Summer HVAC

Summer brings many things. It’s time to move the grill from the garage to the back deck. It’s time to bring the patio furniture up from the basement and on to the porch. Maybe you have a swimming pool and must dedicate a weekend to opening it and getting the chemicals adjusted just right. This all sounds like a lot of work, but you make sure you get the work done because you want to enjoy your summer to the fullest. Most people don’t realize that preparing your heating and cooling equipment before the summer begins can make the warmer months that much more enjoyable, too. A working air conditioner isn’t enough heading into the summer. You want to be sure the air conditioner is operating efficiently and that it isn’t at risk of breaking down when you need it most. First, check the thermostat. If your thermostat is set wrong, your HVAC equipment will not be able to keep your home as comfortable as you’d like it to be. Second, tighten your electrical connections and lubricate all the moving parts in your HVAC equipment. This alone will increase the life of your unit. Third, clean the evaporator and air conditioning coils. Dirty coils in your air conditioner can cost you money because it forces your cooling equipment to run longer. Longer operating times lead to more energy usage. Finally, change your air filters right before summer. A lot of people suffer from allergies that stem from poor indoor air quality. Replacing your filters could help you and the family avoid the sniffles.

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Zone control

I have been researching in the heating and cooling field. I want to energy efficient and save some money. Thermostats assist in zone control heating and cooling. Zone control heating and cooling systems save money easily. Most people have central heating and cooling systems. They have furnaces and air conditioners. They could also have boilers in their home. They are not efficient on your finances. What these systems have is one thermostat. The systems are set to one temperature. The heating and cooling systems try to heat or cool your home to this one temperature. This is just not possible. Your whole house cannot be heated or cooled. So your system stays on all day. Your systems staying on costs money. You are constantly paying for the heated and cooled air. Also your systems do not get to turn off. It is hard to clean a system while it is running. Also your system can overheat if it is on all the time. Your system is more likely to break down. Also your systems are more prone to small and large repairs. Zone control heating and cooling solves all these issues. If you install thermostats in your rooms you can decide what temperature you want each room. The zone control heating and cooling will be more affective. Have your living room warm, your bedroom moderate temperature and your kitchen cool. You decide what is the ideal temperature. Also with thermostats in your zone control heating and cooling systems you can let your systems turn off. Have your thermostats set to turn your systems off when you are not even home.hydronic heating


I am convinced the ductwork is an extreme problem. If you have ductwork then you need to get rid of it. Ductwork is necessary for most cooling systems. Ductwork is horrible though. Most people do not realize how bad ductwork is though. For starters ductwork gets dirty very quickly. Dust and debris gathers in the ductwork easily. Dust and debris is terrible for the ductwork. What the dust in the ductwork does is circulate in the air. If you leave the dust then it is making your air quality poor. The dust is bad for people with allergies and asthma. People are more prone to asthma attacks. Also your allergies are really bad when you leave dust and debris in the system. Your ductwork needs to be cleaned to avoid these issues. The problem though is that it is not easy to clean ductwork. Hiring a HVAC technician is a pretty good idea. A quality HVAC technician could probably clean the ductwork without a problem. A not properly trained HVAC technician will cause more problems though. Ductwork gets leaks easily. When your ductwork gets leaks you lose your air. Air loss is mainly due to leaks in the ductwork. Some HVAC technicians can damage ductwork attempting to clean the ducts. It is a good idea to check into your technician before you hire him. Make sure your professional can handle the ductwork. You do not want your ducts damaged. A good idea would be to look into ductless air conditioning. The obvious reason is the lack of ductwork. No cleaning and no damage. It is an easier system to maintain.ductwork

Outdoor audio gear

No matter where i am i like to have music playing. I also really like technology and when technology can make my life easier. Wireless connections are always nice because it makes everything so much less of a hassle. This is especially true with music. We all play music off our phone now and you do not want to leave your phone by the speaker. blu tooth is a new technology that is getting a lot of attention for how easy it is to use. The blu tooth system eliminates cables and makes it very easy to connect different devices to an audio system. Recently, i installed an outdoor audio set-up at my home so that i could have music while is was cooking and running my BBQ. I did not know how to do this kind of installation so i hired a professional service to come help me with the set-up. They were very friendly and helped me get it set-up right away. If you are thinking about having an outdoor audio system put in i really recommend having it put in by a professional business. this way you know the system is going to operate the way it should. I have had friends over to my house since i put the system in and everyone commented on how enjoyable it was. I am very glad i chose to install that system. The speakers sound great and it’s so nice being able to use the blu tooth to connect my phone. I don’t think i will ever regret this decision.

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Water heater

When your water heater fails, you’ve got a big problem.  You rely on your water heater for uninterrupted performance every day of the year.  If you are suddenly confronted with no hot water, you may be tempted to run out and buy the first model you find.  Considering the importance of the unit you choose, you may want to think about the best possible fit for your needs.  Obviously, the unit should provide an ample supply of clean hot water.  Since your water heating bill can add up to about thirty percent of your energy costs, you need an energy-efficient model.  Fuel type is important.  Price is a major factor.  Most often, a cheaper unit is not your best investment.  These systems offer inferior warranties, and will fail to live up to your expectations for quick and reliable hot water.  Tankless varieties are gaining in popularity.  Today’s water heating technology is far ahead of where it was just a few years ago.  Tankless options provide modern conveniences and energy savings.  You will never run out of hot water.  They heat water on demand.  As long as there is water available, a tankless model will provide hot water.  These units do not have a storage tank, so very little space is required for installation.  It can be mounted on a wall and is about the size of an average suitcase.  While a traditional style water heater stays on 24 hours a day, a tankless model only turns on when water flows through it.  It will then turn off when no more hot water is needed.  There is also no pilot light.


Getting ready for summer

It’s nice to enjoy the summer sun and heat, especially after a long, cold winter.  It’s also nice to escape that heat sometimes.  Your air conditioning system needs to be prepared for the summer months, so you can enjoy the cool air indoors.  You never want to attempt to sleep at night without air conditioning.  It’s sticky and humid, plus you won’t get a good night’s sleep.  It is important that you get a cooling system tune-up before turning on your unit for the summer.  A certified technician can come inspect your unit and make any repairs as they see necessary.  Catching these small repairs or replacements ahead of time can save you from a complete system breakdown in the middle of summer.  The air conditioning system should also be cleaned to perform at maximum capacity.  An outdoor unit tends to get dirty and collect debris over time.  Clean out the dirt, leaves and debris, so the unit can take in air properly.  To keep your house cooler, keep the curtains closed in rooms that receive direct sunlight.  Sunlight can increase the temperature in your home and make your system work more than it needs to in order to keep the house cool.  Set your thermostat in the summer as high as comfortable.  You want it to be cool in your house, but it doesn’t need to be so cold that you are wasting energy.  If you leave for vacation or are gone for an extended period of time, set the thermostat a few degrees higher.  This will decrease energy usage while you’re away.  Plus, you aren’t even home to enjoy the cool air, so there’s no need to keep cooling at the same temperature.

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Zone control

Have you ever wondered why your house is heated unevenly? I know that I have wondered that. Every winter I have the same issue. My bedroom is freezing cold while the rest of the house is really warm. This year I decided to take action. I called a HVAC technician to come inspect my HVAC system. After he was done with the inspection, he informed me that there was nothing wrong with my heating system. He told me that my problem was the location of my thermostat. I thought it might be simple for him to put the thermostat in my bedroom. He said that would not work. If he put the thermostat in my bedroom, then my heater would work endlessly to attempt to keep my bedroom warm. I asked him what the solution would be. He suggested installing a zone control system. Zone control goes one step further than my proposed solution. Zone control will install a second thermostat in my bedroom. This thermostat will control the heater and dampers. The dampers will be installed to direct the airflow to my bedroom when the rest of the house is already warm. I was told that this will allow me to keep the thermostat for the rest of my house lower. I will be able to save money on heating costs this way. I will also be warm in my bedroom. If you are having issues with uneven heating and cooling in your home, I would suggest installing zone control. Zone control has reduced my heating bills and increased the comfort of my home.furance installation

water heater

There are many items you can buy to make your life easier. For example, if you do a lot of yard work then you might want to invest in a tractor. Tractors will be able to increase your productivity. They can do this by providing lifting and pulling power. Another example is a car. If you need to travel long distances then you should own a car. The car will allow you to get from place to place much faster than a by bicycle or by foot. HVAC systems are another example of an item that make you life easier. They can help you heat and cool your home automatically. This means that you no longer need to feed a fire or put up with high temperatures. Tankless water heaters can also make your life a lot easier. Tankless water heaters can provide you with endless hot water when you need it. This is great for homes that use a lot of hot water. A traditional hot water tank slowly heats water. It then stores that water for use later on. This is a waste of energy and can cost you a lot of money. With a tankless water heater, the water is not kept warm in anticipation of use. The water is only heated at the time of use. This means that no energy is wasted to keep the water warm. Tankless water heaters use a high powered flame to warm a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is what makes the water hot. Due to the burning required to heat the water, there must be a flue installed.fireplace

Energy recovery ventilator

Keeping your home comfortable is hard to do when you don’t have the proper items. some people think that decorating their home is the most important part of keeping your home comfortable. These people have obviously never lived without heating and cooling. Heating and cooling your home is quite possibly the most important way to make your home comfortable. When your home is too cold or too hot, you will experience extreme discomfort. That is why it is important to own a high quality HVAC system. You HVAC system will be able to adequately heat and cool your home to help keep you comfortable. There is more HVAC equipment than furnaces and air conditioners. Ventilation is another important function performed by heating and cooling systems. Ventilation helps to keep the air in your home clean. It helps to remove pollution and provide you with high quality air. If you are worried that ventilation systems will increase your heating and cooling costs then you should invest in an energy recovery ventilation system. Energy recovery ventilation systems are money savers. They are able to use the air that you are ventilating to heat or cool the fresh air coming into your home. This greatly reduces the workload of your heating and cooling system. when you have an energy recovery ventilation system properly installed, you will hardly notice a difference on your energy bills. Having fresh air in your home will greatly increase your in home air quality. This is good for your mental and physical health. Ventilation systems help to make your home even more comfortable than heating and cooling does.

Denver busisness

There are so many activities to do in Denver, Colorado that it can seem impossible to hit them all.  Denver is known for some of the most beautiful nature sites and waterways.  There are so many water activities to do while in Denver.  While on the water, you can see some of the most beautiful land sites.  Their water sports include boating, fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, and rafting.  Colorado has more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs.  For boating, you can rent them in Denver or bring your own.  If you bring your own boat, make sure it adheres to Colorado’s laws and regulations.  Just about any type of fishing you can think of, is done in Denver.  From ice fishing to fly fishing, they have done it all.  Denver has beautiful scenery surrounding its many lakes and rivers.  While out on the water, you won’t only enjoying fishing, but you’ll also enjoy the view.  Like boating, you can rent jet skis to take for a spin in the lakes in Denver.  They are such a fun way to get out and feel the Colorado life.  Since Colorado has over 5,000 rivers, kayaking and rafting are very popular.  Rafting is a great way to travel the waterways together.  Whether you prefer a slow and calm rafting adventure or a high speed, thrilling one, Denver has them all.  The best part about rafting is that there is no age limit or specific skills needed to go.  An instructor is with you at all times and looks out for your safety.