas furnaces and are much safer to use. Also installation is much easier with an electric furnace. Look into buying a electric or gas furnace today.


Commercial HVAC

Most cooling systems require ductwork. When you decide to install a cooling system with a qualified HVAC professional, look to see if you have ductwork. Some houses already have ductwork established in them. Installing a cooling system is no problem then. That ductwork might need a little repair and then it will be all set. Ductwork gets leaks and cracks in it easily. When you have ductwork make sure to frequently examine it. Check to make sure no air is being lost. Air loss means you are not energy efficient. Air loss is the main reason people are paying too much money on their heating and cooling bill. If you have ductwork check for cracks and get the system maintain. A HVAC technician should make sure your ductwork is not dirty. Dirty ductwork is bad for your air quality. The dust will circulate in a home and will affect everyone living in the home. Dust circulating is bad for people with allergies and asthma. You will find yourself sneezing and more prone to asthma attacks. Make sure your ductwork is cleaned. If you do not have a house with ductwork established then you should look into ductless air conditioning systems. Ductless mini-splits and ductless multi-split systems are good for homes without ductwork. Check your home and see if you have ductwork. If you have ductwork ensure you are maintaining it. Have your local HVAC technician clean and inspect it. If you do not have ductwork then install a ductless system to effectively cool your home. Call your HVAC technician today and inquire about ductwork.

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Zone control system

I have an issue. I want to have a cooling system for my home. The issue is that I do not want to spend a lot of money. I have a fairly good sized house and I have a full time job. I am not home most of the day. I do not want to cool my entire home to the same temperature. I do not want to come home to a hot house though. The summer weather is brutal. I can’t take the heat. I tend to sweat easily. I hate sweating through my work clothes and getting overheated. I am one of those people who could faint really easily. I need a quality cooling system for my health and comfort. The issue is that I do not want to cool my home when I am not in it. Also I do not want my whole house the same temperature. Most cooling systems are set to one temperature. This one temperature is what your system is trying to cool your whole house too. I do not need my kitchen, living room and bedroom to all be the same temperature. I like my bedroom a little warmer than most rooms. I want my living room to be very cool and I exercise in a different room. I would like my gym very cold. I started looking into zone control cooling systems. Zone control systems are cooling systems that can cool different rooms at different temperatures. All you need to do is install a thermostat in each room and set the temperature. For my situation a zone control system is perfect.


Heating tune-up appointment

There are a lot of good reasons to schedule professional maintenance for your heating system.  Energy savings is at the top of the list.  A well-maintained system requires less energy and runs more efficiently.  Without regular tuning,  heating equipment will gradually experience technical difficulties.  It will suffer from restricted airflow.  Dust and dirt will infiltrate the inner workings.  As proper operation is disrupted, overall efficiency will diminish.  The system will need to work harder to keep your home comfortable.  Longer run times cause higher energy usage.  You’ll end up paying more, even while capacity decreases.  With regular cleaning and adjustments, a licensed HVAC technician can restore factory conditions.  Equipment will run more smoothly. Just by keeping up with annual check-ups, you stand to save 25% to 40% in total energy costs.  On your own, make sure to change the air filters.  The filter is your first line of defense.  It maintains healthier breathing air in your home.  The filter also prevents debris from getting inside the heating cabinet.  Once the filter is clogged, air will bypass it and send contaminants into the inner workings.  As dust builds up on components, airflow is clogged.  There is the possibility of lengthy cycling and overheating.  The system will no longer be able to produce a satisfactory amount of hot air.  Along with energy savings, regular service extends the life of equipment.  Without proper care, a heating system will wear out more quickly.  Minor things start to go wrong.  Seasonal service will identify these issues.  Professional maintenance is the key to satisfactory comfort.

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Cooling system

You have finally done it. After all that research you have finally picked the right cooling system for your home. Picking a cooling system is difficult. There are so many questions you need to answer. Do I have ductwork established in my home? Do I want to install ductwork? Am I cooling a single room or many rooms? Do I want to be able to heat my house as well? All these questions need to be answered in order to pick the right system. Next is picking the right brand and size. Get exactly the right system for your home. Is bigger necessarily better? Also you need to pick your location for your new air conditioner. The size depends on the location. After all these decisions it is time to install the system. Installing your cooling system is exciting. You are finally going to be cool in the summer. You will not have to worry about sweating and being overheated. Everyone has a moment where they contemplate having a friend install their system. Our new cooling unit can be expensive. After spending the money on a system it is natural to not want to spend a lot of money to install it. We also all have that handy friend. This friend is very mechanically inclined and could probably install your system. Your friend should not install your system however. Improperly installed cooling equipment is prone to frequent break downs and is not as energy efficient. Also air conditioners have refrigerant. You need the proper amount of refrigerant in your cooling system on that initial installation. Hire a HVAC technician you trust.air conditoining

Finding a heating system

I was looking around online yesterday. I have decided that I want to purchase a heating system. The issue is that I do not know what heating system to get. There are so many options in the heating field. There are two kinds of furnaces. Gas and electric furnaces are common for the home. Gas furnaces require gas hookups and a flue being installed. Gas furnaces are said to be quite cheap and easy to work. However a gas furnace can be a fire hazard and a safety issue. When damaged a gas furnace will released carbon monoxide. Electric furnaces are more expensive but are energy efficient. With electric you are using all the energy you are paying for. Also electric furnaces are not as difficult to install. Boilers are more energy efficient than furnaces. However the initial price of a boiler is rather shocking. Boilers are a lot of money. Also boilers are quite large and unattractive. Boilers can heat an entire building or even a small home. Boilers can heat large quantities and can eventually save you money. The issue is that I am only a teacher. I do not have a lot of money. A less expensive system is a heat pump. This system is a indoor and outdoor unit. How the system works is moving heat energy. Also for cool air the air is cooled by refrigerant through a compressor. You decide what temperature you want your home. Then have the heat energy move to either the indoor or outdoor unit. Research only goes so far. I think I will contacted my HVAC technician and have him assist me.

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Air conditioning maintenance in a restaurant

The restaurant business is a very difficult industry to be successful in. Not only must your food be great, but your service must be excellent as well. The amenities you provide your customers is crucial. Something as simple as air conditioning can make a difference. This utility can change people’s attitudes when eating. If the building is cold on a hot day, people will be more relaxed. Unconsciously people will enjoy the restaurant more. If a business does have this, it is important to have regular maintenance. The restaurant owner must constantly check his/her unit to ensure maximum efficiency. In the first place, the installation of the unit needs to be exact. Poor installation is one of the main causes of unit breakdowns. The business owner can look out for a few things as well. If there is not enough cooling, the cause could be a for a few reasons. There could be a clogged air filter or broken compressor. Also if the system is making noises, such as squealing it usually means there is a bad fan motor belt. Finally if there is leaking water, it means the condensate drain is clogged. If any of these occur an air conditioning specialist needs to be contacted right away. A restaurant owner may take on a lot more responsibility, but the satisfaction of the customers will be worth it. Air conditioning units need proper attention. Without the correct maintenance it could cost a lot of time and money to the owner. Hopefully for the restaurant the food tastes good.

HVAC equipment

Air conditioning maintenance

Have you ever been forced to sit in miserable conditions against your will? This happened to the jury in a landmark court case recently. On a very hot day, the court proceedings were in session. The courthouse is normally air conditioned. However, on this day the air conditioning unit malfunctioned and stopped working. Within one hour the court room was sweltering. Most of the audience left, but the judge insisted on continuing. Everyone was uncomfortably hot and it was difficult to focus. The air conditioning provider sent a technician to come fix the problem. However, by the time the technician had the system back up and running, we were already about to leave court! This caused a major fiasco in the case because people said that no one could focus or make sense in the extreme heat. The problem ended up being that the air conditioning unit had not been serviced for a long time. Also the maintenance staff at the courthouse neglected the unit as well. The filters become clogged and the unit stopped working. When he filters on an air conditioning unit become clogged, the system works harder to pump air into a building. This stress that is put on the machine usually causes it to break down. The court figured out the fiasco and continued with the case. Make sure to check your air conditioning units for broken coils or clogged filters. This will reduce the probability of a breakdown. It may even change the ruling of a court case because everyone is focused.

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