Dirty HVAC in the apartment

When I recently moved across the country, taking a job in this northeast, I had no money. I rented a tiny and outdated apartment in the bad neighborhood simply because your rent was cheap. The apartment was set on the third floor, and I worried the stairs would collapse as i brought my belongings up. I quickly discovered that the door didn’t close appropriately, the refrigerator was constantly hot, and the oven filled the place with smoke on every occasion I used it. All with the faucets dripped, the loo ran constantly, and the drains have always clogged. Very few of the windows opened and yet they continually leaked air. Despite cleaning every corner with bleach, the home stank like wet dog. Probably the worst issue with the home was the HVAC system. The utilities were not included in rent, and the heating and cooling equipment cost an arm and a leg to run. I was suspicious that our furnace and air conditioner were both over the age of utility, and had never ended up professionally serviced in that lifetime. When I cleaned the oxygen filters, I was startled by the quality of dust and debris. Because I was worried with air quality and trying to lower your expenses, I took it upon myself to take the HVAC equipment apart and clean it. Since I’m no licensed HVAC contractor, my knowledge was limited, but I did manage a giant improvement. At least the HVAC system didn’t shoot large amounts of dust in the apartment each time it started up. It still was not energy efficient by any means, and made a tremendous amount of noise.

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Zone control to save money

I recently upgraded my HVAC system to add zone control features. Because my furnace and air conditioner were just a few years old, the installation of zoning was very simple and inexpensive. Since making the alteration, I have trimmed my monthly bills by at least forty percent. My home originally had a centrally located thermostat to control temperature throughout the entire house. This was both inconvenient and ineffective for such a big space. There are rooms in your house that often get a touch too hot, and others are strangely chilly. There was no possibility of moderating the temperature in these rooms without impacting temperature inside the whole house. Plus, I had been required to heat and cool empty rooms to ideal levels, which wastes a ton of energy. This zoned system includes individual thermostats placed around each room. It is much easier and way more convenient to access these thermostats, rather than walk downstairs to one main control unit. Each room is now able to be customized according to our choices. I set the thermostat quite a bit lower in the kitchen since we have big windows and run the oven every day. I then set the temperature slightly higher in the family room. And the kids can all adjust the settings inside their individual bedrooms to their liking. The zoned system has greatly improved the overall comfort of our home, and is proving to be a really cost-effective decision. I hired a competent HVAC contractor to handle our system installation, and there was little mess with zero damage to the rest of my home. Several valves supplement the duct system, which regulates your delivery of heated or cooled air for every zone, and all of the thermostats for this central control unit.

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Football cooling system

Football is one of my favorite pastimes, like most guys. I spent most of my childhood years throwing the ball in the yard with my dad, and he took me to NFL games when he could. I still go to games anytime can get my hands on a couple tickets. Last year, my brother surprised me with a pair of box tickets to an NFL game, and it was one of the best experiences I have had so far. It was a night game and particularly snowy, so being in a position to sit in the heated section made the evening thoroughly enjoyable. It made me wish i could watch every game live, from the comfort of a heated box seat. It’s really a luxury, watching the game alongside thousands of other families in those seats. While I really enjoyed myself, I’d still see the game from regular seats. When I’m in the normal seats, I feel much more connected to the thousands of fans in the stadium. Even when it’s cold outside and I don’t have access to a heater, there’s something fun in bundling up and toughing it out with everyone else in the cold. If I ever get the opportunity to sit in box seats ever again, I would definitely take it, but I still think my preferred style is watching alongside all the other fans. Football is such a high-energy sport that brings a lot of people together, and it’s also extremely entertaining. I love the thrill that comes with every aspect of it, and I will always be a fan!

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HVAC is not efficient

Each Summer, I find time to work a part-time job with a local distribution center. I do this to save money for the school year, as I’m currently entering my second year of college. The warehouse I work in is pretty massive, and my job is to drive a forklift and help organize inbound shipments into their bin locations. One rare trait about the facility is air conditioning. The huge HVAC system installed keeps the place feeling cool and temperate most days. I couldn’t survive in that line of work if there was no air conditioning. The building would be unbelievably hot on a regular basis, making the days long and the employees miserable. The job’s already monotonous and boring, but if I were to do it in the heat, I know I’d be way beyond miserable and ready to quit. Still, I’m thankful – I mean, can you imagine what the utility bill is for the company? It must be outrageous because the warehouse is gigantic! The building’s mostly metal, so I don’t think that it’s insulated well, either. The HVAC system may not be very efficient, and I’m sure that a majority of the energy used is wasted because bay doors are usually opened around the building, so a lot of this cool air flows out the minute it is pumped in the building. I’d hate to be required to pay that energy bill. Once I get my degree, I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a nine-to-five office job. I want to have structure, but more importantly, work in an air-conditioned office. I can’t wait until I’m done with school!

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AC could not keep us cool

I am a logistician. I adore my tasks plus I really prefer being responsible for millions of dollars worth of construction equipment. When I first started this job, I worked in a storage warehouse. I helped manage the equipment, filled orders plus tracked the budgets! Now that I have moved up in the company, I manage medium sized teams who track plus also manage supplies. Warehouses are a fun place to task in, however they can often lack sufficient heating plus cooling systems. Occasionally the warehouse workers assume too sizzling or too cold when performing their daily duties. When I was younger, my friend hosted a big warehouse celebration. It was a secret celebration, that the guests had to be invited to plus have the paper invitation in hand to enter the warehouse. My friend lost track of how multiple people she invited plus over 320 guests arrived to the warehouse on a late Tuesday night. The celebration was a wonderful time, but I was sweating plus uncomfortable the entire time; But, with such a large number of people in the warehouse, the temperature of the building went up. The air conditioning just could not keep the warehouse cool with so many people in it. My friend cranked the air conditioning down as low as it could go, however it did little to keep the warehouse cool. Some of the warehouse workers even pulled out fans in an attempt to keep everyone cool, however it just did not work. There are no windows that could be cracked to allow any air to circulate through. One of the guests brought in a few inflatable pools filled of water! Due to the lack of proper air conditioning, all of the guests chugged water plus dumped a lot of sweat while they partied plus danced.  By the end of the party, everyone was hot, tired plus thirsty; But despite the lack of sufficient air conditioning, the people I was with and I all really had a smashing time.

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Wifi for our HVAC

There are always differences in a multigenerational family.  The most typical ones these days are the facts that the old-timers still manage their house environment the way they always did.  We still scrub dishes by hand, and we clean up after dinner and don’t wait until the next morning to clean up.  We turn lights on plus off by hand.  Oh yup, we’ve become pretty modernized in that the people I was with and I use tablets plus computers, however only for official laptop-like functions.

Our children, though, have let themselves become “laptopized.”  No more single function phones.  There is an ultra hi-definition TV in every room.  No more television advertising – all shows are “on demand” or recorded so the ads can be fast forwarded.   No extra remote to open plus close the garage door.  And no key to lock plus unlock the front door.  

Home functions have now been wirelessly connected in such a way that anything can be operated via a small smartphone, tablet, or a laptop.  One of the most annoying aspects of managing the household temperature control unit (or control units) has been eliminated.  Remember when you got into bed then abruptly realized you had not lowered the temperature control unit?  Well, you don’t have to get up or go downstairs to do that anymore.  Set the temperature with your smartphone.  You don’t have to come back to a chilly cold apartment after a day long drive back from skiing; you can turn the gas furnace up by decreasing the temperature control unit from a hundred miles away.   

So why can’t the older generations adjust to these new inventions?  Well, some people have, however there are those of us who find it easier to keep on doing things by hand.  Hey, the people I was raised with and I still drive stick-shift cars plus also they still make flip phones!

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Using heating as long as I can

The wind was blowing incredibly hard.  So hard, it felt as if the rain was almost coming down sideways.  As the heavenly teardrop comes through the atmosphere, it turns to sleet.  It’s going to be another one of those famous nor’easters, a macro-scale cyclone.  Here in the East coast, from time to time both of us get torrential rains, blizzards as well as hurricanes, all at the same time, commonly called a nor’easter.  I am desperately trying to get some more storm supplies.  I have plenty of flashlights as well as batteries but can surely use more.  I have to get more sand bags.  I set up as well as inspected our generator a couple of afternoons ago.  We’ve had a couple of weeks to get ready for this storm, but no matter how several times you go through it, you cannot plan for every outcome.  I had the forethought in our preparation to have our furnace tested not too long ago as well as I checked all our electrical gas furnaces as well as smaller electrical furnaces too.  The temperature outside is going down with the torrential rains as well as for now, I will utilize our central heat as long as I can.  My wifey is cooking several meats so both of us can not worry about eating.  My parents are bringing over the ice for storage.  They’ll be living here with us while in the storm.  All of us have two fireplaces stocked as well as ready with or without power, several electric furnaces as well as our father is bringing a couple more electric gas furnaces over that are up in his attic.  My generator is massive enough to keep the heating on in our house as well as as long as both of us don’t lose the roof, both of us are well prepared.  With this type of weather, both of us are used to the extremes but I cannot stop from daydreaming about a vacation of calm, sandy beaches, cool air conditioning system as well as no nor’easters.

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Freezing car office

I am a automobile selling man.  I’ve been in some sort of selling practically all our life.  After retiring from insurance, I wanted to continue actually working in some sort of selling work.  I mean, just because I am no longer young does not mean I cannot contribute.  Selling is selling in addition to I can sell anything.  Outside in the parking lot, the lot seems to go on for miles.  Cars after cars after cars.  It never ceases.  All of us have a single of the largest automobile inventory in the whole southeast region.  I actually get around on a golf cart.  It helps especially in the June through September months.  With the serious heat in addition to the sunshine beaming down on me, I make good use of that golf cart otherwise, I could not be the selling person that I am by just staying in the office.  That said, the office is well air conditioned.  I go from the serious heat in addition to sunshine back into the office in the air conditioning system to close the sales.  Back in addition to forth all day long.  With each customer, I spend at least 2 hours actually working the financial paperwork inside our cold office, literally under air conditioning system vents.  I share the office part with two other younger men, who do not sell plus I do but yet their desks are not pushed under air conditioning system vents.  I’ve asked to have our desk moved to another corner but the sales team leader does not love change so I end up wearing a sweater inside the office with the entirely  low temperature control in addition to I remove our sweater when I go outside, back into the heat.  I’ve inquired as to the serious thermostat issues but have been told that the cold is nicer for the several people that come through our selling floor.  I personally suppose that the serious cold air conditioning system encourages clients to leave as quickly as possible but not before I seal the deal in addition to sell them a new car, while I am wearing our sweater.

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The bad issues with AC

Back when I was a child, I didn’t control my temper well. I liked playing sports, and I liked winning even more. One time I got so angry during a game of basketball that I marched across the court and punched a player right in the face. This player had fouled me all game long, and he kept saying things to provoke me. Obviously, as a grown up, I realize how silly that decision was. Some people, though, never learn how to control their temper. Like my colleague, on a recent A/C service call, he was so frustrated with a reluctant piece of the a/c ductwork that it was crazy. We’re on a customer’s roof trying to finish up the a/c service job, when he got so upset that he threw his tool off the roof. When I looked over the side to see where the tool landed, I saw it sticking out of our air conditioning customer’s car windshield. The entire windshield had completely shattered, and our A/C repair call just became more complicated. Sadly, the guy made a decision to lie to this customer, and he claimed that the tool just slipped while he was tightening down some of the A/C ductwork. Now, I knew that this was a lie, but I figured that he was the one that would have to live with his own conscience. So, when we returned to the air conditioning shop, our boss yelled for my co-worker to come into his office. He was given a warning for that instance.

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The cooling set up was crazy

When you are an air conditioning installer you see many crazy things happen at work.  My co-workers are generally very friendly, but then some of them are a bit crazy. Recently we left for a house install of an air conditioning system for an elderly couple. They were probably in their seventies, but they were very active and both aware of things going on around them. They also liked to talk a lot, and they micromanaged everything that we tried to do. When one of my co-workers had to venture to the roof in order to finish the A/C installation job, the elderly man started to follow him up there just to inspect the project. He did not have a ladder of his own, but wanted to use our company ladder to reach the roof. My co-worker kindly told the man that he didn’t think it was such a good idea for him to be using our ladder, and he didn’t want our air conditioning company to be liable should he fall off it. Ignoring my co-worker completely, he climbed up the ladder and looked on as we finished the last portion of the job. When my co-worker finally came off of the roof,  he came down first and quickly took the ladder down right as his feet touched the ground. He yelled up to the man that the bill for our air conditioning installation would be mailed, and said that we had to go. The man asked how he was supposed to get down, and my co-worker told him that it was his problem to figure out.

air conditioner installation